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Handmade Salt Pouches For The Shower Or Bath. I love salt scrubs, especially this time of year when I want to slough off the dead skin from winter, and I equally love bath salts for the skin softening ingredients in them – but more often than not I find myself in the shower.

Handmade Salt Pouches For The Shower Or Bath

These pouches are perfect for combining both bath salt and salt scrub into an exfoliating pouch I can bring into the shower, and they are simple to make. You can go a few different routes when making these so play around with your recipes and find your favorite. I made these for my mom for Mother’s Day so I added a few things for specific reasons. I will list them to give you an idea of how you can customize these to suit your needs. In my moms pouches I included: A few different ideas for a mix: Oatmeal, lavender buds, and powdered milk with a little of your favorite essential oilJust sea salt and grapefruit or petitgrain essential oil for an invigorating scrubSalts, herbs, and essential oil Start with 6 cheap washcloths. Folded in half, cut them into thirds. DIY Chalkboard Paint Ideas. Chalkboard paint has become all the rage.

DIY Chalkboard Paint Ideas

And it’s uses for creating home decor pieces that you can personalize with the swipe of a piece of chalk have become seemingly endless. I love this idea for spray painting wine bottles and then personalizing them with a faux label or design. These bottles can be used simply as decorative pieces, vases for your favorite flowers or even as pricing structures for store products. Here are a few other ideas that are easy to craft and simple to love!

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Have chalkboards made their way into your home yet? How to Make Brown Sugar Body Scrub. Candle & Soap Making Techniques. Soap Making Recipes and Tutorials. Bath and Body Recipes - Index - Bath and Body Recipes You Can Make at Home. WASH YOUR MOUTH OUT! So...i was figuring that it's never too early to start washing your kids mouth out with soap...and now that can be done with these soapsicles!...


Lol...i'm thinking i'm not going to be asked to babysit anytime soon!... Hee hee...anywho...thought i'd do up a tutorial on how to make these yummy tasting smelling soaps.... you'll need....a popsicle mold...this one's from go planet earth...but you can certainly use whatever mold you want...small soap bags...also from go planet earth...popsicle sticks...and large binder clips.... also...grab some clear melt and pour measuring cup...soap colorant...i prefer liquid over the powder or gel...fragrance oils...and rubbing alcohol in a spritzer bottle... take your soap and cut up into chunks...and put in glass measuring takes about 2 1/4 ounces for one that's solid weight...not liquid... once it's all'll want to spritz with rubbing alcohol...this takes the bubbles out of the soap... twistie tie 'em up!...