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Morphography Downloads. Poser. 3D Models, 3D Content, 3D Software, and 3D Art - Free Stuff: Search. - Free Items - Untitled. Infinite Dreamers. Free Hair and Hair related Items List. 4.

Free Hair and Hair related Items List

HAIR FITS and MORPHS Kuroyume’s MorphExchange to add PMD morphs into cr2/hr2 hair (Java Application) Pneuma’s hair fits for aiko and hiro and millbaby Katfeete / katastrophe Refits of the Kozaburo Hairs to Britta Refits of various freebie hairs to M3 Refits of various freebie hairs to ApolloMax MATs for the Poserworld Apache Hair Refits of the W.a.s.g Hair to various figures MATs and refits for the A4 BandanaHair Isabel Hair V3 Isabel Hair A3 Keysha hair H3 Keysha hair M3 Keysha Hair AM Rebel Encore A3 Rebel Encore H3 Rebel Encore Refit for V3 & M3 Keysha Hair Refit AM Strike Ponytail AM Strike Ponytail A3 Strike Ponytail M3 Strike Ponytail H3 Flexy Hair Refit for A3 Flexy Hair Refit for H3 Flexy Hair Refit for AM Flexy Hair Refit for V3 efindel Wasg Hair + Adds a new “Style-BangsBack” morph to Wasg Hair.

Wenke (Poserheaven) AnimeDoll Hair Fits Koshini Hair Fits MayaDoll Hair Fits Teresa Hair Fits NearMe hair fits Fivecat Ranger hair morphs: Clothes. Poser and DAZ Studio Free Content. Poser 3D body etc.. Antonia's Free Site. Do you find this site useful?

Antonia's Free Site

Do you enjoy using this site? If so, please help keep it alive. Just click the "Donate" button and send whatever you feel you can spare. You will see here 12 little "Lamps", for each month that donations help keep it paid a lamp will be lit. We, who maintain this site, thank you and appreciate you help. .. Poser free stuff, Poser freebies, free poses, free morphs, free props, free clothing and more. Poser Freestuff. Poser for 3D Artists and Animators - Get Started. DON'T WAIT A MINUTE LONGER!

Poser for 3D Artists and Animators - Get Started

Take the plunge and start exploring the world of 3D art and animation. You'll find everything you need to get started right on this page, so get to gettin'. If you don't already have one, get a copy of Poser. Introductory Tutorial Videos We have an incredible library of tutorials and other training materials available in our training section which is accessible from the main navigation at the top of the site.

To get you comfortable with Poser right away, we've picked several of the best entry point tutorials to view while you're new to the product and just starting out. Watch several more Video Tutorials on Lighting, Clothing, Editing, and Animating in the Training Area. Poser Artists Gallery Thousands of artists use Poser and other design tools to create incredible art. Spend some time in our gallery of featured artists who are at the top of their game to get some inspiration.


Free Poser Figures. Loads of Content Ready for Action You'll want to get started building 3D scenes with characters as soon as you've installed Poser.

Free Poser Figures

We make that easy with professionally built characters, lots of clothing and props and even full scenes. Poser includes over 5 gigabytes of ready-to-pose, fully textured, human and animal figures, plus basic accessories such as hair, clothing, pose sets, real world props and 3D scene elements. We've included thousands of dollars of content with Poser and we couldn't provide this incredible value without the help of our partners. Huge thank you to all of the talented designers that contribute to Poser's content library.

People, Characters & Anatomy - 87 Items Cartoon Characters - 16 Items Animals & Insects - 34 Items Robots - 8 Items Environments & Places - 20 Items.