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Gestion des connaissances

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Carte des sciences : vers une geographie de la connaissance (Nav. Risk Controversies visualized - Macospol (Navigation privée) Since 2008, Risk-Cartography is used and evaluated within the euroean project Macospol: Mapping Controversies on Sciences for Politics. Macospol is funded by the European Commission under the seventh Framework Programme. For further information on the Macospol project visit or contact Cordula Kropp (cordula.kropp(a) Video Tutorial - Now with English subtitles We have added English subtitles to the Risk-Cartography video tutorial on YouTube.

Risk Cartography is online. Clickstream Data Yields High-Resolution Maps of Scienc. Methods Data collection We aggregated a log dataset that contains approximately 1 billion (1×109) user interactions.

Clickstream Data Yields High-Resolution Maps of Scienc

Co-PI Map of Current IDM Awardees. Legend Node size: # awarded grants Node Inner Color: # unique Co-PIs (0 white; 1 YellowGreen; 2 Green; 3 PineGreen; 4 Orange; 5 Red; 6 Maroon) Node Border Color: Grant Source (Career - Yellow; Pecase - Blue; ITR - Green; SGER - Pink; other - White; Multi-Grants - Red) Edge Width: # times people Co-PId Edge Color: First year of Co-PIship (1999 Maroon; 2000 Red; 2001 Orange; 2002 PineGreen; 2003 Green; 2004 YellowGreen) Börner, Katy. 2004.

Co-PI Map of Current IDM Awardees

Knowledge Domain Visualizations in Support of Scholarly Knowledge and Expertise Management. Panel Meeting on SRS's Evaluation of its Science and Engineering Taxonomies, National Science Foundation, SRI International. Arlington, VA, October 21.