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A Google Spreadsheet Formula Everyone Should Know About. Google forms are fabulous for gathering information, but sometimes, the data in the spreadsheet can be difficult to view.

A Google Spreadsheet Formula Everyone Should Know About

In this post, I’ll share a simple-to-implement formula that will make it much easier to deal with (and even print) form-fed data! The Original Data: Moodle Advanced Forums. Your photos, automatically in 3D. Helping teachers create paperless classrooms. Common thinking about what kinds of folks make good 21st century teachers generally runs as follows: “They’re constantly in the process of being trained and being a lifelong learner,” he says.

helping teachers create paperless classrooms

The 'he' saying this is Jeff Murphy, a director of instruction for the Florida Virtual School and he's being quoted in a recent article from Education Week. I cannot tell you how tired I am of hearing this sort of talk. The last thing I want is to be 'trained' more. And, I'm sorry, but 'lifelong learner' has just worn out its welcome as a catch phrase. Classroom 2.0. The Chronicle of Higher Education. Google Launches a Community Service Search Engine. We expected that President Obama might use the enormous social media influence he accumulated during his campaign to encourage community service.

Google Launches a Community Service Search Engine

And earlier this year, was launched as part of this direction. Today, however, Google has gotten in on the project, launching All For Good, a website that aggregates volunteer opportunities from around the US from a number of charities and other websites. All For Good is also now being used to power the search portion of


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