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Incorporated in 2014, MPVD & Associates is headquartered in Kolkata. We are a distinguished audit and tax advisory firm that brings objectivity, excellence, integrity, and insight. We are dedicated to help our clients to achieve success. Anyway, our renowned CA firm in Kolkata, our team comprises dedicated CA professionals. And, they are proficient across a range of business needs and have the expertise to bring value to our clients’ businesses.

Navigating NRI Taxation with Expertise: MPVD & Associates - Express Magzene. As globalization continues to bring people and businesses together across borders, Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) often find themselves facing complex taxation challenges. The intricacies of NRI taxation demand not just knowledge but a deep understanding of the ever-evolving tax laws in India and other countries. This is where MPVD & Associates, a leading name in the financial and tax consultancy sector, steps in with its specialized NRI tax consulting services. Understanding NRI Taxation NRI taxation is a multifaceted arena encompassing various aspects, including income earned in India and abroad, property ownership, investments, and more. NRIs must navigate a maze of regulations and compliance requirements, making it essential to have expert guidance at their disposal. At MPVD & Associates, we recognize the unique tax challenges faced by NRIs and offer comprehensive NRI tax consulting services designed to address their specific needs.

Our Specialized NRI Tax Consulting Services Conclusion. Virtual Chartered Accountants - How They Work And Things To Consider Before Hiring - MPVD & Associates. The role of a chartered accountant is critical for professional financial planning, tax planning, and overall financial counselling for individuals and businesses. But how would you feel to communicate with a chartered accountant via email and phone, without face-to-face meetings and handing off hardcopy documents? MPVD plays a pivotal role in making a difference as a chartered accounting firm in Kolkata that offers both in-person meetings and virtual chartered accounting services to domestic and NRI clients.

In this blog, we will give you an overview of how virtual CA consultancies work and how to get the best services. What Are Virtual Accountants, And How Do They Work? The domain of chartered accounting is widely undergoing a digital shift around the world. Now, virtual accounting can often mean two things: The latter is the true definition; a virtual accountant is available through internet-based communication and work processes.

What Virtual Accountants Can Do. Best Practises To Calculate Return on Investment (ROI) When you make a business investment, you deserve a reasonable return, or “incremental revenue”, a percentage that is significantly greater than the amount of your upfront investment. Isn’t that the simplest math? But here’s the thing, return on investment (ROI) can have both positive and negative aspects. Moreover, the ROI is a metric of the return yield of the amount of investment, not the time value of money or the return depending on the investment’s hold duration. So how would you calculate annualised returns or connect them to the CAGR and compounded annual growth rate? You need to consider all these things in your calculations.

MPVD & Associates, a reputable CA firm in Kolkata, has assisted hundreds of firms and entrepreneurs in determining their investment and return ratios. What Is Return on Investment? The profits and losses connected with a specific investment are referred to as the return on investment (ROI). An Overview of the ROI Formula Things to Consider When Calculating ROI. Things To Consider When Preparing GST E-Invoices for Businesses. The new CBIC statement mandates enterprises with an AATO between Rs. 5 crore and Rs. 10 crore to create e-invoices beginning August 1, 2023. MPVD, being a responsible GST Consulting Company in Kolkata, plays a significant role in assisting businesses and entrepreneurs in complying with the current e-invoicing phase in India by endorsing a host of cloud-based GST solutions. This blog is published by MPVD experts as a resource to educate businesses on some of the key considerations for accurately preparing GST e-invoices. What is E-Invoicing And How Does It Work in India?

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council governs the deployment of e-invoicing in India. E-invoicing, often known as electronic invoicing, is a digital means for businesses or organizations to generate, transmit, receive, and process invoices. It entails using standardized electronic formats to create and exchange invoices, thereby eliminating the need for paper-based documentation and human data entry. MPVD Company Formation Guidelines: Why Do We Recommend A Private Limited Company? - MPVD & Associates.

Business owners begin with the fundamental belief that founding a Private limited company in India provides significant operational and tax benefits and the essential “limited liability”. It protects your personal assets from creditors in the case of a business failure. Therefore, it never puts the company owner in danger of personal bankruptcy. But is that all? MPVD, a provider of services owing to chartered accountancy and company formation in India, highly recommends private limited company formation for many more reasons than a reduced liability. Best Aspects of Private Limited Company With the startup ecosystem thriving across the country, there is a diverse spectrum of business models that require strategic investments, long-term strategy, hiring people, and going global.

Where companies require an advantage over public firms in this area, establishing the limited company, gives them a better edge at operating independence and flexibility. Understanding Direct tax And Indirect Taxation In India. Direct taxes are simple to understand since they are incurred on individuals’ earnings or profits. The government imposes an indirect tax on goods and services for businesses and professional service providers. In 2017, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) effectively replaced most indirect taxes in India, including VAT, service tax, excise duty, purchase tax, and so on.

Those who want to start a business but have never paid indirect taxes are frequently perplexed about what they are. As a reputable tax consultancy in Kolkata, MPVD & Associates has been working with taxpayers at different stages of their tax-filing journeys, and they have found that there is still much confusion regarding direct tax and indirect taxes, particularly among young people who are looking to start a business. This article aims to provide much-needed clarification. What Is Direct Tax Individuals and businesses pay direct taxes to the government based on their income and wealth. What is Indirect Tax.

What Is The Impact Of The 2000 Note Withdrawal In India - MPVD & Associates. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) announced on May 19, 2023, that the Rs 2000 denomination banknotes would be phased out of circulation as per the ‘clean note policy.’ If you possess cash denominations of Rs. 2000, you must deposit all the bankrolls in your bank account or exchange them for other denominations at any bank. You have time from May 23 to September 30, 2023. People have all the reason to believe that this will be another disruption after the demonetization, which came into effect when 86% of India’s currency in circulation was scrapped. However, the central bank of India urges Indian citizens not to worry since the withdrawal will follow a “time-bound” and systematic strategy to avoid disruptions and maintain normal operational convenience.

MPVD & Associates, a top CA firm and tax consultancy in Kolkata, has pledged to provide assistance and financial advice to all clients, businesses, and people in various financial scenarios. The central bank has given the public two options: Bookkeeping & Accounting For Doctors And Self Employed Medical Professionals In India - MPVD & Associates. In India, doctors and other medical professionals who are self-employed taxpayers, or “assessees,” are those who derive their revenue from their practice and services rather than from a fixed income or salary from an employer.

It makes sense that managing the financial facets of the healthcare profession would fatigue medical professionals. The MPVD & Associates CA firm in Kolkata has been working with a variety of methods to simplify the bookkeeping and accounting requirements for medical professionals so they can maintain a clear and organised financial profile at all times. This article jots down some of the important insights on the topic. How Income Tax Works for Medical Professionals in India Section 44AA of the income tax returns for doctors governs the deductions for medical professionals and doctors.

Although it is advised that everyone with a steady income should file for their taxes, the tax deduction only applies to those with an income exceeding INR 2.5 lakh in a fiscal year. How MSME Registration Works for Company Incorporation in 2023 - MPVD & Associates. In a developing country like India, when central and state government programmes, increased accountability, and practical resources of funding and tax benefits come together to foster the growth of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), it is tethered to the self-sustainability of the economy.

The MSME registration is optional for company formation in India, but for qualifying entities, failing to obtain this registration could result in losing out on many essential benefits. Clients seeking corporate law matters consulting from MPVD & Associates are widely interested in learning more about MSME registration, processes, requirements, and reviews.

Here is a basic layout of how it works and how important it is. The MSME Development Act came to effect in 2006. Micro-manufacturing and services units are increased to Rs. 1 Crore of investment and Rs. 5 Crore of turnover. Small units are increased to Rs. 10 Crore of investment and Rs 50 Crore of turnover. PAN Card Aadhaar Card. NRI Taxation and Accounting Guidelines for FEMA - MPVD & Associates. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is in charge of the Foreign Exchange Management Act of 1999, alias FEMA, which codifies and alters existing laws governing foreign exchange in India and regulates all forms of capital transactions involving both Indian residents and foreigners, as well as non-resident Indians. When conducting business from abroad, taxes are often the most intimidating aspect for non-resident Indians. The FEMA consultancy is an essential part of MPVD & Associates’ NRI taxation services in an effort to safeguard stakeholders against the complexity of the foreign exchange laws and regulations and carry on with healthy foreign transactions and balance payments in business dealings.

The Status of a Non-Residential Indian under FEMA An NRI, as per FEMA regulations, is identified under two broad categories that are basically either an Indian citizen living or working abroad or a person of Indian origin with foreign citizenship. NRIs Investors in India under FEMA. What Are The Characteristics To Look For While Hiring Law Firms? Article - ArticleTed - News and Articles.

Facing a lawsuit, court case, or any type of legal action can be stressful, daunting, and intimidating. When you are dealing with a problem that requires legal help, your choice of representation is extremely important. A legal representative can help you in several ways and support you in all aspects of your case.

That’s why it’s vital to only consult renowned law firms in Cork with extensive experience as they can dedicatedly defend your interests. Perhaps you are in search of employment solicitors to deal with your workplace disputes or need divorce solicitors to handle the legal proceedings to end your marriage. No matter the legal situation you are involved in, you should be confident that you are in capable hands. Even though it might be tempting to hire a solitary lawyer, you should never rush as it’s always in your best interest to hire a law firm for every legal issue.

Remember; the right law firm can transform your life completely. Vast Experience And Expertise Conclusion: Importance of ITR Return Filing for Sole Proprietors - MPVD. A sole proprietor with self-employed earnings below the “taxable income” range might have this question: is it compulsory to file an income tax return? The simplest answer is a BIG YES.

A more elaborate explanation is covered in this article by MPVD & Associates. How and When Are Sole Proprietors Taxed in India in 2023 In India, a sole proprietorship is not taxed as a distinct legal entity. Instead, business owners report their personal taxes together with their business taxes. All proprietors under the age of 60 are required by the Income Tax Act to submit an income tax return if their total income exceeds 2.5 lakhs, according to the Income Tax Slab rates for FY 2022–23. Below are the common factors for sole proprietor taxation in India The income tax brackets for sole proprietors or self-employed individuals are the same as salaried persons in India.Taxation for sole proprietors enables progressive and fair tax systems in the country. What Is The Tax Slab Rate for Sole Proprietors in 2023.

Importance & Advantages Of A Tax Preparation Services. Difference Between Business And Company Formation in India. Let’s acknowledge at the outset of this article that establishing a business is very different from company formation in India. If you are looking to start your own venture, either set up a business or a company, then this article goes out for you with some clear advice on the right approaches to take your decisions more consciously.

Businesses and anything regarded as independent labour that earns money can exist everywhere. Home-based bakers, Amazon sellers, lawyers, artists, and athletes are all examples of businesses, ranging from independent freelancing, and self-employment to full-fledged entrepreneurship with GST registration and operating through a registered business. At MPVD & Associates, we offer GST Consulting services for hundreds of business owners that start small as individuals and doing great. For a business, it sometimes doesn’t even matter whether it is registered or not in India. Establishing Your Startup in India in 2023 However, what defines a company as a startup? A Guide to Using MPVD Company Audit & Taxation Services for Kolkata-Based Startups - MPVD.

The Indian government is giving startups a lot of attention and support in terms of taxation, compliance, and funding. Although there was a significant decrease in funding in 2022 as a result of an increase in the number of late-stage investments that were declined, experts predict that Indian startups will have a more promising future in 2023 and the years to come. All because of their strong economic unit and ability to weather the current global economic crisis. Recent market studies predict that over the next five years, startups will boost India’s GDP by up to 5%, which is now 2.5%–3%.

Over 77,000 startups were acknowledged by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade as of August 2022. (DPIIT). Startups, as business entities, look for the necessary financing promptly at various stages. Statutory and Non-Statutory Audits for Startups in India When a company’s annual revenue exceeds Rs 1 crore, the Finance Act 2020 requires it to undergo a tax audit. How Can a Chartered Accountant Help Your Business Run Smoothly? All businesses undergo financial ebb and flow. While some surrender to cash flow disruptions in the face of a financial disaster, others succeed in overcoming such a situation.

The difference between the two scenarios is a tax & accounting company, is often taken for granted but without the guidance of whom finances of a firm hit rock bottom. Operated by chartered accountants (CA), the motive of the experts is to regulate organizational finances, offer financial guidance, and assist with money management. Some of the most vital tasks like audits, transactions, finance, and tax compliances are all carried out by them. We are going to start from the essential skills existent in a CA that make one eligible for enforcing modifications and advising solutions to tackle the financial crises of a firm. With the help of these stated skills, a CA plays the following roles and responsibilities to ensure everything runs seamlessly in the business: Perform financial accounting duties Final Thoughts: Tips to Prepare for Your First Tax Audit in 2023 - MPVD.

Tips to Prepare for Your First Tax Audit in 2023 - MPVD. How Company Taxation Works for eCommerce Businesses in India in 2022 | by MPVD & Associates | Dec, 2022 | Medium. Everything You Need to Know About NRI Tax Planning - MPVD. Issues You May Face During GSTR 9 & 9C Filing & How to Tackle them. Why Should You Seek Professional Tax and Accounting Consultation? Why Should You Seek Professional Tax and Accounting Consultation? Issues You May Face During GSTR 9 & 9C Filing & How to Tackle them. Importance of Business Structure During a Company Formation in India | by MPVD & Associates | Nov, 2022 | Medium. Frequently Asked Questions About Rejection of GST Registration Application - MPVD. What Is Trademark And How Does It Works in India - MPVD. A Simple Guideline To Online GST Registration & Filing for Businesses in India. Company Formation Laws for eCommerce Startups in India 2022. Importance of Business Structure During a Company Formation in India.

Top 8 Tax Deductions Applicable to Your Small Business. Useful Tax Advice on Capital Gains for NRIs in India - MPVD Associates - CA Firm In Kolkata. Here’s How NRIs Can Now Open A One-Person Company (OPC) in India - MPVD. Company Audit & Taxation Procedures for NRI Investors in India | by MPVD & Associates | Sep, 2022 | Medium. Financial Consultant in Kolkata: Do We Really Need Them? 47th GST Council Meeting: Updates By the Top CA Firm in Kolkata. Understanding Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) for Beginners. Different Types of Company Audits and How to Prepare for Them - Smart-Techer. Did You Know That Timely ITR Filling Has So Many Advantages? - MPVD. Top 10 Chartered Accountancy Firms In Kolkata - MPVD Associates. Why Start-ups Should Go Under the GST And Its Importance - MPVD. Why Start-ups Should Go Under the GST And Its Importance - MPVD. How Can NRIs Wisely Plan Taxation in India? - MPVD. Why Should You Choose A Limited Liability Partnership For Your Startup In India - MPVD.

Sinkholes Resulting From Wrong Sewer Repair Work in Ireland: ext_5896158 — LiveJournal. How Company Taxation Works for eCommerce Businesses in India in 2022. A Simple Guide To Cryptocurrency Taxation In India In 2022 - 5 Legal Ways to Save Taxes on Income in India - MPVD. Taxation on Cryptocurrency: How are the Gains from it Taxed? - MPVD. Best Possible Options For Foreigners Setting Up Business In India - MPVD. MPVD & Associates’ New Norms For Income Tax Filing For First Timers-AY 2022-23. 3 Common Accounting Blunders Start-Ups Could Avoid | by MPVD & Associates | Jul, 2022 | Medium. MPVD & Associates’ Tax Consultancy Explains New TDS Rules on Cryptocurrency in India. A Brief Guide On Company Formation In India For eCommerce Startups. Director Identification Number: The First Step to Qualify as a Director of a Pvt Ltd Company. NRI Taxation Implications For Moving Back to India With Foreign Household Goods – Telegraph. Should NRIs Pay GST | Understanding Taxation for NRIs.

MPVD Accounting & Tax Advisory in Kolkata Explains the Two-Year Window in Budget 2022. How Taxation Works for NRIs Selling Property in India - MPVD. The Importance of GST Consulting Services for Companies and Individual Sellers in India - MPVD Associates - CA Firm In Kolkata. Know The Tax System For Startup Businesses in India | Journal.

How The Tax System Works for Startups in India. NRI Tax Advisory - New Rules for NRI Taxes in Indian Budget 2022. Why Should You Hire Tax Consultancy Services For Your Business? | by MPVD & Associates | Jan, 2022 | Medium.