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Movies based on ghosts

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Koji Suzuki. Koji Suzuki (鈴木光司 Suzuki Kōji born May 13, 1957) is a Japanese writer, who was born in Hamamatsu and currently lives in Tokyo.

Koji Suzuki

Suzuki is the author of the Ring cycle of novels, which has been adapted into a manga series.[1] He has written several books on the subject of fatherhood. His hobbies include traveling and motorcycling (hobbies found on the back of The Ring, 2002, Koji Suzuki). He is currently on the selection committee for the Japan Fantasy Novel Award. His recent novel Edge puts the main theme on Feynman point. Bibliography[edit] Novels[edit] Stories[edit] Collections[edit] Films adapted from his works[edit] References[edit] Notes[edit] The Blair Witch Project.

Haunting in Connecticut True Story - Carmen Reed, Snedeker Family. I didn’t believe in ghosts.

Haunting in Connecticut True Story - Carmen Reed, Snedeker Family

I believed in the spirit world but I didn’t believe that it could interact with our world. -Carmen Snedeker (A Haunting in Connecticut, 2002) Questioning the Story: Southington home the Snedekerfamily rented from 1986-1988. Bell Witch. The silly lies of An American Haunting. - By Grady Hendrix. Paranormal Activity Story - The haunted history of 'Paranormal Activity' Steven Spielberg was certain his copy of "Paranormal Activity" was haunted.

Paranormal Activity Story - The haunted history of 'Paranormal Activity'

It was early 2008, and the director's DreamWorks studio was trying to decide whether it wanted to be a part of the micro-budgeted supernatural thriller. As the story goes, Spielberg had taken a "Paranormal Activity" DVD to his Pacific Palisades estate, and not long after he watched it, the door to his empty bedroom inexplicably locked from the inside, forcing him to summon a locksmith. For The Record Los Angeles Times Sunday, September 20, 2009 Home Edition Main News Part A Page 4 National Desk 1 inches; 24 words Type of Material: Correction 'Paranormal Activity': An article in today's Calendar about the film "Paranormal Activity" misspelled the last name of DreamWorks production executive Ashley Brucks as Brooks. "Paranormal Activity" was hardly a typical studio production. But as Spielberg and the DreamWorks team believed, the movie held a special appeal -- it was original and scary. An abnormal route. Bell Witch. Poltergeist Deaths.

Claim: Several deaths have occured among the cast of the Poltergeist trilogy of films.

Poltergeist Deaths

Origins: What is seen as an unusually large number of deaths have occurred among the former cast of the Poltergeist trilogy. Amityville Horror - Was it a hoax? The Real Horror - Castle of The most famous haunting of all time Or is it the most famous HOAX?

Amityville Horror - Was it a hoax? The Real Horror - Castle of

Many thanks goes out to LD for her gracious help and assistance with the following: The Amityville Horror story remains to this day the ultimate ghost story. With tales of demonic pigs, possessions, hauntings and ghosts it remains a favorite story to be told by the flickering light of a campfire, or in the dark depths of night at sleepovers. Here at Castle of Spirits the story is often submitted through to us by well-meaning people who unfortunately have been mislead to believe the story is actual fact. There is a lot of reliable evidence that the case was a hoax – including books, television documentaries and other media easily accessible to this day.

For some odd reason this particular case seems to stir up people’s emotions, ranging from mild to extreme. The case has indeed been debunked by many experts considered to be foremost in the fields of parapsychological and paranormal investigation. THE HOAX IN AMITYVILLE. The Amityville Horror. Claim:The Amityville Horror is based on a true story.

The Amityville Horror

Origins: Some horrors just won't die, and The Amityville Horror is a case in point. The tale of a reportedly demon-infested house in Amityville, New York, became a best-selling novel in 1977 and a hit horror film starring James Brolin and Margot Kidder in 1979. Several inferior movie sequels followed in its wake (including a and 2005 saw the debut of a remake, this one starring Ryan Reynolds and Melissa George. Ghosts and Hauntings of Estes Park Colorado. The Baldpate Inn Gordon and Ethel Mace, who were newlyweds at the time, homesteaded the property in Estes Park and built a classic log cabin in 1911.

Ghosts and Hauntings of Estes Park Colorado

To supplement their income, they built several small tourist cabins, which proved to be a huge success. They began to make plans to build and Inn and in 1917 they opened the Baldpate Inn. They named the inn after a fictional inn in a mystery novel where regular guests were given their own keys to the building. The Maces practiced this tradition until World War I when the cost of metal rose so steeply, they could no longer afford to give away keys. Reportedly both Ethel and Gordon continue to stay at their old Inn in a spiritual fashion. Evidently, Ethel supported the prohibitionists because she also likes to spill mix drinks, while others have a tendency to fly off of tables.