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No! You Can’t Just Take It!  No!

No! You Can’t Just Take It! 

21 Google Chrome Extensions For Increased Productivity. Google Chrome is such a great resource for students.

21 Google Chrome Extensions For Increased Productivity

First things first, the browser allows users to sign in to Chrome anywhere and bring up bookmarks, history, and settings, an incredible feature for students on-the-go who are using multiple computers. In addition to this useful feature are a wealth of awesome extensions that students can use to save time and concentrate their efforts. We’ve found 21 time-saving Chrome extensions that students can put to use, from note-taking apps to books, citations, and reminders. Note AnywhereFind something interesting on Wikipedia?

Critical Thinking Model 1. To Analyze Thinking We Must Identify and Question its Elemental Structures Standard: Clarityunderstandable, the meaning can be grasped Could you elaborate further?

Critical Thinking Model 1

Could you give me an example? Could you illustrate what you mean? Common Craft. My StoryMaker : Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Welcome to Lit2Go ETC. Information Cycle - How Do I...? Introduction Welcome to the Information Cycle!

Information Cycle - How Do I...?

The Information Cycle is all around us, part of our everyday lives. It is comprised of tweets, online newspapers, and academic journals, and books. Free Virtual Classroom Premium Membership for Academicians on WizIQ. 1.

Free Virtual Classroom Premium Membership for Academicians on WizIQ

Can I use my free account for commercial purposes? Yes, you can use your free account for commercial purposes. Offer your courses for free or a fee, it’s your choice! 2. Thinking Tools. This graphic organizer is a great tool for students struggling to make a logical decision.

Thinking Tools

It encourages them to look at the pro's and cons and explore alternatives which they might not ordinarily consider. Download it here. Dan Ackland submitted this lesson plan and earned cash for it. You too can earn cash for your teaching ideas right now by clicking here. *Please note all of our documents are originally designed using high resolution images and fonts at A3 paper size.

Book Trailers for Readers - How to make a book trailer. The 21st Century Skills Teachers Should Have. Untitled. Last year all of the students in our school district received Google Docs accounts and I was kept quite busy all year getting students up and running and then finding innovative ways to use the tools for learning.


Upon reflection,if I got the opportunity to do it all over again there are three things I would make sure to do at the start of the year to kick off Google Docs. 1. Encourage Teachers to Create an In Box with a Google Form One of the challenges of using Google Docs with a class full of students is in managing all those Google Docs. Thesis Development - Research Tools. Readlists. Reading: The Core Skill:True—or Not? Freedom to Learn. Teacher-Librarians. Embeddable book widget: share your book list.

Summer Read Lists

A Parent's Guide to 21st-Century Learning. You’ll find a selection of outstanding online resources and projects, sorted by grade levels, to provide a glimpse of successful school programs.

A Parent's Guide to 21st-Century Learning

Elementary School: The World Peace Game Skype in the Classroom Peace Helpers Become Classroom Problem Solvers. Untitled. Teaching Tools. No Books, No Problem: Teaching Without a Text. Thanks to a forward-thinking teacher, chemistry students quickly learn to love leaving the textbook behind.

No Books, No Problem: Teaching Without a Text

Credit: Francis DaSilva The students in my general chemistry class almost never open their textbook. My reason: The less I use the book, the more they learn. While some textbooks are excellent, most bore my students and frustrate me. "Readability formulae" produce mind-numbing prose. Some textbooks do a fabulous job of making science relevant, but others insult students' intelligence by oversimplifying and fragmenting the subject matter so much that it becomes incomprehensible. I didn't set out to banish the book from my classroom. Infographics in Education - home. Google's New Spell Check Is Crazy Awesome.

Do you use Today's Meet? DigitalDisruption - building a web savvy generation. DIS Library PYP. The Adventures of Library Girl. Creating Students’ Survival Guide to the Web. Digital Tools Teaching Strategies Getty.

Creating Students’ Survival Guide to the Web

NeverEndingSearch. AASL: American Association of School Librarians. Big6 Resources. Building Good Search Skills: What Students Need to Know. Getty The Internet has made researching subjects deceptively effortless for students — or so it may seem to them at first. Truth is, students who haven’t been taught the skills to conduct good research will invariably come up short. That’s part of the argument made by Wheaton College Professor Alan Jacobs in The Atlantic, who says the ease of search and user interface of fee-based databases have failed to keep up with those of free search engines. In combination with the well-documented gaps in students’ search skills, he suggests that this creates a perfect storm for the abandonment of scholarly databases in favor of search engines.

Search Rescue. Library Services | Viewpoint Search Rescue As a way to instill better research skills, a university librarian discusses innovative ways to move students--and faculty--beyond their reliance on Google. By Jay Bhatt03/31/12 With the advent of digital content and tablets, some pundits wrote off the library as a relic of a paper past.

How wrong they were. The reason is simple: The explosion of data online is putting a premium on being able to sort, search, and evaluate information critically. Unfortunately, too many students--and too many faculty--believe that Google can serve as their guide to this new world. Improve Your Google Search Skills [Infographic] Don’t limit yourself to just plugging in simple search terms to Google; check out this infographic and learn a search string search or two. You don’t need to limit yourself to searching just for simple strings; Google supports all manner of handy search tricks. If you want to search just’s archive of XBMC articles, for example, you can plug in XBMC to search our site.

The Plagiarism Checker. Works Cites (Key Middle School Library) Results : Plagiarism Report. 30+ Cool Content Curation Tools for Personal & Professional Use. As the web becomes more and more inundated with blogs, videos, tweets, status updates, news, articles, and countless other forms of content, “information overload” is something we all seem to suffer. It is becoming more difficult to weed through all the “stuff” out there and pluck out the best, most share-worthy tidbits of information, especially if your topic is niche. Let’s face it, Google definitely has its shortcomings when it comes to content curation and the more it tries to cater to all audiences, the less useful it becomes.

The demand for timely, relevant content that is specific to our unique interests and perspectives has given rise to a new generation of tools that aim to help individuals and companies curate content from the web and deliver it in a meaningful way. These new tools range from simple, application-specific types such as social media aggregators and discovery engines, to more complex, full-blown publishing solutions for organizations. Encyclopedia - Britannica Online Encyclopedia. How to Choose the Right Words for Best Search Results. Digital Tools Diane T. Sands Dear Savvy Searcher, My students keep wanting to enter their entire research question into the search bar. I keep trying to tell them that’s a bad idea. Frustrated Educator Dear Frustrated, I had a particular conversation with a student a while back.

“But how do I know what the important words are?” She had a point, of course. The Adventures of Library Girl. ABCs of Web Literacy: Interactive Tutorial. Critical thinking explained in six kid-friendly animations. 6 Websites to Maximize Your Summer Reading. Somehow the school year seems to almost crush my love of reading into a despicable ball of pressure-filled essays and exams. Almost. Teachers Homepage. Read it! Loved it! At Last, They See: E-Books 'Democratize' Publishing.

Hide captionThe Cat In The Hat makes an appearance at a party during the Tools of Change 2012 conference in New York last week. Home - Follett eBooks. Home - Follett eBooks. Flipped Classroom Infographic. Perspectives and Talking at Cross Purposes  Perspective is defined as a mental view or outlook. Your perspective is influenced by so much and luckily is not set in stone. Your life experiences, your learning journey, the people you meet, culture, geographic location and the language you speak contribute to your current perspective.

My own perspective was predetermined by world history as well as my family’s personal history. It has been molded since then by living on three continents, owning three languages and by traveling abroad. Already a very visual person, as a child, my world view consisted in placing my family and friends on an imaginary map or globe as stick figures. I look at people and am reminded of the metaphor of an iceberg in relationship to culture.