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Geometry Resources

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Cool Math - Free Online Graphing Calculator at The GraphApplet has support for symbolic differentiation using the diff function.

Cool Math - Free Online Graphing Calculator at

To use the applet as a calculator click on the buttons or use the keyboard to form your expression and then press enter or click the Eval button to evaluate. Note that when you click on a function button it will fill in a left parenthesis, you will have to match it with a right parenthesis either by clicking on the ) button or enter it with the keyboard. To graph a function enter the function by clicking on the buttons or enter them with the keyboard and then press the PlotF button, you can only graph function of type y=f(x) . To zoom into an area of the graph, select an area with the mouse ( click, hold down and drag ) and release, the area you selected will be zoomed in, to zoom out use the ZOut button. To reset the bounds of the graph to the original x:[-10,10] y:[-10,10] click on the Reset button. Prentice Hall Online TAKS Practice.

Preparing for the TAKS is an ongoing process requiring practice with all TAKS objectives and corresponding TEKS expectations.

Prentice Hall Online TAKS Practice

The books below provide just that kind of practice. Download them and you will have additional tools to prepare for the TAKS, objective-by-objective! Teachers, enter the appropriate Web code in the box above to link to answers for all exercises. Geometry.