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C.P.: Archive Dear Tumblr Every week you send me an email with the subject line “Your Dash is Literally on Fire.” You know, you try to teach those kids something, and they just never learn. C.P.: Archive
Vax Huvuden: Archive
Miss Folly: Archive Miss Folly: Archive The holy lady is dead, who used to hold my spirit with hers, quiet and content; Now she lives in heaven, and I in torment am left, another man from what I was: not man, but brute, so that I should have followed her body, life extinguished, never to leave the side of her tomb but burned myself where her heart lies. Then perhaps my soul might follow her in celestial triumph, where all live eternally by divine power. Yet if I with all my force were to be kept from following her, at least my body would be buried with her sacred bones. Original language: Morta è la sancta donna che tenea mio spirto unito, tacito e contento; anzi vive nel cielo, e io in tormento remaso sono, altr’uom ch’io non solea: