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Has freshman year in college become grade 12½? Local college instructor Rick Diguette has written many provocative pieces for the blog.

Has freshman year in college become grade 12½?

Today, he provides another great column on a topic that gets little discussion -- student writing skills. By Rick Diguette Once upon a time I taught college English at a local community college, but not any more. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still on faculty and scheduled to cover three sections of freshman composition this fall. But it has become obvious to me that I am no longer teaching “college” English. Every semester many students in my freshman English classes submit work that is inadequate in almost every respect. I often remind them that even the keenest of insights will never receive due credit if it isn’t expressed in accordance with the rules of grammar and usage. Although I’ve been tempted to write a column like this before, until now my better angel has helped me resist the temptation. So what are the testable Core Concepts we have developed to chart student progress in freshman English?


A Google Spreadsheet Formula Everyone Should Know About. Google forms are fabulous for gathering information, but sometimes, the data in the spreadsheet can be difficult to view.

A Google Spreadsheet Formula Everyone Should Know About

In this post, I’ll share a simple-to-implement formula that will make it much easier to deal with (and even print) form-fed data! The Original Data: When you collect data into a Google spreadsheet from a form, it will look something like this: If you have a large amount of questions (and especially if some of them are essay questions), it requires a lot of side-to-side scrolling to view the data. Transpose Formula to the Rescue! By using the “Transpose” formula, you can easily make the data look like this: Notice that the information is now vertical instead of horizontal, making it much easier to view individual responses.

How to do it: Transpose FormulaChanges data from rows to columns Create a new sheet.Enter the following formula in cell A1 of Sheet2: =Transpose(Sheet1! Moodle Advanced Forums. Your photos, automatically in 3D. Helping teachers create paperless classrooms. Common thinking about what kinds of folks make good 21st century teachers generally runs as follows: “They’re constantly in the process of being trained and being a lifelong learner,” he says.

helping teachers create paperless classrooms

The 'he' saying this is Jeff Murphy, a director of instruction for the Florida Virtual School and he's being quoted in a recent article from Education Week. I cannot tell you how tired I am of hearing this sort of talk. The last thing I want is to be 'trained' more. And, I'm sorry, but 'lifelong learner' has just worn out its welcome as a catch phrase. I want teachers who are curious, experimental, sophisticated, and engaged. What we really need is to be recruiting more geeks.

I'm talking about folks who don't have to be 'trained' in using technology. That's who we need to be recruiting. Because that's where our kids are. And -- even more importantly -- that's where the world our kids are entering into is. Classroom 2.0. The Chronicle of Higher Education. Google Launches a Community Service Search Engine. We expected that President Obama might use the enormous social media influence he accumulated during his campaign to encourage community service.

Google Launches a Community Service Search Engine

And earlier this year, was launched as part of this direction. Today, however, Google has gotten in on the project, launching All For Good, a website that aggregates volunteer opportunities from around the US from a number of charities and other websites. All For Good is also now being used to power the search portion of The search tool works as you might expect. Enter the type of volunteerism you’re interested in, let All For Good know where you’d like to help out, and the site returns a list of opportunities in your area. Along with All For Good, Google has launched an API to allow developers to use the data in their own applications.

"And in the spirit of open data, All for Good has a data API that anyone can use to search the same data displayed on the All for Good site.


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