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Word Processing Assignments

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Level 5 - Symbols of America. In this activity, you will open, view, and edit a presentation. You will find that some of the slides are not complete and many of the slides contain too much information. Use the information below to complete the presentation. First you need to view the presentation. Click the Symbols of America presentation icon and choose "Save". Save the file to your desktop.After the file is saved, open the file from your desktop. Three reasons the population of Bald Eagles has dropped:Captured for getting too close to poultry or fishing netsCaptured for falconryPoisoned by pesticides In 1967, the bald eagle was included on the Endangered Species List. Add the title "Number of Bald Eagles" to the title placeholder on Slide 6.Go back to Slide 5, select the remaining paragraphs and change the font to size 20.Change the slide layout to include a bulleted list and graphic.

Do you see a pattern of thirteen in the Great Seal? Thirteen represents the first thirteen states. Microsoft Word Assignments. Word processing software is probably the most commonly used type of software. People around the world use word processing programs such as Microsoft Word for a variety of tasks. You can create letters, reports, research papers, newsletters, brochures, and other documents with Word. Microsoft Word provides a multitude of features that enable you to enhance documents with only a few clicks of the mouse. You can change colors, add interesting styles of text, insert graphics, use a table to present data, track changes made to a document, view comments made about document content, combine several documents into one, and quickly create reference pages such as a table of contents, an index, or a bibliography. Activity 1 Likes (PDF 252 KB)Create, save, save as, retrieve, insert a header/footer into a document, insert page breaks. Activity 2 Shortcut Keys (PDF 360 KB)Using control keys for commonly used tasks.

Activity 5 Symbols (PDF 273 KB)Inserting Symbols Activity 20 Texas Timeline (PDF 184 KB) The Internet Dictionary. Welcome to NoRedInk! Word Processing Assignments for 7th Grade Middle School Business Education & Computer Science Education. Assignments for 6th Grade Middle School Business Education and Computer Science Education.