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* (TEXTE OFFICIEL ICI) LE POUVOIR DES LIEUX Certains lieux deviennent symboles d’un mode de gouvernement au point d’en devenir synonyme : Buckingham Palace ; La Maison Blanche (et le Bureau Ovale) ; 10, Downing Street ; The Capitol. 2) Des lieux symboles d’une volonté d’équilibre des pouvoirs : le parlement britannique et ses deux chambres (chambre des Lords et chambre des communes). Comment ces lieux de pouvoir sont-ils perçus ? POUVOIR ET COMMUNICATION Afin d’asseoir son autorité ou de légitimer son existence, le pouvoir se met en scène. Quelle est l’image du pouvoir dans les arts, les médias et les manifestations culturelles du monde anglophone ? Portraits du pouvoir : expression d’une subjectivité et acte politique.

Untitled. Places and forms of power “Places” could be important buildings or institutions that represent a certain form of power, for example Buckingham Palace – a symbol of the British monarchy, the White – a symbol of the American presidency.


A place can also be a country or a state – for example the USA is a state which is powerful enough to influence events throughout the world (superpower) and China is a major economic power in today’s world. The 4th Power - The Media. Everything we read, watch and buy online will be controlled by government by 2025. More than 1,400 experts, including analysts and professors were surveyedFindings are detailed in The Net Threats report from Pew Research Centre Each expert was asked to explain the main threats facing the web by 2025Report details a system heavily influenced by governments, large corporations, and security servicesThis means what we buy, read, watch and share could be restricted It also highlighted how these concerns are already becoming common place By Victoria Woollaston Published: 11:14 GMT, 14 July 2014 | Updated: 19:12 GMT, 14 July 2014 Last week’s emergency surveillance legislation may have sounded like something out of George Orwell’s novel 1984, but was cited as yet another real-life example of states trying to control their citizens.

Everything we read, watch and buy online will be controlled by government by 2025

It’s been 65 years since Orwell described a fictional dystopian world of surveillance and manipulation by so-called Big Brother, and experts claim over the next decade this fiction is about to become fact. Scroll down for video 'This will grow. These 6 Corporations Control Almost Everything We Watch, Hear And Read.

Gupea 2077 35511 1. Newspapers in United Kingdom. Today's press covers. The Papers. The powers of the Prime Minister. The powers of the Prime Minister within the British political structure have developed in recent years to such an extent that some political analyst now refer to Britain as having a Prime Ministerial government rather than a Cabinet government.

The powers of the Prime Minister

The Prime Minister selects his own Cabinet and he will select those people who: Have abilityHave demonstrated good party loyaltyHave clearly demonstrated loyalty to the Prime Minister himself Those Cabinet members who do not ‘come up to scratch’ within their department will be removed from the Cabinet by the Prime Minister or ‘reshuffled’ to another position within the Cabinet - almost certainly at a lower level. Any senior Cabinet position brings with it certain rewards – chauffeured cars; a central London government house or a country weekend retreat such as Dorneywood; a much greater opportunity for overseas travel; a much higher salary etc.

The Prime Minister himself does not have any departmental responsibilities. MLA Citation/Reference. President versus Prime Minister. The president of America is frequently referred to as the world's most powerful person.

President versus Prime Minister

However, the federal structure of America has put restraints on the power of the president that do not occur in Great Britain, lead by a Prime Minister. The powers of Congress and the Supreme Court are used as a balance to the power a president might accrue in his time in office. The Constitution of America ties the president down as to what he can and cannot do. This codified document can only be changed by the Supreme Court. How to Get Your Kids Excited About the General Election  'Cause if you're little you can do a lot, you/ Mustn't let a little thing like 'little' stop you ...

How to Get Your Kids Excited About the General Election 

/Matilda the Musical There are many proud moments along the rocky road of parenthood. I hadn't expected one of them to be the moment my child got into politics. But before you start imagining a 16-year-old William Hague addressing the Conservative party conference - stop. I mean politics on a small scale. When my six-year-old daughter was elected a school councillor I was enormously proud. I'm not as clued-up about politics as I should be or would like to be, so the school council became a handy microcosm of the big, bad world.

It's not all about popularity - is it? Voting shouldn't be about whose face pleases us the most. The importance of wanting to make things better The first task of the school council was to canvass their peers and come up with ideas for improvements. And if all else fails ... Stickers and badges The ultimate incentive to get excited about elections.