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Public Money, Public Code. Yan⚠ sur Twitter : ".@frazelledazzell's succinct post on being a female-bodied person in tech is simultaneously brave and horrifying. Changes to Domain Name Rules Place User Privacy in Jeopardy. TG Storytime is a free community website for transgender authors, operated by Joe Six-Pack, himself a transgender author and publisher.

Changes to Domain Name Rules Place User Privacy in Jeopardy

If you look up the registration details of Joe's domain using the WHOIS application, you get this result: Registrant Name: Registration Private Registrant Organization: Domains By Proxy, LLC Registrant Street: Registrant Street: 14747 N Northsight Blvd Suite 111, PMB 309 Registrant City: Scottsdale Registrant State/Province: Arizona Registrant Postal Code: 85260 Registrant Country: United States Registrant Phone: +1.4806242599 Of course, these aren't Joe's actual contact details, since there are many reasons why Joe may not want those private details to be made freely available. Instead, Joe uses a proxy registration service that fulfils the rules of ICANN (the global domain name authority) that contact information be available for all domains, while keeping his actual details private.

Joe is far from alone. A psymple psyduck sur Twitter : "Proposal to make it easier to dox people. Who'd be stupid and callous enough to... oh. Maltego 3 > Maltego Client > Download. About: Config Settings => Review this paranoia vs sanity. DOOMED TO REPEAT HISTORY? LESSONS FROM THE CRYPTO WARS OF THE 1990s. Below is the executive summary for "Doomed to Repeat History?


Lessons From the Crypto Wars of the 1990s. " Read the full paper here. In the past year, a conflict has erupted between technology companies, privacy advocates, and members of the U.S. law enforcement and intelligence communities over the right to use and distribute products that contain strong encryption technology. This debate between government actors seeking ways to preserve access to encrypted communications and a coalition of pro-encryption groups is reminiscent of an old battle that played out in the 1990s: a period that has come to be known as the “Crypto Wars.”

This paper tells the story of that debate and the lessons that are relevant to today. Ancilla Tilia sur Twitter : "Privacy for the people who can afford it... Why Facebook Failed Our Censorship Test. If you click around Facebook’s “Government Request Report,” you’ll notice that, for many countries, Facebook enumerates the number of “content restrictions” the company has fulfilled.

Why Facebook Failed Our Censorship Test

This is a sanitized term for censorship. For example, Facebook restricted access to three items of content on its site to comply with Brazilian court orders. Facebook restricted access to 15 pieces of content to comply with Israeli laws banning Holocaust denial. Facebook restricted access to 3,624 pieces of content in Turkey and another 5,832 pieces of content in India, all under a variety of nefarious censorship laws. But if you click over to the United States, Facebook’s home country, you’ll find that the “content restrictions” category is conspicuously missing.

This is odd, considering that Facebook has been suspending the accounts of inmates for at least four years at the behest of prison officials. The LastPass Blog. Update: July 10, 2015 @ 8:00 PM EST Thank you for taking the time to read our posts and follow our recommended actions after the recent events.

The LastPass Blog

Behind-the-scenes, our response has been ongoing. As we mentioned before, we’ve engaged security experts and firms to help us, and we’re working with the authorities to take the appropriate actions. These events have put our systems to the test, and we’re more secure as a result. Security is an ongoing back-and-forth. For example, this event has advanced our timeline for implementing Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), which are now in use. We’ve implemented dozens of other changes, large and small, to strengthen our systems and improve the service going forward.

Vorboss Knowledge Base - Vorboss Response to Sourceforge Mirror Concerns. Summary Vorboss Limited operates a number of mirror services (see KB15051405) broadly for the ‘good of the internet’.

Vorboss Knowledge Base - Vorboss Response to Sourceforge Mirror Concerns

One such mirror is operated on behalf of Sourceforge, owned by Dice Inc. In the last couple of months there has been some controversy relating to some of the recent actions taken by Sourceforge, predominantly in relation to advertising placement on the site, and perhaps most crucially, within software downloads themselves. This is well documented elsewhere, so we won’t repeat that content, nor will we attempt to pass judgement on that behaviour here. Hyperlink-Auditing aka <a ping> and Beacon aka navigator.sendBeacon() Thanks for the Chrome/Chromium tip.

Hyperlink-Auditing aka <a ping> and Beacon aka navigator.sendBeacon()

There is a potential point of confusion here. Some people use the term "web bugs", while others use the term "web beacons", to refer to tracking images and the like. The Police Are Scanning the Faces of Every Single Person at Download. For most of us, festivals are a way to escape our invisible prisons of technology.

The Police Are Scanning the Faces of Every Single Person at Download

“I’m not taking my iPhone to Glasto,” you mutter to your pal, “I’m going off the grid.”