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What to expect when you start high school - CBBC Newsround. To enjoy the CBBC Newsround website at its best you will need to have JavaScript turned on.

What to expect when you start high school - CBBC Newsround

The summer holidays are officially over and lots of you will be heading back to school again. In Scotland the new term started a few weeks ago, and now kids in the rest of the country are heading back to the classroom too. For some of you, this will mean making the move from primary to secondary school. If you've got any advice for others, let us know in the comments. There'll be new challenges, lots of new faces and there's a chance you might get lost looking for lessons. We've been taking a look at what kind of things you can expect when you start high school. New Uniform Starting a new school will likely mean a new uniform. This can include lots of different things like a blazer and tie, as well as special school P.E. kit. If you're struggling with your tie though, Jenny (also known as Tie Girl) is here to help.

Different friends These could be people who are in the same forms, classes or clubs as you. My English Tool Kit - made with Glide. Promoting a theme park. TOEIC listening part IV, set 13, exercise 6 Improve your progress in learning English!

Promoting a theme park

— Incomplete testsCinemasBusiness Buzzwords through the SeasonsVocabulary quizzesTOEIC vocabulary test: foundation, approved list, overall, pounce...TOEIC prep test: minority, calculator, publish, resolve, hem...TOEIC test: competitive, whole, update, shrewdness, talkative...Forum messagesThe best way to get the TOEIC's high scoreOnlineEnglish TOEIC Preparation - The New TOEIC Training Coach. Dear Friend,if you have any questions or comments regarding this article, please click here: Wanted: Feedback on TOEIC Listening Exercises.Listening Comprehension TranscriptAre you ready to have fun in the sun? Then come to Wild Water Park. Forum: Pracisting your speaking and pronunciation skills? Nintendoland. Pirates of Emerson Haunted Theme Park 2011 Radio Commercial. Top 20 Favorite Amusement Parks. Promoting a theme park. Listening Practice through Dictation Level 3. Theme parks. Interviewer: Good morning.

Theme parks

Today we’re going to talk about theme parks and we’re going to hear from Andy Wells who has written a guide to theme parks around the world. Welcome to the programme, Andy.Andy: Hi, it’s good to be here.Interviewer: You really have a dream job, don’t you, Andy? Flying round the world all the time, visiting adventure parks ...Andy: Well, yes, it’s pretty exciting.

But it’s really hard work too, you know.Interviewer: I bet. So, what’s the number one theme park in the world? Top 20 Favorite Amusement Parks.

Christmas traditions

"Career Day" by The Bazillions. Keith Haring - in movement. Bridget's English pages. Combien coûte ce jeu? Much и many. Thanksgiving Turkeys Recipe Giada De Laurentiis Food Network. History of thanksgiving. Great for kids and esl. Thanksgiving Rap with Fluency MC! Build Your Family Tree - Family Tree. Lera Efremova. School things / schoolbag. The Odd One Out. Highway code. Tom Sawyer. Food - likes & dislikes. Furniture Vocabulary Games, Household Vocabulary Games, for ESL. These are direct links to all the Furniture & Household Vocabulary Online Activities on this site Furniture & Household Words Interactive Games Related Activities ESL Games for Student Practice and Classroom Teaching.

Furniture Vocabulary Games, Household Vocabulary Games, for ESL

Interactive Practice. Games & Activities for ESL Classroom Teaching Classroom Games Pirate Board Games for ESL Teaching and Student Practice Memory Games & Activities for ESL Teaching and Student Practice Memory Games Crocodile Board Games for ESL Teaching and Student Practice. Finding a home. Numbers 1 - 20. Flocabulary. Index. Scratch Garden.

Questions and question words

Kids Love English: Wheel Book - Opposites. My group is going to start working with opposites.

Kids Love English: Wheel Book - Opposites

This wheel book technique is a great way for them to identify the new vocab. Here are the instructions. 1. Cut two circles out of cardstock. 2. A house for Sale - become a top realtor! Learning Chocolate - Vocabulary Learning Platform.

Rules in the classroom

Time and dates. E for English. Entrée culturelle. Festivals and Special Days in Britain.