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Yellow Bridge Interactive is a tight-knit web design and development company headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. But don't let our small town roots fool you. We are experienced in dealing with projects and clients of all sizes. In the years that we have been in business, we have set up countless websites for companies from all quarters of the United States. Every client comes to us with fresh ideas and new challenges, inspiring us to always achieve higher standards in our work to produce the best designs possible.

5 Design Secrets Most App Agencies Won't Tell You. Mobile app development should not be mysterious.

5 Design Secrets Most App Agencies Won't Tell You

Creating an app is a straightforward process that means going through a series of steps which– depending on the size of the project– take a certain amount of time, but the process is mechanical. Like any discipline, however, there are app agencies which will make the process more “mysterious” than it needs to be. So your Pittsburgh app developers are here to tell you some secrets about app design that should help make the process easier to understand. If your app development agency isn’t being as forthcoming as they can, maybe it’s time to consider something else. 8 Mobile App Development Trends to Look Out for in 2016.

Mobile apps have exploded in the last couple years, making it possible for smartphone users to do everything from shopping to ordering their favorite food, saving money, tracking their workouts, and so much more.

8 Mobile App Development Trends to Look Out for in 2016

The powerful combination of smartphones and mobile apps have created a new digital sphere, one that shows no signs slowing down. In fact, mobile app development is more popular than ever and will certainly continue to revolutionize the way we live our daily lives and interact with information. Developing a mobile app can be a great boost for business and visibility, so it’s little wonder that many organizations and individuals are looking at developing their own apps. With technology moving so quickly, however, it can be difficult to keep up-to-date with the latest trends. More Cross-Platform Tools. Creating a Business Plan That Works for Your App. So you’ve decided to work with an app developer to create a new app for your company.

Creating a Business Plan That Works for Your App

There are a number of questions in terms of what you want to do. Having an app developer working to develop your new app is great, but there are questions of branding, monetization and more. The good news is that there’s never been a better time to put that entrepreneurial spirit to work. But before you go running to the app store, let’s consider some things so that you have a real business plan that works for your new creation. Overall Brand Strategy. Finding Potential Investors for Your New App Idea. Whether you’ve already created an app that you’re proud of or you’re just in the planning stages, at some point or another, you’re going to want to start thinking of ways to generate investment funding for your app.

Finding Potential Investors for Your New App Idea

There are a number of ways to do this, and depending on where you are in the app development process, some ways will invariably work better than others. Many of these can be used in combination, but sometimes this isn’t the case, so no matter how you create funding for your app, always make sure to keep track of what you’ve generated to ensure that you can build your ROI. Bootstrapping to Create a Client Base Believe it or not, the best way to create investment for your app is by doing a lot of the heavy lifting yourself at the outset.

Self-funding, or bootstrapping, is one of the most common ways that early start-ups create success for themselves, whether it means working another job or saving money for your own app development. Angel Investors. Hiring An App Development Agency. Almost everyone uses smartphones frequently; often all day long.

Hiring An App Development Agency

Tapping into the personal smartphones to market directly to your customers is simply brilliant. One of the most popular ways to extend your brand’s reach on a mobile platform is through mobile app development. Even as smartphone technology continues to add more features and capabilities, mobile apps account for almost 86% of the mobile experience. That being said, it’s no surprise that mobile marketing is quickly becoming one of the most sought after means of building your brand’s reputation.

Custom Web Design Features to Avoid. A well-designed website will establish a business as a leader in the industry while attracting visitors that can drive a company’s growth.

Custom Web Design Features to Avoid

What should go on a Company Homepage?

Web Design Solutions: 5 Signs Your Website Needs a Redesign. Your website can make or break the success of your company whether you do business online or not, making web design solutions an asset.

Web Design Solutions: 5 Signs Your Website Needs a Redesign

If you want to keep up with your competitors, you must have a cutting-edge website that shows your company off to its best advantage. If your website looks outdated, customers will not trust your company and are less likely to buy your goods and services. 5 Common Mobile Web Design Mistakes. Why a Web Design Company Shouldn't Own Your Website. Plan Calls to Action Before a Website Redesign.

Advantages of Managed Website Maintenance Services

What to Give Web Designers Before a Redesign. Redesigning a webpage can have a tremendous impact on the amount of hits the site gets and the flow of business the company experiences. However, in order for a new site and website structure to be successful, clients must have certain pieces of information ready for web designers before they dig into the project.

Target Persona Crafting a formidable website is going to be difficult if the designers do not know who the target audience is. To assess whether a particular type of user will engage with the type of website that is being created, your website design company needs to have information on these individuals. Companies should create a persona of their target market, noting down characteristics such as age, gender, occupation, income level, personality, values, etc. Color Palette and Site Themes While the theme might spring from some of the other elements, successfully forming a sense of cohesion generally requires an intended direction from the very start. Company Logo and Mission. Custom Web Design: Is WordPress Still on Top? Anyone who’s taken the three minutes to set up a WordPress blog or community site — think similar to Ning — knows how easy it is.

Even for someone who isn’t tech-savvy, setup takes less than an hour, and many hosts use script installers like Fantastico that allow you to install WordPress with just a click of the button. Similarly, you can install plugins and themes directly from your dashboard; although, uploading them via FTP is almost just as easy. Widgets enable you to add RSS scrollers and Twitter feeds without technical knowledge, while the newer menu option enables you to create menus with links to posts, pages, categories and external links. Big Benefits with WordPress Web Solutions WordPress offers one powerful advantage over all its competition: it’s big.

However, not all is perfect in the WordPress world. Web Design for Retina Displays. As technology changes the world wide web, one area that is drawing much attention these days is retina displays.

Web Design for Retina Displays

With web design and development constantly having to evolve in order to keep up not only with the latest technology but also consumer demands and expectations, this is an area that is having a big impact on a number of devices. What are Retina Displays? Retina displays are used in liquid crystal displays of such products as iPhones and iPads. Web Hosting: In-House vs. Outsourced Solutions. Web hosting is essential for businesses today.

Web Hosting: In-House vs. Outsourced Solutions

Every company needs a website, and a simple Facebook page doesn’t cut it. Owning a website means buying a domain name, developing a website, continually developing new content — and having web hosting keep it accessible to the Internet. Businesses are faced with a choice; do they purchase the equipment and hire the staff to operate their websites, or do they buy Pittsburgh website hosting and outsource the entire process?

The Costs and Benefits of In-House Hosting. SEO Web Design: Don't Use Movie Websites as Design Models. As a web design agency, it always makes us grimace when a client directs us to a movie website and says they want their site to look just like that.

SEO Web Design: Don't Use Movie Websites as Design Models

Movie websites aren’t the type of websites that viewers return to constantly, and there’s little value in those sites in terms of SEO web design. Users will typically head to the website once to find out information about a specific product (the movie) they have already heard of. They might watch a trailer and click a link to buy tickets, but their experience ends there. In some ways, movie websites are designed to be disposable — an extended trailer. SEO Web Design: Don’t Use Movie Websites as Design Models. 6 Ecommerce Website Design Lessons. When it comes time to providing the best Pittsburgh ecommerce website design for consumers, a few ideas always prove true. Websites that follow these guidelines will improve conversions and make customers happy. 1.

WordPress Isn’t Always the Solution WordPress is an easy-to-use tool that’s good for small websites and blogs, but it might not be the best solution for large ecommerce websites. While it can provide a generally clean layout for simpler websites, WordPress actually tends to bog down with large ecommerce websites. 2. Blog Design Styles for Businesses. Attracting readers to a blog requires more than just posting engaging content. The blog design and layout also plays a role in setting the tone that will keep readers coming back for more.

Although every blog should have its own unique style, there are still several design concepts that most blogs follow. User Interface Design: Homepage Feature Tours. Anyone who knows advertising will agree that online advertising, particularly in the form of a solid, well-designed website, is essential for a successful business. How Typography Interacts with Responsive Web Design. Responsive web design has changed the way websites are made. HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery offer new techniques for handling typography on different devices, resulting in elegant solutions to complex design problems. These techniques include converting text dimensions from pixels to ems, using fluid layouts to control the flow of text within predefined spaces and changing font styles based on the screen size to improve legibility.

Content-First Web Design: Letting Go of Lorem Ipsum

SEO Tips for Graphics-Heavy Websites. A Closer Look at Single-Page Websites. 5 Website Design and Content Mistakes to Avoid. 3 Emerging Interactive Web Design Trends. The Dos and Don’ts of Icon and Button Design. Icons are a small but important part of many websites. From navigation menus to social network buttons, icons represent things in clear and easy to understand ways. In some cases, they’re a nice break from reading detailed headers or labels. Icon design is relatively straightforward. Pros and Cons of the Infinite Scroll. Infinite scrolling is a feature that has become popular on many data-rich websites, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google and Yahoo! SEO Advantages of Breadcrumb Navigation. One of the techniques that can pull together your SEO and web design efforts is the use of breadcrumb navigation.

This type of navigation is highly user-friendly, and search engines have also started relying on it to help clarify the structure of a site, especially ones with many deep pages. While breadcrumbs are not necessary on all types of websites, they have been particularly useful for complex and content-rich sites. How to Clean Up an Infected Website. Website infections can be dangerous for both sites and users. If hackers gain access to a site, the ill-intentioned party may change the content of your website, add phishing pages, or inject malware that will pull sensitive data (like credit card numbers). Users who visit an infected site may open their own computers up to malware infection, receiving pop-up ads, falling victim to information collection, or even becoming a host from which malware can launch cyber-attacks on other sites. SEO and Web Design Working Together. Infographic: 8 Must-Follow Web Content Writing Tips. Top 7 Tips for Mobile Ecommerce Checkout Design.