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Mediabot. Mediabot is the name given to the web crawler that Google uses to crawl webpages for purposes of analysing the content so Google AdSense can serve contextually relevant advertising to the page.


Mediabot visits those pages running AdSense ads that have not blocked its access via a robots.txt file and it's a Google recommendation that webmasters specifically add a command to their robots.txt file granting Mediabot access to the entire site.[1] Here is how to do it: User-agent: Mediapartners-Google* Disallow: The Mediabot identifies itself with the user agent string "Mediapartners-Google/2.1".

The Mediabot revisits pages on a regular, but unpredictable basis. Changes made to a page therefore do not immediately cause changes to the ads displayed on the page. You can keep some parts of the text from being crawled using: google_ad_section_start(weight=ignore) --> -- google_ad_section_end --> Webmaster Central. Get data about crawling, indexing and search traffic. Increase traffic to your site. C Link Checker. World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

Acadia creative DesignWise - Tips and tricks on design and marketing for your business. Blogs have been around for a long time. My creative services firm, acadia creative has had a blog for years…because everyone had one. What did we ever actually DO with it? Well. Nothing. And that’s just the problem. The most popular two types of business blogs are SEO blogs (Search Engine Optimization), and Lead Generating blogs. SEO blogs are written with keywords in mind. If you are still questioning the blogging culture, and whether it’s right for you, then read on. We don’t think so and here’s 10 reasons why. {*style:<b>Blogs are easy to set-up. </b>*}Blogs are an amazingly easy content management tool for business information. {*style:<b>Blogs are a new way of communicating your message. </b>*}Have you Googled anything lately? {*style:<b>Blogs are Viral Marketing at it’s best. </b>*}Social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace aren’t just for kids.

{*style:<b>Blogs build credibility. </b>*}Your website says you sell foot pain relief products. </b>*}See above! </b>*} ShareThis. BlueGlass - Internet Marketing Company Specializing in a variety of Online Marketing Services.


Future of Online Advertising. Involver: The Web's Most Trusted Social Marketing Platform. Oracle Oracle Solutions Social Relationship Management Involver Involver is Now Part of Oracle Social Relationship Management Involver and Oracle – Powering the Socially Enabled Enterprise Launch Infographic Involver, now part of Oracle, has been integrated into the Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM) Suite.

Involver: The Web's Most Trusted Social Marketing Platform

Insight Into Social Best Practices and Trends Industry’s First One-stop Social Platform Oracle Social Relationship Management delivers the first unified solution for social monitoring, marketing, applications, engagement and analysis, and it fully integrates products from Involver. Need Help for Involver Products? The point of contact for Involver support is now through Oracle Customer Support and My Oracle Support and no longer through the Involver Support portal. Try it Request a Live Demo Watch What's New. Kaplowpr.