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Travel through North America - Journée des Amériques

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FE Pod Ep 0160 – The Difference Between ‘gone To’ And ‘been To’ Followenglish podcast. FE Pod Ep 0166 – Different Kinds Of Travelers Followenglish podcast. FE Pod Ep 0171 – Ways Of Traveling Followenglish podcast. Litter. Edit Your Trip | TripHappy. Reading Exercises - Environment. Garbage Homes - EarthShips. U.S. States. Have you been abroad? Present perfect: Presentation - Listening - Exercises to print - Interactive exercises - Songs - Conversation questions - Poems - Games - Jokes - Idioms - Cartoons - Videos - Preterit simple / Present perfect - Past perfect - Irregular verbs. 4ème: Bob Ferguson. | Mister J. 13 Brutally Honest Tourism Postcards For Every Province And Territory In Canada | Narcity Toronto. Canada is undeniably beautiful.

To many outsiders, our country is a magical place where Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid rules over the land and humans live in unison with polar bears. READ ALSO: Canada Ranked The 2nd Best Country For Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse But in actuality, Canada is just like any other country, with its own set of good and not-so-good qualities. Here are 13 brutally honest descriptions of each province and territory in Canada, as told through tourism postcards: (Note: Inspiration for each slogan was taken from Reddit!) Photo cred – maychau BRITISH COLUMBIA – We got rain and weed! Photo cred – garthlenz ALBERTA – We fracking love it here!

Photo cred – ibackpackcanada SASKATCHEWAN – The plainest place on Earth (literally) MANITOBA – Where it’s winter all the time and my car won’t start Photo cred – skypebookings Photo cred – niagarafallslive ONTARIO – The self-proclaimed centre of the universe Photo cred – expedia QUEBEC – Toot de la froot Photo cred – bradtguides. English Language Listening Lab Online > Canadian English. Elllo #418 Canada's Main Cities. Todd: OK, Mike, you are from Canada. Mike: That's right. Todd: So, actually I want to go to Canada for vacation. I've never been. What would you recommend for a Canadian vacation? Mike: Well, it really just depends on the kind of holiday that you want to have. If you want to have a relaxing outdoors, kind of back to nature, kind of holiday, I'd recommend Vancouver. If you wanted to do a holiday that's maybe a little more culturally oriented. Todd: So, have you been to all three cities? Mike: Yes. Todd: How so?

Mike: Well, somebody from Toronto I think is a little bit more high paced, maybe you could almost say, they're a little bit more stresses out, just because the pace of life in Toronto is a little bit faster. Todd: OK, so if you were to live in any city, which one would you choose? Mike: Of, those three? Todd: What? Mike: Yes, it gets very, very cold and it has a very long winter. Todd: OK, well, thanks, Mike. Topics for English language skills practice - travel / holidays - ESL activities. ESL teaching and learning resources travel / holidays Worksheets for travel / holidays Countries, cities, attractions (146) gapped lists and matching Travel speaking topics (147) Ss pick topic to talk about. Travel mime game (256) Ss mime where they went, what they did from prompts Egypt dialogue (258) Split dialogue discussing a trip to Egypt Travel anecdote (633) Travel anecdote (staying in a hotel with bed bugs) that can be cut into strips - 15 - 30 students Audio for travel / holidaysPage top ↑ Backpackers (407)Two Canadians talk about backpackers and compare them to tourists and other travellers Travel preferences (408)American speaker interviews British speakers about her travel preferences Video for travel / holidaysPage top ↑ Speakout Advanced Podcast Unit 3 Places (662)People in the street answer three questions about travel.

Pictures for travel / holidaysPage top ↑ Book references for travel / holidaysPage top ↑ Usa - United States Map - Geography - Maps, States, Capitals, Flags, Presidents, Do You Know About US geography ? .... Zunal WebQuest Maker Reviews. The easiest way to create a WebQuest with thousands of users. It is a web-based software for creating WebQuests in a short time without writing any HTML codes. Launched in May 2001, ZUNAL provides a free service for Preservice and Inservice teachers, and faculty to create WebQuests and share information online with others.

By encouraging collaboration among our users, we provide a safe environment for students to learn, and teachers/faculty to educate. Since our launch, we’ve been in a process of continuous improvement and have relied on feedback from our users to refine our website. We hope to see you around on ZUNAL often! Professor Bernie Dodge of San Diego State University defines a WebQuest as an inquiry-oriented activity that uses resources on the World Wide Web. WebQuests pull together the most effective instructional practices into one integrated student activity. US Geography - Activities. USA Regional Map/Quiz Printouts. Dawn on America Postcard, Cadillac Mountain Maine. A postcard from Scotland. A postcard from New York. 4th Year : How to Write a Postcard. New York City – Card by Mrs_M. Postcard template. Postcard template.