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Flattery Papercraft Tools. Flattery represents a significant investment of time and effort.

Flattery Papercraft Tools

If you find it useful, especially for commercial projects, please consider donating to support it's development. Papercrafters can now get more out of SketchUp, the free 3D imaging program by Google. Flattery can help you design toys, create architectural mock-ups, and develop unique handouts; all for free! It's ideal for when you need inexpensive models. It's easy to install on both PCs and Macs. Using Flattery There are five buttons on the Flattery toolbar: Index Edges, Unfold Faces, Reunite Edges, Add Tabs, and SVG Export.

When your model is fully constructed, and you are about to unfold it, select the entire thing and press the Index Edges button. Once your model is indexed, it's time to start unfolding. When your model is completely unfolded, you may want to adjust it with the Reunite Edges tool. Digilab homepage. Make Fur (Updated - v.1.5a Thu Oct 28, 2010) Hello ,All.This Plugin is Fur Maker.It is convenient to glowing grass etc.How To Use: Select Menu From "PLUGINS"-"Fur_EN"I am not good at English.So Please look at the appended image.

Make Fur (Updated - v.1.5a Thu Oct 28, 2010)

Thanks NOTICE::This plugin make too much polygons so model will be large size. (Worst case It can not open.)Please use carefully.General disclaimerI MAKES NO GUARANTEE OF VALIDITY about this script.Please use this script at your own risk.DOWNLOAD HEREGet the latest version from the PluginStore: ... pln=fur_enor AutoInstall from within SketchUp using the SketchUcation Tools Versions:Since : 2010-04-21--- v0.0....many revisions...Rev : 2010-0624 -- v1.4c(test webdialog for mac)

Plugin: Model Function.  ArtVPS - Shaderlight for SketchUp 3D Rendering Technology. And More Plugins... Fredo' s Curvloft (Beta) Update. Fredo has released an update to his Curviloft Loft and Skinning plugin for SketchUp .

Fredo' s Curvloft (Beta) Update

This brings the version up to 1.0c. Although still not out of beta, it offers some new features and bug-fixes over the previous beta: Curviloft 1.0c – LibFredo6 3.5c – 20 Aug 10: Third beta version, dedicated to fix bugs in Loft by Spline and Skinning. Plugins for Rhino and SketchUp. Driving Dimensions 1.4 for SketchUp is available in twoversions: free and Pro Download Free.

Plugins for Rhino and SketchUp

Sphere Tool. Update 2010 Dec, 13 (Internal version 1.4)Menu: Draw/SphereToolCode cleanup, and generally tried to make it behave like a native SU Tool.Press the Tab key to switch between draw by radius and draw by diameter.Fixed clipping on tool startup.Added line thickness when inference locked.Made VCB and Statusbar texts consistent, accurate.

Sphere Tool

Due to inconsistent file names for past versions, this file (jf_spheretool.rb) is meant to replace any of the following files in the Plugins folder: Plugin: Follow This. About This plugin allows you to use a path inside a Group for a Follow Me operation on a Face outside the Group.

Plugin: Follow This

This plugin is at the stage where it works in simple situations, but may not be reliable or stable. Use with caution. History Update 2010-Dec (small change) Valid Faces are highlighted as the mouse is moved over them.Changed filename (see note at end of post.)UseOpen a Group for editing, and right-click a Face.Select Follow This from the context menu.The Group will close. To install, right-click the link below and select "Save As" to save the file to your computer. Download plugin: jf_follow_this.rb <-- Right-click, and select "Save Link As" or "Save Target As"Once saved, move or copy the file to your SketchUp Plugins folder.The "Follow This" item will appear when right-clicking a Face.Note: This file should replace any file named follow_this1.rb (if installed.) Plugin: Jitter. Keyframe Animation version 1.3 Released. Most popular SketchUp plugins – 2010 Update – by [as]

Jim's SketchUp [Plugins] Blog. [Plugin Library] LibFredo6 - v4.2a - 16 Sep 11. Please Upgrade to LibFredo6 5.8 or above if you run Sketchup 2014.

[Plugin Library] LibFredo6 - v4.2a - 16 Sep 11

All my scripts work with SU 2014 (and SU6, SU7, SU8, SU13). VERY IMPORTANT: If you use 000_AdditionalPluginFolders, please upgrade to AdditionalPluginFolders version 4.2. Otherwise, we won't be able to load LibFredo6 5.8 and above LibFredo6 is a shared library used by some of my plugins. It is NOT a standalone plugin. You need to install it and respect the versions required by the Plugins, the higher, the better. IMPORTANT: if you just install LibFredo6 without any of the plugins above, you will see no new toolbar in Sketchup but an entry "LibFredo6 Settings.. " in the Windows menu. I also suggest that you install AdditionalPluginFolders to have more control on errors when Sketchup loads plugins (or if you wish to put plugins in an alternate directory).

Keyframe Animation 1.3 - Rubik's Cube. Daily Google SketchUp News. 4D Virtual Builder Ultimate - beta. Adding the 4th dimension (time) to Google Sketchup has become affordable, reliable, fast and easy since the launch of 4D Virtual Builder Lite and Pro in March. 4D Models show the project progress through time according to the project schedule.

4D Virtual Builder Ultimate - beta

Instead of using complex and expensive software, 4D Virtual Builder integrates 4D features and functions directly in SketchUp, combining all SketchUp communication power and it’s ease of use with the intelligence of external planning software. The best of 2 worlds! 4DVB_ultimate_beta.png A reliable tool offering extra insight in the construction process before and during execution. The ease of share of SketchUp and features like the automated generation of 4D scenes support the technical communication both within the project team as well as for other stakeholders.

Scaling An Image. SketchyQuestions #4: Crazy Spirals. V-Ray Rectangular Lights. Interior Rendering Vray For Sketchup Tutorial Video - SketchUp: Mapping photo textures to curved surfaces.