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A Dutch City Is Experimenting With Giving Away A Basic Income Of $1,000 A Month. Many Middle-Class Americans Are Living Paycheck to Paycheck. Since 2013, the Federal Reserve Board has conducted a survey to “monitor the financial and economic status of American consumers.”

Many Middle-Class Americans Are Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Most of the data in the latest survey, frankly, are less than earth-shattering: 49 percent of part-time workers would prefer to work more hours at their current wage; 29 percent of Americans expect to earn a higher income in the coming year; 43 percent of homeowners who have owned their home for at least a year believe its value has increased. But the answer to one question was astonishing. Welcome to the new feudalism – with Silicon Valley as our overlords.

Are we facing another tech bubble?

Welcome to the new feudalism – with Silicon Valley as our overlords

Or, to put it in Silicon Valley speak, are most unicorn startups born zombies? How you answer these questions depends, by and large, on where you stand on the overall health of the global economy. L’Âge de la multitude – Le livre. Et si nous étions, sans le savoir, les principaux acteurs de l’économie numérique ?

L’Âge de la multitude – Le livre

Media Websites Battle Faltering Ad Revenue and Traffic. Advertisers adjusted spending accordingly.

Media Websites Battle Faltering Ad Revenue and Traffic

In the first quarter of 2016, 85 cents of every new dollar spent in online advertising will go to Google or Facebook, said Brian Nowak, a Morgan Stanley analyst. The power shift was made clear last week as the Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg took the stage for the company’s annual developer conference. He stood in front of a diagram outlining an audacious 10-year expansion plan, which included several features to help keep people inside Facebook’s world instead of following links out. Mr. Manuel Valls veut réformer les minima sociaux. Après avoir reçu le rapport du député PS Christophe Sirugue qui propose la mise en place d'une «couverture socle commune» de 400 euros par mois qui remplacerait les minima sociaux, Manuel Valls s'est déclaré favorable à une réforme complète.

Manuel Valls veut réformer les minima sociaux

Manuel Valls souhaite une réforme complète des minima sociaux français sur la base de la proposition de revenu minimum de Christophe Sirugue, ont annoncé lundi le député socialiste et les services du Premier ministre. Avant cette réforme systémique, des mesures de simplification et d'harmonisation seront prises en 2017, année des élections présidentielle et législatives, ont-ils précisé. «Le Premier ministre a indiqué que l'ensemble des propositions formulées dans le rapport visant à simplifier et harmoniser les prestations devraient être mises en oeuvre très rapidement», déclare Matignon dans un communiqué.

Wechat, Line, Telegram : les messageries instantanées au cœur de la révolution des «chatbots», Une. C’est la ruée vers les bots.

Wechat, Line, Telegram : les messageries instantanées au cœur de la révolution des «chatbots», Une

Localgovsharingecon report full oct2015. Should we scrap benefits and pay everyone £100 a week whether they work or not? Imagine a Britain where the government pays every adult the basic cost of living.

Should we scrap benefits and pay everyone £100 a week whether they work or not?

Sally Kohn: Let’s try emotional correctness. WEF GRR16. Bitcoin and the Rise of the Cypherpunks. From bitcoin to blockchain to distributed ledgers, the cryptocurrency space is fast evolving, to the point where it can be difficult to see in which direction it's headed.

Bitcoin and the Rise of the Cypherpunks

Avec le temps, les internautes partagent moins leur vie privée sur Facebook. « Remplacé par la machine, le médecin de demain aura le rôle d’un conseiller » Guy Vallancien, chirurgien, prédit, dans son ouvrage « La médecine sans médecin », l’évolution du rôle du médecin vers celui de pilote et conseiller.

« Remplacé par la machine, le médecin de demain aura le rôle d’un conseiller »

Avec leur Fitbit, des employés sont payés plus s'ils dorment bien la nuit - Politique. Why The Gender Wage Gap Might Ruin The Future U.S. Economy. Just ahead of Equal Pay Day (coming up on April 12) Carolyn B.

Why The Gender Wage Gap Might Ruin The Future U.S. Economy

Maloney (D-N.Y.), ranking member of the U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee (JEC) released a new report that takes another hard look at the gender pay gap and its long-term effects on women, their families, and the economy. Although the study found that the wage gap between men’s and women’s median earnings has closed substantially since the 1960s when women were just starting to enter the workforce in large numbers, the report indicates that at the current rate of change, the gender pay gap will not close until 2059. Until it does, a woman working full time, year-round, earns $10,800 less per year than a man, based on median annual earnings.

This adds up to nearly a half million dollars over a career. The report found that on average, the gap hovers around 79%. For First Time, Scientists Use CRISPR-Cas9 to Target RNA in Live Cells. The genetic code stored in DNA determines everything from the color of our eyes to our susceptibility to disease. This has motivated scientists to sequence the human genome and develop ways to alter the genetic code, but many diseases are linked to a different fundamental molecule: RNA.

As the intermediary genetic material that carries the genetic code from the cell’s nucleus, scientists have long sought an efficient method for targeting RNA in living cells. Researchers at University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have now achieved this by applying the popular DNA-editing technique CRISPR-Cas9 to RNA. The study is published March 17 in Cell. New prediction engine can gauge your personality based on your web history. Watch: By 2020 We Will Be Able to Produce a Brain In a Box. How Big Data Harms Poor Communities. Big data can help solve problems that are too big for one person to wrap their head around. It’s helped businesses cut costs, cities plan new developments, intelligence agencies discover connections between terrorists, health officials predict outbreaks, and police forces get ahead of crime. Young Americans Who Are Choosing to Become Orthodox Jews. HOUSTON—On a typical Friday night in Houston, many young people are out drinking at bars or curled up watching Netflix, grateful to be done with the obligations of the workweek.

But in a few Houston homes, Jews in their 20s and 30s have opted to fill these evenings with a different kind of obligation: strictly observing Shabbat, or the Jewish Sabbath. This means no texting, no music, no use of electronics, no driving, no meeting last-minute deadlines, no carrying objects outside of a few hundred square yards. It is a choice to embrace ritual over leisure, a sacrifice of freedom in behavior, diet, and dress for an ancient set of rules. On its face, this seems like a generation-defying choice. Young Americans are moving away from traditional religious observance in large numbers, and Jews are no exception. Are Religious Groups in Arkansas Creating a Constitutional Conflict by Providing Services to the Poor? LITTLE ROCK, Ark. —Inmates in the Little Rock branch of Arkansas Community Correction Center have three options for how to spend their day.

They can stay in the prison and do work duty, washing clothes and scrubbing floors. Living to 100 and beyond. I am renewed, or at least I’m re-motivated to keep going. Yesterday, I participated in the East Hawaii Blue Zones demonstration site visit and I am inspired by their motto – Live Longer Better. They’ve identified 9 principles (Power 9®) to living longer. Samsung : des lentilles connectées équipées d'un appareil photo. A stem-cell repair system that can regenerate any kind of human tissue. UNSW researchers say the therapy has enormous potential for treating spinal disc injury and joint and muscle degeneration and could also speed up recovery following complex surgeries where bones and joints need to integrate with the body (credit: UNSW TV) A stem cell therapy system capable of regenerating any human tissue damaged by injury, disease, or aging could be available within a few years, say University of New South Wales (UNSW Australia) researchers.

Their new repair system*, similar to the method used by salamanders to regenerate limbs, could be used to repair everything from spinal discs to bone fractures, and could transform current treatment approaches to regenerative medicine. The UNSW-led research was published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal. Reprogramming bone and fat cells. Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other by Sherry Turkle – review. The Furby is a fluffy robot toy that was popular in the late 90s. It looks part owl, part hamster and is programmed to respond to human attention.

It has no intelligence, but it can fake attachment. It’s time for urbanists and technologists to start talking — Sidewalk Talk. It’s time for urbanists and technologists to start talking When Larry Page announced the creation of Sidewalk Labs last summer, he recognized that digital innovations have an enormous capacity to address big urban challenges like housing affordability, transportation efficiency, and energy conservation. One of the barriers to faster and wider change is a lack of dialogue between the people who live in today’s cities and the folks who build tomorrow’s technologies. Larry’s diagnosis of the problem was spot on: it takes a strong “big-picture view of the many factors that affect city life” to “develop the technologies and partnerships you need to make a difference.” In other words, it takes talk. So I’m pleased to announce the launch of Sidewalk Talk — a policy blog and discussion forum where urbanists and technologists alike can raise issues, air grievances, spark debate, and trade thoughts on the future of cities.

Snapchat & Periscope Are Transforming Brand Storytelling! — Snapchat Strategy — Medium. Every brand in every industry is currently struggling with finding ways to relate with their audience, creating content of value and find unique ways to tell their stories. For social software, user culture is as important as product features — Lightspeed Venture Partners. Forbes Welcome. Should Americans Be Line-Drying Clothes Instead of Using Washers and Dryers? Ethereum : rendre les contrats intelligents  Journal du Geek on Instagram: “Tiens, on a enfin pu découvrir la lampe LED de chevet de #Dyson. On nous promet une durée de vie de 37 ans (ou 160.000h), le tout avec un design sur 3 axes ! Très honnêtement, c'est intéressant mais ça coûte super cher (500€

Allocation sociale unique : que faut-il unifier ? Wechat, Line, Telegram : les messageries instantanées au cœur de la révolution des «chatbots», Une. « La périphérie est abandonnée par les dieux de l’architecture » When Friends Are 'Like Family' En Isère, les allocataires du RSA incités à faire du bénévolat. Will the Internet of Things set family life back 100 years? Buy Me Once: the online shop for stuff that lasts, from T-shirts to tweezers.

Un jeune français crée un lave-linge « increvable » anti-obsolescence. The Revolution will (not) be decentralised: Blockchains. The Co-operative City. Our World in Data — Visualising the Empirical Evidence on how the World is Changing. Pourquoi l’étude d’Oxfam sur les personnes les plus riches est à prendre avec précaution. Expanding National Service to Address Long-Term Unemployment. How Silicon Valley Could Solve. Pp81. Disparity in Life Spans of the Rich and the Poor Is Growing. Innovation is not going to end poverty. Wealth gap between middle-income and upper-income families reaches record high. Technology and Inequality. B n volat et service communautaire obligatoire document de travail. The World Is More Unequal Than Ever. Is That Because of Technology? What growing income inequality is costing Canada’s future generations.

How to Think About Economic Inequality After Thomas Piketty. RSA contre bénévolat : ATD Quart Monde dénonce une «proposition inacceptable» RSA contre bénévolat : la mesure qui fait polémique. Goldman Sachs Says It May Be Forced to Fundamentally Question How Capitalism Is Working. Google Backs Startup Oscar Health Insurance. Thomas Piketty: New thoughts on capital in the twenty-first century. Economic Inequality: It’s Far Worse Than You Think. How to Think about Inequality. L'UE en ordre de bataille contre les multinationales rétives à l'impôt. The neglected wealth of nations. Rethinking the public wealth of nations - OxPol. Paul Duan, le petit génie qui veut résoudre le chômage en France. Equity crowdfunding: the future of capital raising? - Mineweb. New Research Debunks One of the Biggest Arguments Against Raising the Minimum Wage.

January/February 2016. Quinn: Google is becoming U.S. K-12 schools' operating system. France considers a social welfare club card. « Pauvreté et précarité en chiffres », Les Cahiers français, n° 390, 2016, pp. 8-14. Forbes Welcome. America’s Middle-class Meltdown: Core shrinks to half of US homes. The rich will get richer while two million more children slide into poverty, 2030 economic forecast suggests. The Health Benefits of Volunteering. The Marriages of Power Couples Reinforce Income Inequality. For the Wealthiest, a Private Tax System That Saves Them Billions.

An economist’s dreams of a fairer gig economy. Retrievefile. A tale of two trends - Policy Options. The-american-middle-class-is-no-longer-the-worlds-richest. La classe moyenne au Quebec. De quelle classe moyenne faites-vous partie? Who are the middle class, anyway? How politicians risk missing the mark. Are you in the middle class? All of the World's Money and Markets in One Visualization. 47723414. Inégalités : 1% de la population domine la planète.

Income inequality - Canada and world results. Piketty’s Inequality Story in Six Charts. Income and wealth inequality. 2012071005451212. Piketty Corrects the Inequality Crowd by Robert Rosenkranz. Billionaire Bonanza: The Forbes 400 and the Rest of Us. Sucess and Failure of Nations Modeling Inefficie. Why Nations Fail. Presentation. How to Fight Economic Inequality With Smartphones.