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Online Workshops and Tutorials. Integrated Aligned Course Design This tutorial breaks down the often challenging task of course design into four components: establishing learning outcomes, assessing learning outcomes, planning class sessions, and reviewing your course design based on student feedback.

Online Workshops and Tutorials

It walks instructors through each of these stages in the design process and includes working guides that instructors can complete to assist them in the design of their own courses. Active Learning with PowerPoint.


Theatre and Drama Graduate Student Organization - Home > Home. Syllabus Tutorial. The syllabus is a small place to start bringing students and faculty members back together...

Syllabus Tutorial

If students could be persuaded that we are really interested in their understanding the materials we offer, that we support their efforts to master it, and that we take their intellectual struggles seriously, they might respond by becoming involved in our courses, by trying to live up to our expectations, and by appreciating our concern. - Rubin, “Professors, Students, and the Syllabus,” Chronicle of Higher Education Your syllabus is one of THE most important documents you create for your class, serving as an agreement between you and your students. It conveys a first and lasting impression of you and the course you've designed. Tools for Teaching - Chapter.