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THE TRUTH WILL MAKE YOU SICK! Legalizing Drugs Decreases Use - Proof In Portugal, Netherlands. ‪Grass: The History Of Marijuana‬‏ ‪A Marijuana History Lesson‬‏ Reefer Madness Trailer movie 1938 - une vidéo Cinéma. History of Weed. History of Weed Part II. Top 11 Marijuana Documentaries. By Evilpig on May 3, 2010 | 56 Comments This list was written by Hail Mary These are by far some of the best marijuana documentaries to date. All of them are eye-opening and most of them make a serious case for the legalization of marijuana and/or medical marijuana.

Except for Reefer Madness, I threw that in for a different reason. Sit back, spark a fat one up, and get ready to have your mind blown. Weed. Pot Kills Cancer and Our Government Has Known for 36 Years. National Cannagraphic Magazine Study: Intelligence, cognition unaffected by heavy marijuana use. By William J.

Study: Intelligence, cognition unaffected by heavy marijuana use

Cromie Gazette Staff The new study of cognitive changes caused by heavy marijuana use has found no lasting effects 28 days after quitting. Following a month of abstinence, men and women who smoked pot at least 5,000 times in their lives performed just as well on psychological tests as people who used pot sparingly or not at all, according to a report in the latest edition of the Archives of General Psychiatry. That's the good news. What cannabis actually does to your brain - io9. Chances are they would've ended up brainless morons with or without the pot.

What cannabis actually does to your brain - io9

It's quite frankly not strong enough of a narcotic to destroy one's life such as you describe. It's very dependent on the user's persona. Jamaican Study Of Pregnant Mothers Shows That Marijuana Doesn't Harm Newborns. By Janelle Stone It’s almost too taboo to discuss: pregnant women smoking marijuana.

Jamaican Study Of Pregnant Mothers Shows That Marijuana Doesn't Harm Newborns

It’s a dirty little secret for women, particularly during the harrowing first trimester, who turn to cannabis for relief from nausea and stress. If you were to inquire about pot and pregnancy on the Web, Baby Center offers a strongly worded warning from Gerald Briggs, pharmacist clinical specialist. Briggs says that pot affects the baby’s growth and development and–gasp! Medical marijuana (cannabis) - common uses.

Common Medical Uses for Cannabis (Marijuana) Physicians, Cannabis Cooperatives and Dispensaries Medical Marijuana Dispensaries - Directory of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Re-branding cannabis: the next generation of chronic pain medicine?

Medical marijuana (cannabis) - common uses

Project CBD Cannabinoid Profiles of Cannabis Strains Cannabis Laboratories: The Testing Landscape in America See also: Marijuana for Your ADHD Kid. Marijuana (Weed) History and Facts. People around the world have been smoking marijuana for thousands of years while also using the hemp plant for everything from fabric and rope to ethanol fuel.

Marijuana (Weed) History and Facts

Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, a man with a bit of power and enough determination decided pot was wicked, evil and narcotic. He moved mountains to make it illegal worldwide. In the U.S., the struggle continues to this day to overcome the lies and misconceptions about marijuana that the government spent billions to spread.

Marihuana Tax Act of 1937. Background[edit] Regulations and restrictions on the sale of cannabis sativa as a drug began as early as 1860 (see Legal history of cannabis in the United States).

Marihuana Tax Act of 1937

The head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics (FBN), Harry J. Top 10 Cannabis Studies the Government Wished it Had Never Funded « 19 Reasons Pot Should Be Legal. October 24, 2010 | Like this article?

19 Reasons Pot Should Be Legal

Join our email list: 7 Great Uses For Industrial Hemp. Not to overly play into the stereotype of the TreeHugger moniker, but today is 4/20 so a quick review of all the great uses for industrial hemp--you know, that non-psychoactive relative of marijuana that for myriad moronic reasons is more or less illegal* to cultivate in the United States but not work with and sell--seemed apropos.

7 Great Uses For Industrial Hemp

From clothing, to food, to fuel, to a whole host of consumer and building products, not to mention helping in cleaning up soil pollution, it's only slightly hyperbole to call hemp a wonder crop: photo: Janet via flickr. 1. Toronto Hemp Company (THC) THC - Toronto Hemp Company - Online Head Shop Smoke Shop, Hemp Products, Garden Supplies, Glass!!!

Toronto Hemp Company (THC)

- Cannabis Superstore! Est. 1994. Adults See Alcohol, Cigarettes Riskier Than Marijuana. Americans view alcohol and cigarettes as more dangerous than marijuana.

Adults See Alcohol, Cigarettes Riskier Than Marijuana

A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey finds that just 17% of Adults rate use of marijuana as riskier than drinking alcohol. Fifty percent (50%) say alcohol is more dangerous, while 26% rate the two as equally risky. Five Things You May ‘Know’ About Marijuana That Aren’t True. Top 10 Common Myths About Cannabis. Misconceptions Cannabis is probably the world’s most popular casual use drug that is illegal in most nations.

It has become so widespread that many people wouldn’t think twice about asking to light up at a friend’s or to smoke in public places. It is an ancient drug that has been used throughout history for medical, magical, and pleasurable purposes. Seven Things You Didn't Know About Medical Marijuana. Get Topic Updates Share Slideshow Written by Emily Lapkin and Medically Reviewed by Scott Pearlman, M.D. 1. 15 Things about Weed. List of misconceptions about illegal drugs. LSD[edit] Some of the strangest urban legends told are those about lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), a potent psychedelic drug that gained popularity in several countries in the 1960s and 1970s, and experienced a brief resurgence in the mid to late 1990s before declining from 2000 onward.

The drug's relation to the 1960s counterculture was likely part of the reason for such legends. Attempted murder[edit] "Anyone caught selling LSD can be charged with attempted murder. " This is a common urban legend that the psychotropic effect of LSD is such an extreme danger to human life that the seller could face charges of attempted murder or manslaughter. Cannabis growing timelapse - rainstormaeroponics -

Canna butter - marijuana Grow Tent #2.5 – Exhaust Fan Installed. * Plus ICANN fee of C$0.20/yr. *** Domains with bulk pricing do not qualify for additional promotional discounts. † Free InstantPage®/Hosting with Website Builder are not included with .XXX domain registrations. All comparison prices are accurate as of 8/21/2013 and are subject to change without notice. 09619ce4d651c48ad643c48ae28c91c2. 6 Awesome Pro-Marijuana Ads. Qt pounder.jpg (JPEG Image, 1024x768 pixels) This Is Legal But Marijuana Is Not. m03_23095341.jpg (990×635) 22_105189465.jpg (JPEG Image, 990x644 pixels) m25_23743519.jpg (990×644) Marijuana.jpg from 20110705-120154.jpg (JPEG Image, 1500x2000 pixels) - StumbleUpon. 33d153029c92316c.jpg (JPEG Image, 750x625 pixels) - Scaled (99.

Flower Marijuana - StumbleUpon.