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Brisa Knife Supplies Webshop - Brisa - online shop for knife supplies. Gränsfors Small Forest Axe. Wetterlings. Harmonica. SelkBag — the Sleeping Bag with Arms and Legs. Always the right choice.

SelkBag — the Sleeping Bag with Arms and Legs

Finally it comes in a silky soft ripstop nylon. The must-have for the freedom loving ones amongst you. No matter if you are the active type and simply need to stay moving or if you prefer lounging on the couch. Perfect for all your big and small adventures. Used at home, for camping in a tent, under the stars, at the lake, at the beach or in the cabin. Features This silky soft ripstop nylon is the perfect balance between comfort, durability and weight. Double front YKK entry-zips allow for an easy entry.

The belt system allows for a better fit around hips. An optimised quick-release hand closure system allows for quick entry and exit of the hands. An insulated hood with a 3D collar around neck for added warmth. Ventilation zips on legs enable temperature control. Chest pocket for smartphone, keys or cash. Reinforced nylon soles prevent wear; lateral grips give traction on multiple surfaces. Velcro around ankles for comfortable and stumble free walking. Sizes 360° View more. Cold Steel Medieval Training Sword - 92BKS. Fantasy Armory on Pinterest. Home / Moving Pictures / The Lord of the Rings / Concept art / Narsil. Narsil.

Home / Moving Pictures / The Lord of the Rings / Concept art / Narsil

Earlier designs. I initially had what I thought was the perfect design for Narsil, quite a simple and deadly-looking sword based on a real one in a German museum. Peter, however, wasn't subscribing to my certitudes, and was only too content to oblige me to forage farther afield. I was quite happy with the top version, but eventually the design process wandered back to a more classicla blade, though I am still very proud of the pierced pommel. (Typical Numenorian, as any history book can tell you...) The Art of the Fellowship of the Ring Gary Russel HarperCollinsPublishers 2002. Vente laser point rouge 100mw puissant pas cher. Nos Engagements: 1.Satisfait ou Remboursé pendant 15 jours 2.Garantie 1 an inclus 3.Paiement à l'expédition 1mW 5mW 10mW 20mW 30mW 50mW 80mw 100mW 200mW 300mW 400mW 500mW 600mW 700mW 1000mw 2000mW 3000mW 5000mW 10000mW Accueil >> Stylo Laser Point Rouge 100mW Pas Cher.

vente laser point rouge 100mw puissant pas cher

Planisphere - 50° Northern Latitude - English version. Planisphere - Portable Star Chart - English Version The Planisphere has a diameter of 25cm.

Planisphere - 50° Northern Latitude - English version

This is in our opinion an ideal compromise between portability and clarity. On the back side there are many helpful tips for operation. The star chart contains over 600 stars (up to 4th magnitude), approximately 50 constellations (all constellations visible from this latitude) and about 200 interesting objects that can be seen in binoculars or a small telescope.

The planisphere is made for 50° northern latitude. The planisphere is made of waterproof material, making it ideally suited for field use.