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Workouts Jim Stoppani, PhD 1. Workouts Jim Stoppani, PhD 2. Articles Jim Stoppani, PhD. CARIO SUPERMAN. Super-man Giveaway by Bowleg Media. The Superman Program - Meal Plan for Building Lean Mass. Jump to navigation You are here The Superman Program: Nutrition We take the guesswork out of eating right to get leaner and stronger with our Superman Program. Jim Stoppani, Ph.D. The Superman training program is the perfect plan to get bigger, stronger and leaner. By using the right diet you can help to focus more on the bigger and stronger… while still getting leaner. Or you can work on getting even leaner… all the while getting bigger and stronger. START: Get the BIGGER & STRONGER, but leaner meal plan >> by Taboolaby Taboola Sponsored ContentSponsored Content Promoted ContentPromoted Content You May LikeFrom The Web Healthy Virtue 1 Super Food That Burns Stored Fat Like A FurnaceHealthy Virtue Undo Real Dose 4 Hormones All Skinny People Have In BalanceReal Dose 10 Celebrities Who Retired Too Celeb Romance 15 Celebrities Who Married Ordinary PeopleCeleb Romance Answers 13 Embarrassing Celebrity Wardrobe MalfunctionsAnswers Daily Health Post Diet Insider TripCurator Videos.

The Superman Program: Training. This program is novel for many reasons, and your muscles will respond well to it. That said, you’ll have to let go of some of the training dogma you’ve come to live by. For example, in Workout 1, you’ll notice that you first do a chest/back superset and then a superset of back and shoulders.

Afterward, you hit chest again. Most guys would worry that the break from chest would cause it to deflate—but if anything, you’ll notice just as much pump in your pecs as you would otherwise.Another issue some will have is the number of sets per muscle group. Chest, back, and shoulders get only eight total sets per workout, and biceps and triceps get seven. This may seem insufcient, but remember, you’re training each body part twice a week for a total of 14–16 sets. For practical purposes, exercise pairings were chosen based on proximity of equipment.

Superman Training Split Rep Counting This program build muscle two ways: by increasing weight while reps decrease, and then the opposite. Superman Training Videos - Superset Workout Program.