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Welcome to Elephant Nature Park - Elephant Nature Park. Need help recovering from burglary by Rachel Dickerson. Help Squishie & Cisco Move by Harmoni Anderson. CONfessionals by Jon Christie. About this project Risks and challenges We face the same risks every aspiring TV show faces - unexpected expenses.

CONfessionals by Jon Christie

Things like locations, insurance, and even something as simple as food for the actors can cost a pretty penny. Thankfully, the style with which this comedy will be filmed lends itself to a smaller crew than most other shows. We're talking the bare necessities. But the most unique challenge we will face is the cooperation of our fellow anime community. Learn about accountability on Kickstarter Have a question? Ask a question. Gofundme. Give me the gift of sight by Damond Rei York. Gofundme. Dear friends, family and strangers alike - As some of you know, my name is Michael Reed.


I have created and performed music for more than twenty years of my life, and have shared the stage (and recording studio) with acts such as Steam Powered Giraffe, The Smart Brothers, Kelsea Little and the 78's, L.A. Edwards, Jesse Daniel Edwards and Suzanne Shea. To those still unfamiliar with me or who I strive to be, it is my aspiration to share with you the great significance of thoughtfulness, the power of extrospection through the lens of genuine introspection, and to ultimately radiate my inborn spirit of kindness - all of this I communicate and exhibit most substantially through audio and video. MY PLAN (in context) Beginning August 1st, with or without crowd-funding (through loans), I will be renting a sound isolated room in San Diego, CA for the duration of three to four months with the sole intention of recording my first studio album.

New Camera Fund by Robert Self. Throc's Truck - Totaled,Please Help by Throc Gruner. This is to help Throc, the guy who helps anyone he can with his last dollar or shirt off his back.

Throc's Truck - Totaled,Please Help by Throc Gruner

He needs our help.. He and his truck were involved in Houston's natural disaster on Monday morning at 59 & 1314, caught in flood waters, as seen on Khou News.He only has minor injuries due to fast police response, in breaking out windows to escape with only minor injuries. Help me pay for surgery by Melina Walenga. Untitled. Many food banks, soup kitchens and homeless shelters are distributing pet food to the homeless and poor who have pets.


Your assistance to the homeless in your community is greatly appreciated and allows our program to succeed. Becoming a Pets of the Homeless Pet Food Provider site is one way to let the homeless who are searching for pet food know that you can help. We know that this may open the door to provide folks a beginning to the journey out of homelessness. If your agency is interested please use “Contact Us” with information and we will recruit donation sites to bring you donated pet food. We will list your organization under Pet Food Provider on the website. Homeless Shelters, for information on getting free sleeping crates please “Contact Us”

Let's Save MORE dogs by Lauren Meekins Anton. Saving Hope needs your help.

Let's Save MORE dogs by Lauren Meekins Anton

This is Georgia found near Sylvania in Fort Worth in the pouring rain and in horrible condition. She had paint across her side but still gave kisses. Luuup Litter Box - The Best Cat Litter Box Ever Made by Luuup Inc. Risks and challenges Experience is our greatest teacher.

Luuup Litter Box - The Best Cat Litter Box Ever Made by Luuup Inc.

We understand the realities of producing an innovative and necessary household product. We’ve done our homework and secured relationships with the best manufacturers and experts to ensure that every aspect of our product is perfect. Leveraging our previous experience in the category and the insights gained during the initial production run, we’ve been able to identify and avoid many of the issues that can complicate the smooth launch of a new product. Based on the exponential demand for the original, we’ve created a framework for production and fulfillment in preparation for that possibility. Each Luuup Litter Box is made locally in Toronto, Canada. Moving Quiltoni Forward. Gofundme. Goran Update - November 16, 2015. Goran went home from Harborview last week.

Goran Update - November 16, 2015

It was too early--he cannot dress or bathe himself and needs hours of wound care every day--but he wanted to be with his boys, Denis and Dominic. In fact, true to his nature as a doting and proud papa, he got out of bed last Saturday and went to Dominic's last football game of the season. Goran lasted 30 minutes there and, utterly exhausted, slept for three hours straight after he got home. Creepykawaii. The Battle House Burned Down by J. Holder Bennett. This GFM is being set up on behalf of my dear friends Mike and Wendy Battle, and their son Bob.

The Battle House Burned Down by J. Holder Bennett

As I write this, their house is burning to the ground. No one was injured, and their pets are safe, but the house and everything in it is a total loss. Peters Brothers home fund by Tammy Leonard. 1 person likes this update My brothers were able to go into the house yesterday and collect a few things.

Peters Brothers home fund by Tammy Leonard

Thank God no one was hurt. Special thanks to Anthony for helping there at the site. Please take the time to donate, it can be a dollar, it all adds up. Thank you and God bless. Need help with education by Daniel Turrentine. Job loss,funds exhausted,need help by Amber Hodges. Jules' Beginning Transition Fund by Jules Wampler.