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Biological Science

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BioBuilder. Animal Family Trees.


Bioinformatics. Butterflies of North America. OLogy: The Gene Scene. Cell Biology Web Pages Menu. Video Podcast - Lesson Plans. Rediscovering Biology - Home. The Web site is designed as a companion to the video series, providing content, activities, and resources to help viewers deepen and extend their understanding of new developments in the field of biology. Read More >> Genomics. Biotechnology, Genes, Human, Work. Futurist Keynote - Articles and Videos - Biotechnology, Genetics, Gene Therapy, Stem Cells Rate This Article Comment by Dr Patrick Dixon on science of ageing , health care , life expectancy, medical advances, pensions, retirement, lifestyles and government policy.

Biotechnology, Genes, Human, Work

Biotechnology is the use of the science of genetics : alteration of genetic code by artificial means, and is therefore different from traditional selective breeding. Biotechnology examples include taking the gene for poison in the tail of a scorpion, and combining it with a cabbage - an experiment carried out in Oxford. These GMO cabbages kill caterpillers because they have learned to grow scorpion poison (insecticide) in their sap.

Curriculum Supplements - High School. ABC News: Glow-in-the-Dark Pigs Make Debut. Pigs still may not fly, but in one Taiwanese laboratory they glow in the dark.

ABC News: Glow-in-the-Dark Pigs Make Debut

A research team at National Taiwan University claims it has succeeded in breeding three male green pigs by injecting fluorescent green protein into embryonic pigs. Partially green pigs exist elsewhere, but the Taiwanese pigs are believed to be the only ones that are green inside out, including their hearts and internal organs. In the dark, they glow bright neon green. The pigs will reportedly be used in stem cell research and in the study of several human diseases. Glowing From Within The technique used by the Taiwanese scientists is fairly common. "[Alba] highlights the fact that transgenic animals are regular creatures that are as much a part of social life as any other life form," the assistant professor of art and technology at the School of Art Institute of Chicago wrote on his Web site devoted to the rabbit project.

But instead, Kac's first objective overshadowed the others. What Is Biotechnology? Biotechnology is a broad term that applies to all practical uses of living organisms—anything from microorganisms used in the fermentation of beer to the most sophisticated application of gene therapy. The term covers applications that are old and new, familiar and strange, sophisticated and simple. Defined in this way, the term is almost too broad to be useful.

A Digital Library of the Biological Sciences for Biology Teaching. Welcome to the BEN portal, the National Science Digital Library (NSDL) Pathway for biological sciences education.

A Digital Library of the Biological Sciences for Biology Teaching.

The BEN Portal provides access to education resources from BEN Collaborators and is managed by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Over 18,482 reviewed resources covering 77 biological sciences topics are available. BEN resources can help you engage student interest, shorten lesson preparation time, provide concept updates, and develop curricula that are in line with national standards for content, use of animals and humans, and student safety. The Biotechniques Virtual Laboratory. National Agricultural Library: Research and Technology.

Biotechnology and Genetics: Introductory Biotechnology (page 1) iBIO Institute. Tracy High Adv Bio and Biotechnology. Resources Page. Online Instructional Resources and Clearing House. Biotechnology instructors come from diverse types of backgrounds. Some have held positions in industry, but many have only worked in academic labs. This lack of industry experience can be a problem when it comes to designing courses that are intended to prepare students for the non-academic workforce.

Early on, Bio-Link sought to address this challenge by encouraging instructors to share their knowledge. Talented instructors, from diverse backgrounds across the nation have contributed their insights and curriculum ideas to this clearinghouse, thus enriching the entire Bio-Link community. These materials allow instructors to access other's expertise when it comes to subjects that aren't taught in most college programs like Good Manufacturing Practices, FDA Regulations, and bioprocessing.

We hope you find these materials and useful and encourage you to contribute your work as well and send us feedback to help us continually improve this resource. By topic By type. Human Genome Project Information. Skip navigation Acronyms Audio files Bacterial artificial chromosome Behavioral genetics Benefits of genome research Bioinformatics HGN articles links program report text (1997)

Human Genome Project Information

Biotechnology Information Directory - A Public Service of Cato Research. Educators. 4-H WHIF Manual, Biotechnology and Food (5.4MB) " DNA in My Food " Method for detection of genetically modified foods Strawberry DNA Extraction Useful educational links "Do Plants Know Math?


" For more than three centuries botanists and mathematicians have marveled at the complex and beautiful spiral patterns that form as plants develop. To highlight the mathematical underpinnings of phyllotaxis, which refers to the arrangement of leaves or other botanical elements around a stem, Smith College Botanic Garden produced an unusual exhibition. The Biotechnology Online Secondary School Resource provides balanced factual information about biotechnology.

. / Science Controversies On-line: Partnerships in Education (SCOPE) is establishing on-line, intellectual communities focused on current controversies in science that involve leading research scientists and also connect to the interests of the general public. This site for health and science teachers was originally developed by Genentech Inc. . Teacher Resources. The Biotechnology Institute - Your World Magazine. Biotech Adventures - Oklahoma State University.