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Printable Bubble Letters - Woo! Jr. Kids Activities. Watch Documentaries and Animated Films Online - Chop YouTube Videos. Voki Home. Artful Storytelling. Edublogs – free blogs for education - Blogs and websites for teachers, students, and schools.

Lessons Worth Sharing. K-12 Education Tips & Strategies That Work. Videos, Common Core Resources And Lesson Plans For Teachers: Teaching Channel. 10 Activities to do on an iPad instead of a Worksheet. Technology Resources for Teachers / 2014/2015 Technology Resources. Technology Resources Here are some great resources and tools you might find useful in your classrooms.

Technology Resources for Teachers / 2014/2015 Technology Resources

We have posted them in Flipboards. A Flipboard is a great curation tool which allows you to collect and sort information into notebook-like pages. To use one, click on the one you wish, then use the Flipboard like a book by flipping the pages from left to right. You can also page back. You might wish to use Flipboards in your classroom. Resource Flipboards We will keep adding resources to these Flipboards, so please check back. 13 Free Assistive Technology Resources. 5 Best Prezi Alternatives - Business Presentation software by PowToon! In the last couple of years many people have been searching for innovative ways to create executive, unique, and memorable presentations.

5 Best Prezi Alternatives - Business Presentation software by PowToon!

PowerPoint was exciting in the early days of its launch, but too many boring presentations led to the creation of new softwares like Prezi. Prezi presentations helped to prevent us from falling asleep during presentations, but the zooming in and out effects of their software, and limited manipulation capabilities, called for more options and new players in the presentation market. 1. PowToon – Best Prezi Alternative Of course our very own PowToon made the top of our Prezi presentation alternatives list! To show you what we’re all about, take a look at a PowToon created by one of our users. PowToon is perfect for educators, students, small business owners, and entrepreneurs. 2.

PowToon has taken design and slideshow presentation software to the next level with our new product, PowToon #Slides. 3. Calling all iPad users! 4. 5. 24 Powerpoint Alternatives & Presentation Programs For 2014. At CustomShow, we like to think that everyone can use our presentation software to create better looking presentations, thus serving as a great powerpoint alternative to people.

24 Powerpoint Alternatives & Presentation Programs For 2014

But that won’t always be the case. We cater to businesses greater than 10 employees and organizations that need an all-in-one presentation program. We also don’t usually promote our competitors. Shout out to Clearslide on that one. But at the end of the day, we want you to have a pick from the full list of presentation tools that are on the market and that could fit your needs. Presentation software is great, but we know there are plenty of options to choose from. CustomShow – Business Presentation Software Summary – Customshow is a presentation software program used mainly for businesses and companies with more than 25 employees. 4 Free Web Tools to Boost Student Engagement. When students use tool technologies to create content, their engagement is largely based on how successfully teachers craft the learning assignments, rather than on the technology itself.

4 Free Web Tools to Boost Student Engagement

This is different from what happens with other types of technologies, such as tutor technologies (e.g. software for learning). Here, student engagement depends principally on technology, taking teachers almost completely out of the equation. Having said that, there is ample evidence that when meaningful instruction designed by the teacher is combined with motivational tool technologies, students' cognitive, emotional, and behavioral engagement can be significantly increased -- more than technology could ever achieve alone. Motivational tool technologies, amongst others, possess the following key characteristics: myBrainshark.

8 Great Tools for Classroom Presentations. AV & Presentation | News 8 Great Tools for Classroom Presentations Teachers are pairing hardware and software to create lessons that engage students and inspire collaboration.

8 Great Tools for Classroom Presentations

By Bridget McCrea07/02/14 Creating classroom presentations that keep students engaged and on task is getting complicated for K-12 teachers, who have to rise above myriad distractions to get their points across. Fortunately, there are a number of hardware and software tools available that can help teachers break through the distractions and effectively engage students in class. Board Builder Described by its maker as a "modern day poster board," Discovery Education's Board Builder is a digital platform (similar to Glogster) that lets teachers select backgrounds, text formats, templates and color schemes. ClickShare Designed by Barco, ClickShare is a wireless presentation and collaboration product designed to let multiple users on multiple computers collaborate on a single projector.

Keeping Up with New Tools. There are hundreds and hundreds of web-based tools available!

Keeping Up with New Tools

There seem to be a dozen or more new tools online every day! Here are some of the newest ones that I'm exploring (from my Pinterest boards):Donna BaumbachWebTools-New 2 Me! Follow On Many of these have potential for increasing our own productivity, for enhancing our teaching, for organizing our information resources and/or for helping students learn. How to do keep on top of these new tools? Many teacher-librarians and other educators are curating webtools they find useful.

Shannon Miller shared this post:These Teachers Will Give You Several Ideas On Where To Learn About New EdTech Tools! No one know for certain what the future holds, especially in the area of technology. Presentation Tools. Skip to main content Create interactive lessons using any digital content including wikis with our free sister product TES Teach.

Presentation Tools

Get it on the web or iPad! Guest Join | Help | Sign In cooltoolsforschools Home guest| Join | Help | Sign In Home. More (and Free) Cool Classroom Apps. 31 iPad Apps For A Smoother-Running Classroom. 31 iPad Apps For A Smoother-Running Classroom A smooth-running classroom is about, among other things, organization, workflow, and classroom management.

31 iPad Apps For A Smoother-Running Classroom

Organization is about resources, priority, and consistency. Workflow is about clarity, tools, and consistency. And classroom management is about relationships, trust, and consistency. Which brings us to the following collection of apps to help your classroom run more smoothly. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning.