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MS Passion Project. Speech. NYC. Tutorial - Create Graphs and Charts In MS Excel With 1D or 2D Data. Charting or graphing of data makes it easier to understand a trend about presentation of data.

Tutorial - Create Graphs and Charts In MS Excel With 1D or 2D Data

Many of us need to create such graphs, charts or visual chars like pi-chart etc at times. Its often complicated to understand and create charts with conventional tools or softwares. Not anymore, with powerful features of Microsoft Office Excel 2010, charting and graphing has been extremely simplified. In this article I will demonstrate how you can quickly and easily create graphs and charts with MS Excel 2010 with ease. All you need is your data put in a table with which you need to create the chart. 2D Data Chart Creation With MS Excel 2010 In this table, I have put some sales data for various months for various cities.

To create a 2D chart out of this data, I just need two simple steps, Select all the data for charting with mouse cursor and click Insert > Column under the charts area at the top ribbon of MS Excel 2010. Chart is created in the blink of an eye ! Looking for something else? Excel Charts and Graphs Tutorial - How to Make and Create, MS 2007 Excel 2010. When should you use a chart?

Excel Charts and Graphs Tutorial - How to Make and Create, MS 2007 Excel 2010

Use a chart whenever you want to visualize your data, making it clear and simple to comprehend. Sometimes one glimpse at a chart can save a lot of effort of figuring out the meaning of your data. Last things to verify before creating a chart:Make sure your data is organized in the correct layout:- It should have a table layout, with no spaces between rows and columns, and no spaces between the headers and the rest of the table.- When you select the chart’s data table, contain the headers in the selection, and don’t contain empty rows or columns. Types of charts:You can choose between many types of charts, the most popular are Column, Line and Pie.

The chart’s elements: Titles:You can add titles to the chart: a general title to the whole chart, and specific titles to the X-axis (the horizontal axis) and the Y-Axis (the vertical). Labels:You can add small numbers to the columns, to show their exact values. Slide Design for Developers. So I gave this talk called How GitHub Uses GitHub to Build GitHub.

Slide Design for Developers

Someone submitted my slides to Hacker News, where it stayed at #1 for most of the day. This was pretty strange to me at first. My slides are not designed for people who didn't see the talk in person. They're designed to support my words, not some online audience. What's more, many commented that they found the design of the slides to be noteworthy. Working on your slide design pays off for the audience in front of you and for the audience online reading your slides later. Colors Color is the very first thing people will notice. Head to a color site like Colour Lovers and find a palette you like.

Size Make your text huge. Most of my text in my entire deck is at least 90pt. For the curious, I use Yanone Kaffeesatz as the typeface for both my slide deck and the headings on my blog. One of my favorite tweets from my New Orleans talk said "Great slide design- I was way in the back and could read every single word! " Repetition.