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How to become a Wiccan or Witch. How to Become a Wiccan or Witch Being a Wiccan or Witch is generally not something you are born as or just wake up one morning and decide to become. More often than not, you come across it by accident unless you were raised that way. Many find the philosophies of how Wicca and Witchcraft view nature are the same as the one's they currently hold. They just didn't know there was a specific belief system that shared the same views. Paganism and Wicca: Solitary witches and covens. By Luthaneal Walking the Path: Going it alone vs. practicing with a group.

Paganism and Wicca: Solitary witches and covens

Beginners in Magic Start here! Puzuzu brings you a beginners guide on how to get started in Spells and Magic and use this site to help you.

Beginners in Magic Start here!

What is Thou looking for? If you can't find it, then search the web for right here... Custom Search Click on the link in each paragraph to learn the subject at hand. Magickal Names. Many people have written me asking me how to come up with a Magickal name.

Magickal Names

This page is going to be short and sweet. So here's a little help for you. Well first of all, you can make up whatever name you so choose. Here are some ideas…. Medieval names Look up old Medieval names on Google and you’ll find hundreds of names to choose from such as "Eadred" who was King of the West Saxons or "Cutha" who was another King of the West Saxons. Wicca for the Beginner. First, who we are not: we are not Satanists.

Wicca for the Beginner

We do not worship the devil. In fact, we don’t even have a devil. (see history of witchcraft) Moreover, we are not old crones who ride broomsticks and cast spells on unsuspecting people, perhaps to turn them into toads. We are not all women, though it may be that the majority of witches are women—this from millennium of disempowerment by the male dominated Judeo-Christian tradition. Women have always had the Power if they seek it in themselves; and that threatens clergymen right down to their bones. WitchCraft Magic Books. I've included every good book I know about how to cast spells for love, money, protection, health, fame and fortune.

WitchCraft Magic Books

Every one has an honored place in my magical library. Many are ideal for the new witch. If you would like more information on each book just click the picture. The link will take you to Llewellyn Publishers, the single best source for sound magical information now and for over 100 years! And without whom most of the knowledge we have today would have been lost.

I've tried to scan the covers but my scanner leaves something to be desired. "Magic doesn't have to be just for holy days and Sabbats, says Dugan, a self-described 'garden witch' who has practiced witchcraft for fifteen years. You need no magickal tools, elaborate robes, or witchy jewelry to make this trip. Saint Christopher medals, ankhs, birthstones, four-leaf clovers-all are examples of magical objects used for protection or to attract good luck. Learn how to get in touch with yourself using massage. Dr. Becoming a Witch. So now you know a little about witchcraft and what witches do.

Becoming a Witch

You’ve learned that we’re not satanists and that we work magyc and witchcraft spells by focusing our consciousness on what we desire. You’ve even had a chance to try a few Wiccan spells yourself. Hopefully, they’ve done well by you and now you wish to delve deeper into the mysteries of the Wicca and WitchCraft. Good for you!

Here’s where the real work begins. Ancient Pagan History of the Goddess Worshipers. Well, no one knows what actually happened in the beginning or what our ancient ancestors believed, exactly.

Ancient Pagan History of the Goddess Worshipers

All we can honestly do is reconstruct a lineage using similarities in art, what writing remains, and archeological artifacts. What we can surmise is that at some point we, as humans, stopped being total savages and started paying attention to our divine inner Being. This is the point where the law of the jungle is transcended by rudimentary justice--that which seeks to keep the strong from getting over on the weak every time, though we still have a long way to go on that score. A very interesting book on that subject is The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind by Julian Jaynes. Beyond surmising what took place at the dawn of time to start us on our long road to spiritual awareness, we can study the early records of the Celts, who as a group, would eventually play such a major influence on our Wiccan beliefs.

According to Dr. But where did they come from? 11 Easy Ways to Meditate (Or, There’s No Such Thing As Being Bad At Meditation) Book of Shadows. Full Moon Ritual. Full Moon Ritual Full Moon Ritual, to be performed anytime in honoring of the Goddess Hecate in Her full moon aspect and/or performing any type of full moon magick and requesting Her assistance, or any other Full Moon Goddess, in your magick.

Full Moon Ritual

Also, since this is a Full Moon ritual, and not a Sabbat, and you are working with Moon's energies........Her energies......., there is no need to call in any God. Moon rituals are sacred and for the Goddess only. You call in the Goddess and God at Sabbats, as the Sabbats are the interaction between the Goddess and her Consort...between Earth and Sun. And the for the Goddess only!