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Facebook Twitter Lightroom 5 Video Tutorial. 56 FREE Lightroom Presets from Bitt'n. 100 FREE Lightroom Presets - Camera Stupid. Learn Lightroom in a Week - Day 1: Workspace and Preferences. In today's tutorial we're going to start the process of learning Photoshop Lightroom from the ground up.

Learn Lightroom in a Week - Day 1: Workspace and Preferences

Over the course of the seven article series, we'll cover everything from setting up the application, right through to in-depth techniques for post-processing and organising your work. In this first piece, we'll investigate the Lightroom interface, adjust basic preferences, and personalise the software for your own business. Ready to jump in? Let's get started! Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, or just Lightroom for short, is a complete toolbox for professional digital photographers. Lightroom provides photographers with a rich set of tools for every day photographic tasks like importing images to the computer, organizing and sorting them, making edits and adjustments, and finally outputting them for a wide variety of mediums.

And all of this is done in one single program! And of course in order to gain all the bells and whistles you have to use them both. Library (Ctrl + Alt + 1) How to use Adobe Lightroom (Part 4 of 5) - The Photography Express. Welcome to the 4th session of how to use Adobe lightroom!

How to use Adobe Lightroom (Part 4 of 5) - The Photography Express

I have covered A LOT of techniques in this video so I highly recommend you take some time and practice each skill that you learnt. In this video, I showed you how to make edits using the basic adjustment panel, tone curve, as well as showed you one of the most powerful tool in Lightroom called the “adjustment brush”. If you haven’t watched the last 3 videos I encourage you to check it out starting in video one here. Once you are ready let’s head onto today’s topic. Subscribe to my FREE newsletter 1) Basic Panel Adjustments. How to use Adobe Lightroom (Part 3 of 5) - The Photography Express.

I am so excited to have you back for session 3 of the ‘how to use Adobe Lightroom’ tutorial!

How to use Adobe Lightroom (Part 3 of 5) - The Photography Express

Over the last 2 sessions, I showed you the Lightroom workflow process and how you can efficiently manage large quantities of photographs. In this tutorial, I am switching gears to talk about the photo editing side of Lightroom. This is the main functionality inside Lightroom and I am going to dedicate part 3-5 of the tutorial purely on showing you different photo editing skills with this software.

In this current tutorial, you will learn how to use the basic adjustment tools such as the crop overlay, spot removal, and graduated filter. How to use Adobe Lightroom (Part 2 of 5) - The Photography Express. Welcome back to session 2 of ‘How to use Adobe Lightroom’.

How to use Adobe Lightroom (Part 2 of 5) - The Photography Express

In this tutorial, I am going to show you the workflow you should implement right after you import your photos into Lightroom. I am also going to demonstrate how to keyword tags your picture, star rating your pictures, as well as using the filtering system in Lightroom. There are many ways to implement the Lightroom workflow but in this tutorial you’re going to master the technique I’ve been using to manage photos inside this software. So next time when you look at your photo library with thousands of pictures you can find your photos easily and edit photos just like every other professional photographer. Subscribe to my FREE newsletter. How to use Adobe Lightroom (Part 1 of 5) - The Photography Express.

Learning how to use Adobe Lightroom is one of the most challenging task to photographers.

How to use Adobe Lightroom (Part 1 of 5) - The Photography Express

It looks complicated and its a program that is not self-explanatory unless you really dive in and do the edits yourself. Many photographers (even myself) tend to read the manual but it take so long to read you may as well click each button to figure out what they do. Furthermore, I’ve received many requests from ThePhotographyExpress community to make a video on “how to use Adobe Lightroom”. So I’ve finally created part 1 of the 5 videos just for you! The rest of the videos are coming within the week so please come back to my blog to check it out.

The Most Powerful tool in Lightroom. All You Need to Know to Process a RAW File in Lightroom. If you’re new to processing a RAW file, or you don’t particularly know what you’re doing, then this tutorial is for you.

All You Need to Know to Process a RAW File in Lightroom

I’ll run through everything you need to know when processing your image. The mystery behind all those sliders will be a mystery no more! 30 Lightroom+Photoshop Videos. 30 Lightroom+Photoshop Videos.

30 Lightroom+Photoshop Videos.

Scroll down for details and reviews : To subscribe to this yearly video subscription of 20 videos per year, with a further 10 videos in the hall of fame giving you access to 30 videos. ADD TO CART, then click VIEW CART at the top of the page to complete the purchase. All prices are in AUD (around $80 USD – no exact however close) and ex gst. Australian orders include 10% GST – please select cart below if in Australia. For those living outside Australia please purchase below. “This is by far the BEST class I have ever taken” ~ Kimberly Krup 30 Edits, 30 videos only $99 for anyone of any level or experience. Learn how to create delightfully crafted imagery with the aid of Photoshop & Lightroom. Subscribe above using paypal (Credit Card accepted). Literally hundreds of positive reviews : Review : “Just wanted to say the new videos are fantastic and way too cheap for how much information you have given us!!!!

50 Extremely Helpful Lightroom Tutorials for Develop Module. 50 Extremely Helpful Lightroom Tutorials Covering the Develop Module by Marc Andre · June 11, 2015 Share on Pinterest Lightroom can be a photographer’s best friend for helping to organize and develop photos.

50 Extremely Helpful Lightroom Tutorials for Develop Module

While Photoshop is obviously a very powerful program, Lightroom’s organizational features of the library module make it impossible to ignore, plus the learning curve with Lightroom is not as steep as Photoshop’s learning curve. The Ultimate Lightroom Keyboard Shortcut Tool. Over on GitHub (a popular place for sharing code, and projects), just posted a web-based Lightroom Shortcut app.

The Ultimate Lightroom Keyboard Shortcut Tool

I have to say it’s pretty cool as a learning tool. Basically, you can load up any module in Lightroom, set your keyboard style (Mac, PC), and it’ll show you exactly what keys are used for each feature. Plus, it even has a Search feature at the bottom which works really well. I typed in the word “Pick” and it came up with any place the word “pick” was used as a shortcut in Lightroom. Heck, I even learned a keyboard shortcut I didn’t know while doing it. Another feature I stumbled on while trying to take a screen capture is that if you press a modifier key (like Command, Control, Shift, etc…), the keyboard automatically changes to show you what keys do with that modifier key selected. Anyway, it’s free. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Killer Tips « Online Photoshop Lightroom Tutorials and Tips with Matt Kloskowski Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Killer Tips.

10 Quick and Easy Lightroom Tricks Every User Should Know. Phototuts+ author Ivaylo Gerchev recently published a series of in-depth tutorials aimed at taking you from beginner to pro in Lightroom in only one week.

10 Quick and Easy Lightroom Tricks Every User Should Know

Today we're following that up with a few quick and easy Lightroom tricks that you can quickly add to your workflow whether you're just picking up the app or have been using it for years. The tips and tricks below will help you accomplish everything from navigating around the app better to smoothing out skin wrinkles. If you've been using Photoshop for a few years, then you know very well that there are two or more ways to go about nearly every task. The app is so incredibly huge and powerful that your workflow has a wide range of flexibility. The result is that no two Photoshoppers work quite the same way. Lightroom is exactly the same and features many seemingly redundant tools and processes for improving your photos.

On bright, sunny days, you'd think it would be easy to shoot beautiful blue skies. The default overlay is shown below. Lightroom Video: The Ultimate Trick for Working With Skies. Lightroom Video: The Ultimate Trick for Working With Skies Home » Lightroom Videos » Lightroom Video: The Ultimate Trick for Working With Skies Posted By Matt K on Sep 20, 2013 | 12 comments.

6 of Lightroom's Hidden Treasures. A Post By: Navan Viswa Lightroom is very popular for post-processing lately. In this article I will go over a few of Lightroom’s hidden treasures. See if you use these, or maybe you have some others you can share with us in the comments section. 1. LR/Enfuse - Blend Multiple Exposures Together in Adobe Lightroom. LR/Enfuse is a Lightroom plugin that allows you to blend multiple exposures together directly from within Lightroom by using the open source Enfuse application. With LR/Enfuse you can: Blend images of different exposures together in order to create a natural looking image with a greater dynamic range.

Blend a series of images where the focus point is difference in order to create an image with a greater depth of field - this is a common approach when creating a macro image. How To Get Started With Lightroom 5 - 10 Things Beginners Want To Know How To Do. 5 Practical Lightroom Tips for Newbies. One of Lightroom’s most important assets is also its Achilles Heel. It is such a powerful program that many of its useful features can take a long time to discover, and are often hidden beneath a blanket of keyboard shortcuts and obscure menus. When I first started learning Lightroom I was already a longtime user of Apple’s image processing program Aperture, and for a while after making the switch I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available. With so many menus, buttons, and sliders at my fingertips I thought there was no way I would ever be able to make sense of them all.

After much experimenting, online searching, and good old-fashioned trial and error, I have figured out a workflow that suits my needs; the same holds true for most photographers. Free Lightroom Preset Collection. Master These Five Lightroom Sliders and Your Photos Will Pop. Have you ever opened up Lightroom (or any other professional level editing program) and said, “Oh my – where do I start?” If so then this post is probably right up your alley. Today I’m going to show you how to take the process out of processing photos and how you can get some great results simply by learning how a handful of sliders work. After you learn these basics you can start to dig deeper into the program and learn how to bring out even more of the hidden details in your photographs. Lightroom Presets.

Lightroom 2014 Calendar Template Presets Hey everyone. How to use Lightroom: 8 mistakes every photographer makes (and how to fix them) Seven Pieces of Advice for New Lightroom Users. Andrew S. Gibson is the author of Mastering Lightroom: Book 2 – The Develop Module. There’s a special deal on now at Snapndeals, get 40% off for a limited time only. A Digital Photography School poll held earlier this year revealed that the majority of readers carry out their post-processing in Lightroom.

Lightroom is attracting users all the time as it is not just a photo processor – it helps you organize, search and view your photos as well. 5 Lightroom mistakes you might make without realizing. Lightroom is a great tool for opening, processing and saving out raw files but it is not without its pitfalls for the unwary or careless. In the context of Lightroom, a lot of photographers talk about ‘workflow,’ but what exactly does this mean?

5 Things You Should Know About Lightroom Before Starting.