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To-inf vs -ING

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¿Cuándo se utiliza el gerundio detrás de "to"? Nota: Para ayudarte a aprender estas expresiones, abajo del post encontrarás una imagen con ejemplos de expresiones en las que el verbo va en -ING después de "TO".

¿Cuándo se utiliza el gerundio detrás de "to"?

Probablemente, más de alguna vez habrás visto escrita la expresión "Looking forward to SEEING you" (Tengo ganas de verte- Espero con ilusión poder verte) y te habrás preguntado ¿por qué narices hay un gerundio detrás del "to"? ¿No debería ser "to SEE you"? Pues, no, porque "TO" puede cumplir dos distintas funciones dentro de la oración.TO Puede ser:a) Un indicador del infinitivo (la raíz del verbo) Siempre que aparece DELANTE del verbo tiene esta función.Por ejemplo, decimos:-to work- Trabajar-to do- Hacerb) Una preposición Sí, resulta que "TO" también es una preposición.

Bueno, hay un patrón que te sirve para saberlo y es el siguiente. Mónica Sígueme en Twitter Pon me gusta en Facebook Curso de inglés online Inglés para particulares Inglés para empresas Patrocinadores: ¿Estás pensando hacer un curso de inglés en el extranjero? GERUND OR INFINITIVE - 2 worksheet. Учебник 2004 года под руководством Реймонда Мерфи. Gerunds and infinitives list1. English is Fun - Improve your English on FB:... VERBS FOLLOWED BY GERUND OR INFINITIVE worksheet. Gerunds vs infinitives :practice worksheet. Gerund and infinitive and bare infinitive upper intermediate level worksheet. Gerunds and Infinitives. English Grammar Quiz [Gerunds and Infinitives 2] - Fluent LandFluent Land.

Aprende inglés-Sila - Journal. Gerund: hints and tips. Buy this poster Gerunds are behind some of the most confusing and persistent grammar problems.

Gerund: hints and tips

These verbals are found in many sentences, and they function in many ways, which only adds to the confusion. In order to understand how verbals work, it’s essential to understand their meaning and purpose. The definition of gerund describes these verbals as words that are derived from verbs but function as nouns. Gerunds can be recognized by the ending –ing. <a href=" src= alt="" /></a> [Infographic provided by <a href=" To download high-resolution poster click here The simplest gerunds are the names of activities that are put into a noun form.

Meredith enjoys running, swimming and biking. This type of use doesn’t generally cause a problem. The most important rule of gerunds is that the possessive case must be used with all pronouns and proper nouns. The teacher didn’t appreciate his talking. Gerunds describe functions and activities in a noun form. The soft rag is used for dusting. 1551627_10151784994681595_950267928_n. Games to learn English. Engames and Fluency MC have joined forces again to bring you a post that will help you decide whether you should use a gerund or an infinitive after a verb.

Games to learn English

This post is not going to provide a comprehensive overview of the grammar. Our aim is to give your students a simple guide to help them decide correctly between the two parts of speech most of the time. ADVERT: The post contains a song, an infographic, an interactive online quiz and a game. Gerund or Infinitive – pretest Do you think you know the grammar already and don´t need to read the article? I enjoy ... time with my family at the park.

Correct! Do not neglect ... your dog. I resent ... to do extra work in math class. Many people volunteer ... for a charity. He broke the window so he should offer ... for a new one. We should never pretend ... someone that we are not. I appreciate ... me in the garden. Gerund or infinitive worksheet. Learning English: Infinitive vs Ing - Lindsay Does Languages. Getting to grips with the basics of a language is one thing, getting a hold on the nitty gritty advanced grammar that will blow natives away is quite another.

Learning English: Infinitive vs Ing - Lindsay Does Languages

Currently, I have a wonderful array of pretty awesome English students with a pretty awesome level of English. It’s got the the point where we’re discussing those nitty gritty advanced grammar intricacies to take them to the next level. Yay! One thing that’s come up this week is when to use the infinitive and when to use the ‘ing’ form. Infinitive vs ing. Well, I’ve put together a handy little reference sheet to help you. Also, I’ve been hard at work compiling a playlist over on both 8tracks and YouTube of songs that use the infinitive and songs that use the ‘ing’ form. Here’s the playlist on YouTube too: Related: The Only Phrasal Verb Playlist You’ll Ever Need + 82 British TV Shows to Help With Your English + The Best British Music for English Students (and what to do with it)

Gerunds and Infinitives. Gerund Practice Worksheets.