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Androidscreencast - Desktop app to control an android device remotely. Titanium Backup for Android – Official Site. Android Hacking For The Masses. Rooting And Flashing An Android Phone – The Easiest Way So Far [RelentlessAppz] I have been playing around with a great app for rooting Android handsets. I have shown you before how to ‘root ‘ and ‘un-root’ Android handsets, especially the HTC Hero. I came across an app made by RelentlessRooter. Its fairly clever in that it runs the necessary commands that Androids SDK ADB command line offers. Relentless Command Centre The idea is that you drop the recovery image files or the custom ROM files in to the necessary folders and then its a simple click and wait affair.

What’s Wrong With It? I am going to get a criticism out of the way first. The Good Stuff When you get your download, which will most likely be called RelentessRooter.EXE, you simply run the installer. Designed for every Avid Android user that has ROOT Most useful Fastboot & ADB commands in one centre. Backing up of all your apps, Restoring all of your apps, Push single apps to your device in one click, Format your EXT Partition, Flash a new custom ROM to your device,


XPERIA X10 ROM Extracted & Rooted. New Simple Technique To Root Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. Sony Ericsson’s flagship device, the Xperia X10, got rooted a couple of months back.

New Simple Technique To Root Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

While the root procedure described in our original post isn’t complicated, it definitely involves more effort than most iPhone/iPad jailbreak solutions. The good news is that a much simpler technique is now available. The new root procedure exploits the Exploid bug that has already been used to root the X10 Mini and the X10 Mini Pro. In order to gain super user (root) privileges all you have to do is install the Universal Androot APK and press a button. If you have been putting off rooting your phone because you found the entire process to be too time consuming, go ahead and give the new method a spin. Universal Androot is known to work with multiple handsets including Motorola Milestone, HTC Hero, HTC Magic, Dell Streak and Acer Liquid. P.S. [GUIDE] Root your X10 R2BA026 ! { Update 03.08.2010 R2BA026 Root with 2/3-Steps } [GUIDE] Root your X10 R2BA026 !

[GUIDE] Root your X10 R2BA026 ! { Update 03.08.2010 R2BA026 Root with 2/3-Steps }

{ Update 03.08.2010 R2BA026 Root with 2/3-Steps } Okay here comes FIRST ROOT for X10 It was done by Jerpelea, biktor_gj and Bin4ry! Thanks go out to : ( No meaning of order ) McKebapp for Hosting the private Forum Goroh_Kun for providing the flasher Also to: linshi[at] ssjowowo theonlyq not.implemented.yet marylandcookie Balsat This is Idiot proof in 3 steps (thanks Jerpelea for that Preparation: Be sure that you have Seus installed and your phone was detected in Flashmod by Seus! Look also in Posts 2-6 for additional informations Files to download:New Root (2/3 Step) Version download: If you want update to R2BA026 download the files from post #4 -> Link The guide stays the same!

Hotfile: Rapidshare: (X10a_Missing Files included) X10a_Only Missing Files (just extract): On 64-Bit Systems download this file too please: On Itanium64 Systems: Old Files, don't download! Step 1 for flashtool: Hotfile: Rapidshare: Step 1 for Omnius: Congrats! Step 2 Congrats! x10 rom. Return.