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Dr. Castaños

We help those people who are not successful in their love like. Movingonhelp offer 14 weeks of life transformation program to make your life happily. Try today.

7 Ways To Help You Getting Over A Broken Heart. Broken heart gives an inevitable pain which take years to heal.

7 Ways To Help You Getting Over A Broken Heart

These days, relationships start and ends on a very short note and ‘how to deal with a broken heart’ has become a universal question. It might sound easy but waking up to the realities makes us understand how difficult is the healing process of a broken heart. As per psychiatrists, an individual with love failure can even take major drastic actions like- suicide or murder attempt. This happens because of the mental disturbance & egoistic behavior of people, especially youngsters. For a while, you might feel the world is empty and everybody in your life have deceived you, but such pessimistic thoughts stays for a while only. Avoid hiding your feelings- Don’t ever hide your emotions, tears inside you. Talk to someone close to you- Share your grief with someone who has no idea about your relationship. Try something new for yourself only- Opt for new things or habits which are not associated with your ex. Like this: How to heal a broken heart and move on with Movingonhelp.

Dealing with a broken heart can be a very painful experience.

How to heal a broken heart and move on with Movingonhelp.

We try very hard to stop feeling such intense feelings of pain which sometimes becomes anger and resentment. Many times we feel or guilty and that something is broken inside of us. In these moments, we find ourselves unable to control the intensity of our feelings which makes us feel bad about ourselves because we believe we should be feeling differently. It also becomes hard not to think of our ex or we situation all the time. So, how to heal and stop this pain?

Movingonhelp will provide you with tools that you will use in many different situations. Do you Want Help moving on from a relationship ? When a relationship ends we question ourselves.

Do you Want Help moving on from a relationship ?

We wonder what we did wrong, we might regret some of our behaviors or actions, we think of how different things would be if we just wouldn’t have responded in such way or we might not understand what we did wrong, so maybe there is something wrong with us that makes us unlikeable or unlovable… simply not good enough. All these thoughts lead negative feelings about ourselves, deep sadness and even depression, and/or anxiety. It is important to analyze and think about what happened when a relationship did not work, especially when this seems to happen over and over again… maybe there is something about us in this but maybe it is not that there is something wrong with you … maybe that thought (and feelings that come along with it) have to do with it.

Rejection touches our insecurities and those deep doubts and beliefs we have about ourselves. When we touch that place, we inevitably try to protect ourselves. Movingonhelp- A Process to Getting Over a Broken Heart. When you become a member, you will be guided step by step towards your healing process.

Movingonhelp- A Process to Getting Over a Broken Heart

You start in week 1, where you will have an introduction video guiding you through the website and process. Each week has a video, an interactive exercise that goes along with the video where you apply what you have learned from the video to your own life. Then you will process your experience and make sense of it by responding to specific questions on your e-workbook. You can print out your questions if you prefer to write your answers down rather than typing them. Finally, you have homework for the week. As you can see, this program is designed to be an experience of change and a journey in the search of a better and happier you.