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Time Out Amsterdam: Best Things to do, Restaurants and More. 2020 events in Amsterdam. Grab your day planner and a pencil because we’ve got a lit-up lineup of amazing Amsterdam events to keep you busy all year long.

2020 events in Amsterdam

In addition to the annual all-stars like King’s Day and Pride, in 2020 celebrations like SAIL, the 25th anniversary of ADE and the UEFA Championships are giving us a few more reasons to revel. But don’t let the big events take up all the room in your agenda; there are many intimate exhibitions, art fairs and live performances that are just as worthy of your time. Check out What’s on to stay up to date on all Amsterdam has to offer. January After the warm and fuzzy feelings of Christmas have been washed away by the New Year’s Eve parties and fireworks spectacle in Amsterdam, January offers the perfect opportunity to rug-up and stay warm. 1 Jan - Experience Amsterdam like a local and start the New Year on the right foot by trying a typically Dutch activity. 18 Jan - The third Saturday of January marks National Tulip Day. February March April May June July August October.


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Public Transport Ticket Types in Amsterdam Netherlands

GVB 1 Hour Ticket - In Amsterdam the single can be bought as a disposable OV-chip card and is valid for 1 hour travel on GVB public transport including any transfers. It costs €2.90 and is activated on first check-in. It is not really good value if you are only travelling 1 or 2 stops on a tram but is reasonable for longer trips. It can be bought on board from tram drivers/conductors, bus drivers plus GVB sales desk/ticket machines. 2. Children's 24 hour ticket €2.5024 hours (1 day) €7.5048 hours (2 days) €12.5072 hours (3 days) €1796 hours (4 days) €22120 hours (5 days) €27144 hours (6 days) €31168 hours (7 days) €34 The GVB Children's Day Ticket is valid for 24 hours for those aged 4-11. These tickets come as disposable OV-chip cards with check-in and check-out required for each journey. 3. Costs are €16 (1 day), €21 (2 days) and €26 (3 days). For more info on Schiphol travel see Getting from Schiphol to Amsterdam. Die I amsterdam City Card.