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How to hire a product manager - by Ken Norton. By Ken Norton Partner, Google Ventures (former Group PM, Google) It's been a while since I was hiring at a startup, and recruiting at a startup is very different from hiring at a big company.

How to hire a product manager - by Ken Norton

At Yahoo! Search, it seemed like we were constantly hiring. I did an average of 5-8 interviews a week. I started my career as an engineer and advanced pretty quickly into engineering management. Remember buddy, nobody asked you to show up Product management may be the one job that the organization would get along fine without (at least for a good while). 1. So what do I look for in a PM? 2. Some managers I've known insist on hiring only PMs with computer science degrees. Why did you decide to move from engineering to product management? 3. This next category is highly subjective, difficult to evaluate, and extraordinarily important. Independently echoed some of my own concerns about my product - if you're a good PM, you've got a bunch of things that worry you about your own product.

36 High-Quality Flat Design Resources. In contrast to skeuomorphic design, flat design focuses on simple shapes, colors and typography to emphasize clarity and usability.

36 High-Quality Flat Design Resources

It was a term coined by Allan Grinshtein of LayerVault in his post "The Flat Design Era," published last year. The release of iOS 7 proved flat design is no longer a passing fad, but rather a step forward. The flatness of style means simplifying interface elements, removing extraneous elements and decoration — such as bevels, gradients and textures — to create a crisp, clean design that focuses on hierarchy. To help you get started with flat design, we have compiled 36 beautifully designed premium and free UI PSD kits, each featuring a variety of interface components and elements for use in your projects. Are there any flat design UI kits you would recommend? 1. Flat UI Pro is based on Twitter Bootstrap and designed in a flat style, containing a large number of basic components, icons and glyphs.

How To Configure Remote Access To Your Ubuntu Desktop. Version 1.0 Author: Falko Timme <ft [at] falkotimme [dot] com> Last edited 01/23/2008 This guide explains how you can enable a remote desktop on an Ubuntu desktop so that you can access and control it remotely.

How To Configure Remote Access To Your Ubuntu Desktop

This makes sense for example if you have customers that are not very tech-savvy. If they have a problem, you can log in to their desktops without the need to drive to their location. I will also show how to access the remote Ubuntu desktop from a Windows XP client and an Ubuntu client. I do not issue any guarantee that this will work for you! 1 Preliminary Note I have tested this on an Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) desktop. 2 Enabling The Remote Desktop We don't have to install anything to enable the remote desktop on Ubuntu.

(JavaScript must be enabled in your browser to view the large image as an image overlay.) In the Remote Desktop Preferences window, you can configure the remote desktop connection. Vncviewer falko-desktop:0 Then there are the security settings. Instead of. Learn HTML5 in 5 Minutes. Coding A HTML 5 Layout From Scratch - Smashing Coding. HTML5 and CSS3 have just arrived (kinda), and with them a whole new battle for the ‘best markup’ trophy has begun.

Coding A HTML 5 Layout From Scratch - Smashing Coding

Truth to be told, all these technologies are mere tools waiting for a skilled developer to work on the right project. As developers we shouldn’t get into pointless discussions of which markup is the best. They all lead to nowhere. Rather, we must get a brand new ideology and modify our coding habits to keep the web accessible. While it is true HTML5 and CSS3 are both a work in progress and is going to stay that way for some time, there’s no reason not to start using it right now.

HTML5 Starter Pack by Radu Chelariu. Download the pack Latest version: 3.1 (July, 2013) Whenever I start a new project, I really hate doing all those repetitive bits over & over again.

HTML5 Starter Pack by Radu Chelariu

And I'm betting that, since you're here, you do too. This starter pack addresses this very issue in the cleanest, most honest and real way I can. Why a starter pack? This pack is born out of consideration for fellow designers and developers. To me, any kind of starter pack or boilerplate, as some call these things, are utterly useless when the stuff they drag in with them only causes bloat and confusion. Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

Certainly, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's famous saying doesn't apply quite to everything, but in the case of a starter pack, it absolutely does. And in keeping with the above quote, this pack features the bare essentials and no more. Features. Layouts with CSS in Dreamweaver. Masonry CSS or Getting awesome with CSS3.