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Jared Holden

Teacher of 11 and 12 year olds in Taranaki, New Zealand.


From Written to Digital: The New Literacy. Both the 21st-century economy and the careers needed to fuel it are changing at an unprecedented rate.

From Written to Digital: The New Literacy

Students must be prepared for nonlinear careers, pivoting to match the ever-changing work landscape. We thus need to rethink not just how we teach our students but what we teach our students. The people who were comfortable at this humanities-technology intersection helped to create the human-machine symbiosis that is at the core of this story. In his book about the history of the digital revolution, Walter Isaacson contends that the major innovations of the digital revolution—from the first general-purpose computer to the transistor to the iPhone—were all created by individuals who understood how to synthesize the humanities with technology.

Learning Pit - James Nottingham. Resources - Challenging Learning. Dual language education: 9 reasons to flip your classroom. The demands of a highly connected society, in which communication and information exchanges are promoted in different languages, are accelerating the need of training citizens capable of understanding different languages.

Dual language education: 9 reasons to flip your classroom

Schools are aware of this need and therefore the number of primary education centers worldwide, including bilingual and multilingual education programs, is going up. Current growing global migration means schools need to cater to higher cultural diversity in the classroom too. When You Can't Afford to Make a Mistake, This’ll Keep You Sharp. Peter Baumann suggests that our biases can get a bad rap, but that they’re essential.

When You Can't Afford to Make a Mistake, This’ll Keep You Sharp

He sees them as unconscious inclinations that we’ve developed over time, and most of the time, they reflect actual knowledge we’ve acquired about how the world works. They set the frameworks within which we live our lives. Our bias toward feeling safe, for example, keeps us (mostly) out of trouble, while a bias towards certain flavors sets us parameters for selecting the dish we’d like to eat at a restaurant. Of course, our biases are only as intelligent as we are, so occasionally they're pretty stupid.

Hack Your Classroom

Term 2 2016. Harry Potter. Start of Year. NAPP 2016. BYOD2016. MUST READS. Instagram. Leadership. Art Ideas. WWI. Ukulele. SOLO. Design Thinking. Maths. Writing/Literacy. UnGoogleable Questions. Coaching & Mentoring Resources. My Reflection on #28daysofwriting February 28, 2015 – 4:23 pm It was in about early January when I began to mull over the idea of getting back into a writing habit.

I wanted to renew the discussion and connectedness I enjoyed through my blog and get myself writing regularly again. The #28daysofwriting idea sprang from that desire. What Makes People Creative? February 27, 2015 – 9:10 pm When you start to explore the literature around the definition of creativity, or what it means to be creative, the lists and references go on and on. Convene your Classroom Creative Council February 26, 2015 – 9:28 pm. Universal Skills All Learners Should Know How to Do. 16 Inspirational Quotes From Children's Literature. Content is no longer king. Here are five things that are.

Who said content was king?

Content is no longer king. Here are five things that are.

Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting.— Bill Gates, Content is King, 1996 1996 was a long time ago. In 1996, the first iPhone was still almost a decade away. In 1996, Mark Zuckerberg was 12. Universal Design for Learning. Learners differ significantly in the ways they can be engaged or motivated to learn.

Universal Design for Learning

Some learners are highly engaged and motivated by spontaneity and novelty, while others are disengaged, even frightened by those aspects, preferring a predictable routine. To create environments that are safe for all learners, teachers need to: develop acute sensitivity to learner differences in order to challenge and stretch learners without ridicule or demotivationensure the physical or online spaces where learning takes place contribute to student learning and wellbeing rather than creating stressensure learning experiences beyond the classroom, such as work experience and camp are designed with the students to minimise risk and stress. To build further understanding, explore videos and supporting resources from the Alberta UDL Summer Institute 2011 relating to the principle of multiple means of engagement.

Kaizena. Write About - Teacher. Before I Die: A Global Ethnography of Anonymous Aspirations in Chalk and Public Space. By Maria Popova In early 2011, artist, designer, and TED Fellow Candy Chang, queen of thoughtful installations in public spaces that invite collaborative storytelling, covered an abandoned house in her New Orleans neighborhood in chalkboard paint and stenciled on it a grid of the deceptively simple unfinished sentence “Before I die I want to . . .,” which any passerby could complete with a piece of chalk and a personal aspiration.

Before I Die: A Global Ethnography of Anonymous Aspirations in Chalk and Public Space

To Chang’s surprise, the wall was completely filled by the next day. Soon, the project took on a life of its own and was replicated in over 10 languages across more than thirty countries, giving voice to millions of such private yearnings. 16 Luscious Italian Words And Phrases We Need In English. Powering up writing - Google Slides. Socrative. Formative. 10 Formative Assessments Tech Tools to Put to the Test in 2015.

Students require constant feedback in order to be actively engaged and strive towards growth while learning new concepts.

10 Formative Assessments Tech Tools to Put to the Test in 2015

Technology, as an instructional tool, can be especially powerful when used to conduct formative assessments. Why? Because technology has the ability to provide feedback instantly. Steps to Create the Conditions for Deep, Rigorous, Applied Learning. Many school administrators, teachers and parents want the education provided to children to be high quality, rigorous and connected to the world outside the classroom.

Steps to Create the Conditions for Deep, Rigorous, Applied Learning

Teachers are trying to provide these elements in various ways, but a group of schools calling itself the “Deeper Learning Network” has codified some of what its members believe are essential qualities of deep learning (check out how students lead parent teacher conferences in this model). Some of the goals include learning designated content, critical thinking, communication skills, collaborating effectively and connecting learning to real-world experiences. To better understand what schools in the Deeper Learning Network were doing differently, Monica Martinez and Dennis McGrath visited several schools and wrote a book about what they found: “Deeper Learning How Eight Innovative Public Schools Are Transforming Education in the Twenty-First Century.”

5 Online Games That Teach Kids the Art of Persuasion. By Tanner Higgin, Graphite If there’s one thing that games can teach really well, it’s systems thinking.

5 Online Games That Teach Kids the Art of Persuasion

Getting good at a game like Portal, for instance, means learning its physics engine. When the game’s over, it’s only natural to draw comparisons between how things move, fall, and interact in the game and physical worlds. Similarly, building nations in Civilization exposes players to complex political, social and cultural relationships they can see reflected in global history. These examples are, admittedly, a bit old hat. Starting a School Makerspace from Scratch.

With the National Week of Making behind us, you might be ready to start a makerspace in your school -- but not know where to start. Will purchasing a costly 3D printer and the latest robotics kit ensure learning and maker success? What are some steps to starting a successful makerspace from scratch? Step 1: Immerse Yourself in Maker Education Before you can build your own community of makers, you need to join one! The Difference Between Hard and Impossible - Issue #12 - Revue. The 2×10 strategy: a miraculous solution for behavior issues? In the eleven years that I’ve been writing on this site, I don’t think I’ve ever, ever used the term “miracle” in relation to behavior management. But lately I’ve been hearing a lot of teachers talk about a strategy that might be as close as it gets.

If you have a student for whom no other solutions seem to work, read on. The 2×10 strategy is simple: spend 2 minutes per day for 10 days in a row talking with an at-risk student about anything she or he wants to talk about. Everything YOU need to know about Teaching with Instagram. Instagram, a social picture-sharing platform, has moved from being a place where people share selfies and pictures of their cats, to become a valuable social networking resource. It works as a visual Twitter, a trendier Pinterest and a unique way for teachers and students to connect and share information. In fact, Instagram is developing a regular presence in classrooms around the world and teachers are finding creative ways to put it to good use. Professional Networking and Idea-Sharing for Teachers.

Your Rubric Is a Hot Mess; Here’s How to Fix It. Share with Friends 28.1KShares See Mrs. Jones. Hackathons as a New Pedagogy. Students are coming out of school expected to solve 21st-century problems and enter into occupations that haven't even been imagined yet. Schooling is not designed in this manner, so we wanted to give students an opportunity to solve problems in authentic contexts, using 21st-century skills and collaboration techniques. We wanted to break down walls between classrooms and have students use interdisciplinary skills to solve problems with teams of their peers, with mentors, and with industry professionals. TIPS AND TRICKS - Teacher Tools New Zealand. Shaping up with Tessellations.

2015 Reid X-Trail 29er. Luckeyfrog's Lilypad: How to Make a Teacher Portfolio That Gets You the Job! Sciencelearn Hub. WordReference Forums. 30 incredibly addictive HTML5 games. It’s been a fantastic couple of years for HTML5 games, for both consumers and developers. In fact, HTML5 is turning into a great game development platform, rapidly catching up to the ubiquity of Flash-based browser gaming. HTML5 comes with some huge advantages that allow users to build apps, accelerated graphics in games, stream HD video and so much more by just using native web code. Seven Ways to Increase Student Engagement in the Classroom.

You have probably heard that teachers are the hardest people to teach. I submit teaching teachers is a lot like teaching younger learners (except that they have more autonomy). English news and easy articles for students of English. 6 Reasons Why Puppets Will Change Your Classroom Forever. DIY Professional Development: Resource Roundup. Taking Charge: 5 Key Strategies for DIY PD, by Michelle Manno (2015) Educators can create their own professional development opportunities with the many resources available via social media, and by bringing their admins on board with this new model, writes Manno. Dyslexia potential New Zealand – Resource for Dyslexics. Minecraft in education. Hemingway. 53 Of The Most Heartbreaking Sentences In Fantasy Books.

Andrew Stanton: The clues to a great story. Alan Peat's Blog. Assessment. 'YourKids' Teacher: Erasing Meanness. When my kids came back from spring break this week, they were greeted with shampooed carpets, new collaboration desk clusters, fully stocked common desks, rotated book titles, and one less fish. I forgot to bring back Skittles, our classroom fish, who was still sitting on the entertainment center at home. Free Resources for teachers - Mike Gershon. 10 Additional Things You Can Do With Google Classroom. 14 Perfect Japanese Words You Need In Your Life. Hackschooling Makes Me Happy: Logan LaPlante at TEDxUniversityofNevada. Fancy Free in 4th: My Classroom Management- Checkbooks. One of the most important things that every teacher must have in their classroom is a solid classroom management system.

Without that, the careful lessons and activities that we spend all night refining and creating, go out the window. Teaching Ahead of the Curve: 50 Rockstar Chrome Apps and Extensions for 2015. BASIC: Te reo commands in the classroom (he tono i te reo Māori i te akomanga) flashcards. Game-based blended learning & classroom response system. The Reverse Report. Make Your Images Interactive - ThingLink. 2:1 - Leaders of Learning - 2015 Master Appraisal Site. Kaizena · Give Great Feedback. 2:1 - Leaders of Learning - 2015 Master Appraisal Site. Genius Hour. Why Inquiry Learning is Worth the Trouble. Nearly seven years after first opening its doors, the Science Leadership Academy public magnet high school* in Philadelphia and its inquiry-based approach to learning have become a national model for the kinds of reforms educators strive towards.

But in a talk this past weekend at EduCon 2.5, the school’s sixth-annual conference devoted to sharing its story and spreading its techniques, Founding Principal Chris Lehmann insisted that replicating his schools approach required difficult tradeoffs. “This is not easy. Copy of TRCC Presentation to share - Apresentações Google. Modelling Books - how I use these to plan, teach and assess in my class. ZipGrade Cloud: iOS and Android Grading App For Teachers. The Epic BYOD Toolchest (51 Tools You Can Use Now)

Lessons. Welcome - Positive Behaviour for Learning. Mr P's ICT blog - Tech to raise standards! MNWElementary-Daily5 - Daily 5 Resources. 8 Excellent Free Timeline Creation Tools for Teachers. @amandak8.

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