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Shakespeare - Much Ado About Nothing. In a beautiful Italian town, some local soldiers are coming back home after a war.

Shakespeare - Much Ado About Nothing

One of the soldiers, a young man called Claudio, falls in love with the daughter of a wealthy local family. Her name is Hero and she loves him too. But her cousin, Beatrice, is not so happy about the men’s return. She remembers how she always argues with Claudio’s friend Benedick: she and he both like to speak their minds, and he is just as clever as she is. There’s a big party to celebrate the end of the war. English e-books. UGRIC web 2014 Macmillan. Graded Readers. What are “Graded Readers”?

Graded Readers

Graded Readers are books of various genres that are specially created for learners of foreign languages. They may be simplified versions of existing works, original stories or books that are factual in nature. They are ‘graded’ in the sense that the syntax and lexis are controlled in order to make the content accessible to learners of the language. Publishers normally issue reader series with 4-6 different reading levels to suit a range of skill levels and allow progress over time. ERF Graded Reader List. Pearson English Readers - Easystarts - Pearson Schweiz AG - Der Fachverlag fuer Bildungsmedien. M-Reader. ERF Placement Test. M-Reader. Free graded readers for extensive reading. Are you looking for free graded readers?

Free graded readers for extensive reading

Are you a learner of English? Do you want to read every day in English? Do you want to read simple books to improve your English? Do you have a Kindle reader but no books to read on it? English listening practice. Monkey Puzzle - Book reading for children - Read aloud video. Peppa at Home Read Aloud - Peppa Pig. The Little Prince: English Version. The Little Prince: English Version. Audiobooks - The Little Prince - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde. 'It is a ridiculous attachment,' twittered the other Swallows, 'she has no money, and far too many relations;' and indeed the river was quite full of Reeds.

The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde

Then, when the autumn came, they all flew away. After they had gone he felt lonely, and began to tire of his lady-love. 'She has no conversation,' he said, 'and I am afraid that she is a coquette, for she is always flirting with the wind.' And certainly, whenever the wind blew, the Reed made the most graceful curtsies.

I admit that she is domestic,' he continued, 'but I love travelling, and my wife, consequently, should love travelling also.' 'Will you come away with me? ' 'You have been trifling with me,' he cried, 'I am off to the Pyramids. All day long he flew, and at night-time he arrived at the city. Then he saw the statue on the tall column. Then another drop fell. THE HAPPY PRINCE by Oscar Wilde read by Stephen Fry FULL UNABRIDGED. Kötelező olvasmányok digitális könyvespolca. The Children of Chernobyl, In Their Own Words. A Hunger for Dystopia: Critical Thinking on the Journey to Self-Discovery. I was in high school in the mid '90s when I first read George Orwell's dystopian novel 1984.

A Hunger for Dystopia: Critical Thinking on the Journey to Self-Discovery

It lifted the veil of my childhood innocence, opening my eyes to the injustices of the adult world. Once I finished the chilling, final sentence of the novel, there was no going back to my naive self. Reading Comprehension Resources for EFL and ESL Learners. Saint David’s Day and Saint Patrick’s Day. Saint David’s Day and Saint Patrick’s Day Tags: February 26, 2015 | Comment Most countries have a day that is special or a national day.

Saint David’s Day and Saint Patrick’s Day

In some countries, the national day is the patron saint day. In March, Wales and Ireland celebrate their national days. In Wales, Saint David’s Day is celebrated on the 1st of March. On March 17thSaint Patrick’s Day is celebrated in Ireland and in the United States. Do you carry out activities in class for Saint David’s Day or Saint Patrick’s Day? The Cats of Copenhagen: Delightful Recently Discovered Children’s Story by James Joyce. By Maria Popova A charming, irreverent picture-book based on Joyce’s letters to his only grandson.

The Cats of Copenhagen: Delightful Recently Discovered Children’s Story by James Joyce

As a connoisseur of little-known children’s books by famous authors of literature for grown-ups, I already knew that James Joyce had penned the charming 1965 picture-book The Cat and the Devil, based on a 1936 letter to his most beloved audience, his grandson Stephen. So imagine my delight at the news of a posthumous Joyce children’s release, The Cats of Copenhagen (public library) — a never-before-published short story also based on a letter to Stephen.

In August 1936, Joyce mailed his grandson “a little cat filled with sweets” — a sort of candy mule designed to outwit Stephen’s parents. “Alas! Read fairy tales online - World of Tales. - The Online Literature Library. Luminarium: Anthology of English Literature. Shakespeare. Books That Predicted The Future - Books. George Orwell's famous 1984 described an all-seeing state capable of watching our every move - of course, this would be some far-off dystopian vision of the future, right?

Books That Predicted The Future - Books

Well, old George's prediction is very much in evidence now, with security cameras, internet tracking and the like - and a surprising amount of other writers have been able to predict the future with unerring accuracy. This brilliant infographic, made by, shows various fictional predictions that ended up coming true, and the time that lapsed between forecast and reality - click on it to see a bigger version. Having said all this - if they were that good at predicting the future, they could have made a fortune on the football pools, so maybe they were using their talents in the wrong area. (Image: Talk2Me English : Thoughts From Within - A Modern Poem. In this post I have created a lesson based on a poem written by a famous actor (Advanced level) Lesson Objectives: It is designed for a one-to-one lesson, but could be used with a group.

Talk2Me English : Thoughts From Within - A Modern Poem

Duration: 1 hourThe idea of the lesson is to give students a taste of some modern poetry in English. Students will expand vocabulary, use their imagination, improve their listening skills, practise expressing opinions, analysing text and recognising and interpreting figures of speech in poetry. They will also improve their pronunciation and poetry reading skills.

Task 1: Warm up. Literacy Teaching Resources. Easy Reading for ESL Beginners (2) English Fairy Tales: The Ass, The Table and the Stick. Sacred Texts Legends and Sagas English Folklore Index Previous Next A LAD named Jack was once so unhappy at home through his father's ill-treatment, that he made up his mind to run away and seek his fortune in the wide world.

English Fairy Tales: The Ass, The Table and the Stick

He ran, and he ran, until he could run no longer, and then he ran right up against a little old woman who was gathering sticks. He was too much out of breath to beg pardon, but the woman was good-natured, and she said he seemed to be a likely lad, so she would take him to be her servant, and would pay him well. He agreed, for he was very hungry, and she brought him to her house in the wood, where he served her for twelve months and a day. When the year had passed, she called him to her, and said she had good wages for him. Theseus and the Minotaur. Myth: Theseus and the Minotaur - Ancient Greece for Kids. An Ancient Greek Myth As the story goes ... Once upon a time, a long time ago, there lived a king named Minos.

King Minos lived on a lovely island called Crete. King Minos had everything a king could possibly want. Now and then, King Minos sent his navy to the tiny village of Athens, across the sea. The king of Athens did not know what to do. The minotaur lived in the heart of a maze on the island of Crete. Although Athens did build a navy, King Minos did not attack as the king of Athens had expected. Prince Theseus of Athens knew the importance of keeping your word. "The Minotaur is a terrible monster! "I'll find a way," Theseus replied gently. His father begged him not to go.