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The strange new world of Nanoscience, narrated by Stephen Fry
xion protective gear - stuntpadding Demo
Dr. Jeremy Mao, a research physician at Columbia University, has developed a technique for regrowing teeth in a patient's mouth. An animal-model study has shown that by homing stem cells to a scaffold made of natural materials and integrated in surrounding tissue, there is no need to use harvested stem cell lines, or create an environment outside of the body (e.g., a Petri dish) where the tooth is grown and then implanted once it has matured. The tooth instead can be grown “orthotopically,” or in the socket where the tooth will integrate with surrounding tissue in ways that are impossible with hard metals or other materials. The procedure could eliminate the need for dentures and conventional dental implants. Link, via Popsci. Someday You May Be Able to Grow New Teeth Someday You May Be Able to Grow New Teeth
Scientists create mice that sing like birds
Silicon Valley robotics company Willow Garage is announcing today that it has sold PR2 robots to four institutions in Korea, France, and the United States. These are the first PR2 units sold by the company, which hopes to make the robot a common platform that users in academia and industry can tinker with and improve, sharing their results and accelerating the development of applications. Willow Garage, based in Menlo Park, Calif., has become the leading proponent of open source robotics. It has developed an open source software platform called ROS, or Robot Operating System, that is becoming widely adopted around the world, running not only on the PR2 but also on a variety of robots. Willow Garage Sells First PR2 Robots Willow Garage Sells First PR2 Robots
Woody Norris invents amazing things