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The Beauty of Algebra. Maths QR Code Bank. Mystery Numbers. Workers-of-zen.pdf. Introducing QAMA Calculator. Wolfram Training: Mathematica in Education Courses. Mathematics Documentaries. The Smartest Dumb Error in the Great State of Colorado. Entering the town of Gold Hill, Colorado, you encounter one of the most extraordinary posted signs in the entire USA: The founding year: 1859.

The Smartest Dumb Error in the Great State of Colorado

The elevation: 8463 feet. The population: 118 people. And at the bottom—oh, the glorious bottom—these three numbers have been added together, yielding a total of 10,440. You can check it yourself: 10,440 is exactly correct. It’s perfectly right… and profoundly wrong. I could easily spin out 1000 words bagging on this poor sign-maker. This error isn’t brainless, stupid, or contemptible. Hop in a time machine. That’s because, for most of human history, computation was really hard. As recently as 1000 years ago, simple multiplication—the stuff we teach to 9-year-olds now—required expert equipment. Back then, “simple” math didn’t feel so simple. Now, of course, we’ve got calculators, iPhones, and—most importantly—the Hindu-Arabic numeral system. Honeybees and Hexagons. 63 and -7/4 are special - Numberphile - YouTube. » Calculator hacks. I recently came across this blog post by where they shared some calculator tips.

» Calculator hacks

Many of these I had come across before but the one that stood out for me and got me all excited was number 5: Verify your algebra. To be honest, the only time I had ever come across the “VERIF” mode was when students would thrust their calculators at me displaying “TRUE/FALSE” demanding that I fix it for them. Resourceaholic: Favourite Problems. On Tuesday 23rd June I'm hosting a #mathscpdchat entitled "Problem solving: what are 'good' problems?

Resourceaholic: Favourite Problems

Where can you find them? ". What's a Problem? A problem, in the mathematical sense, can be defined as "an inquiry starting from given conditions to investigate or demonstrate a fact, result, or law". The word originated in the late 14th century,'a difficult question proposed for solution', from Old French problème, and directly from Latin problema, from Greek problema 'a task, that which is proposed, a question' (source: etymonline). Venn Diagram Activities - Mr Barton Maths Blog.

I have created and uploaded to TES 24 Venn Diagram activities, covering a whole host of mathematical topics, from straight line graphs to probability, calling in at properties of 3D shapes and sequences along the way Venn Diagrams are my latest obsession.

Venn Diagram Activities - Mr Barton Maths Blog

Revision Ideas for A-Level (TLP) Solve My Maths Search you're reading...

Revision Ideas for A-Level (TLP)

Non Curricula / Post GCSE, Post GCSE, Resources, Revision. Sumfrac. 5308.pdf. Working with Primary Schools. This week I am working with younger students who are coming up from primary school for the day.

Working with Primary Schools

I have them in the afternoon, and I thought that it’d be a great opportunity to cover some non-curricular stuff. My idea was a set of activites, each on a desk, and students go from desk to desk every 15 mins or so. Unfortunately I got rather carried away and have completely overplanned. However, the resources are good so I thought I’d share… Hilbert's Infinite Hotel - 60-Second Adventures in Thought (4/6) - YouTube. AQA-9306-W-PSQ.PDF. GCSE Revision Ideas (TLP) Solve My Maths Search you're reading...

GCSE Revision Ideas (TLP)

Resources, Revision. GCSE Revision Trail Cards - Resources - TES. 10 Calculator Buttons you need in your life #revision #gcse #alevel. Before we start, let me get one thing out of the way – you will only get so far without showing your working.

10 Calculator Buttons you need in your life #revision #gcse #alevel

Nevertheless, even a seasoned Maths student needs some calculator skills from time to time. Enjoy. 1. Time conversion between decimal and hours/mins/secs can be tricky. Check your answer with the snazzy ‘commas and dot’ button: Type your decimal, e.g. 2.4 (hours) press equal then convert with the button below Alpha B. Revision Races - Revision Aid - GCSE - Resources - TES. FMSP A Level & GCSE Groupwork Problems. GCSE Problem Solving Resources Here are four samples from the GCSE problem solving materials that can be found on the Integral resources website.

FMSP A Level & GCSE Groupwork Problems

Access to the complete set of problems is free when your school/college registers with the FMSP. You can also find a set of 20 GCSE level problems along with student prompts and worked solutions on the GCSE Problem Solving page. Beauty of Mathematics. » Essential Skills A Star. The Case of the Missing Fractals. » Pokemon maths challenges. Here is a quick share of an A-Level revision idea that a colleague () and I developed last year.

» Pokemon maths challenges

It is similar to the flipped revision idea I shared last week but has a specific theme. Pokemon. Just to be clear, I had no idea when it came to Pokemon, but have been told that they are pocket monsters that humans (trainers) train to fight each other. The idea is in order for the trainers to progress, they need to become eligible of fighting one of the more powerful trainers known as ‘gym leaders’. 10 Photos That Definitively Prove Math Is Really, Really Hard.

Sure, we all know math is hard. But c'mon, advertising the price of something isn't exactly advanced trigonometry. Let's get it together people! 1. Minimal Math Concepts. Change One Aspect: TES Maths Resource of the Week 75 - Mr Barton Maths Blog. The following resource has been kindly shared on the TES Maths website. It is available to download for free by registering. And to access all the lovely Resource of the Week (ROTW) resources, just click here. 261. Revision Egg Hunt. It’s beginning to look a lot like Easter … scrawny plastic chicks and over-priced chocolate eggs everywhere! This little ‘egg’ of an idea was totally inspired by some lovely Tweeters who mentioned ways to use empty plastic eggs. Flashcards - Logical%20Hats.pdf. The 27 Card Trick.