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Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day… Learning games. I’ve been posting annual lists of the The Best Online Learning Games for a number of years.

learning games

I thought it would be useful for readers, my students, and me to review them all and identify my choices for the “all-time” best ones. I’ve begun creating a number of these “All-Time” Best list, with The “All-Time” Best Ways To Create Online Content Easily & Quickly being the first ; The “All-Time” Best Web 2.0 Applications For Education second; and The “All-Time” Best Videos For Educators third.

Look for quite a few more “All-Time” Best lists over the next couple of months. There are over 1,200 Best lists now that are categorized and updated regularly. You can see them all here. Here are my choices for The “All-Time” Best Online Learning Games (let me know which ones I’m missing — I’ll also be adding to this list after I do a complete review of games I’ve published on this blog. Zondle is a pretty darn impressive for online learning games.

Gut Instinct is very similar to Mia Cadaver’s game. Kdlong. Dropcanvas - instant drag and drop sharing. Super Teacher Tools. Speed Match Our Speed Match Review Game tool is the newest review game to be added to the site.

Super Teacher Tools

Players must drag and drop answers onto the correct question to clear the board. Questions always appear in a different order. You can even download the Speed Match Flash Player file to use games that you have created offline without an Internet connection! Makes a great SmartBoard review game! See a Sample Game Play SpeedMatch Now Seating Chart Maker Looking for a quick and easy way to create a seating chart for your classes? See a Sample Make a Seating Chart Random Name Generator Are you still using popsicle sticks to randomly draw student names? See a Sample Group Make a Group Now QR Island QR Codes are a great way to bridge the gap between the real world and the digital world, especially in the classroom! What are QR Codes?

Evernote – an attempt at the definitive summary of teacher uses! Well it’s been just over 2 years since I tentatively pulled out my iPhone in class and trialled using the app ‘Evernote’ for the first time. If it wasn’t love at first use, it sure was close. Since then I’ve blogged about it, talked at numerous conferences about it, posted hundreds of tweets declaring my love for it, and watched countless other teachers who I’ve introduced Evernote to blog about it, tell others about it etc etc.

There are many great blog posts about Evernote by teachers that explain ways that they use it (Miss Spink On Tech is a particular standout), but I’ve never quite found everything all in the one post. So this is it. I’m putting the effort in here because I honestly believe its the most powerful assessment tool that’s ever been made so freely available to teachers. Google Launches New Search Education Site with Lesson Plans.

Google has launched a new site called Search Education aimed at educators who want to teach online search strategies.

Google Launches New Search Education Site with Lesson Plans

The site includes lesson plans geared at different levels of expertise — beginner, intermediate and advanced– as well as training videos that walk through different strategies for subjects like using Creative Commons and Google maps. The lessons cover the following topics: Picking the right search termsUnderstanding search resultsSearching for evidence for research tasksNarrowing a search to get the best resultsEvaluating the credibility of sources For each topic, lessons for every level of searcher goes into deep detail, offering background explanations of how search works the way it does, specific examples of search words and their results, and numerous tips.

There’s also a short quiz at the end of each lesson. The lessons are aligned with the Common Core Curriculum Standards and refer to the K-12 College and Career Readiness (CCR) Anchor Standards. Related. Search Education – Google. DigitalTeachingTools. The Super Book of Web Tools for Educators.

Websites for Ed Tech. A to Z Web Tools:M. The new letter is M today. MoshiMonsters is a virtual world for children where children can create their own cute monster avatars, play games and practice English with them. MultiURL is a tool to combine links into one short link and share it with others. MyStoryMaker allows you to create a story using different characters, settings and items to move around on the story. MythsandLegends is a tool to create your own digital stories.

MakeBeliefComics is a simple tool to create comics by adding different characters, back grounds and text in speech bubbles. Mixbook is a collaborative tool to create customizable photo books, cards and calendars online. MailFreezer is a site where you can freeze an email up to 100 years and send it any time you want in 100 years of time.

Magnato is a tool to create an online page with text, pictures, videos and stickers. Meetifyr is a site that helps you to find the best time to meet with your friends. Ed Tech Resources.