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Photo voie lactée

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How To Shoot Truly Contagious Milky Way Pictures | PhotoPills. What if I told you that you’re more than capable of imagining, planning and shooting Milky Way pictures that will put people into what I call a sharing trance? Would you believe it? Nowadays, almost everyone can take good photos, even very good ones. We see it every day, social networks are filled up with multiple great photos, published by great photographers hoping that their work will be massively shared.

Unfortunately, the truth is that just a few achieve to go viral. Why? One possible answer is: inner remarkability. Social transmission expert, Jonah Berger, in his New York Times Bestseller book Contagious: why things catch on, maintains that: “Remarkable things provide social currency because they make the people who talk about them seem, well, more remarkable [...]

Therefore, how can we make photos so that people will share and talk about? The idea behind this article is to help you better communicate through your photography, and thus better persuade people. Are you ready? Content. How to do Milky Way Photography - A Comprehensive Tutorial. You’re spinning through our solar system on a gorgeous blue marble which offers jaw dropping views of an astronomical phenomenon we call The Milky Way. Wait for our marble to line up just right, and you’ll have a perfect opportunity to create awe inspiring images that harness that galactic chandelier hovering over your head. My students are often delighted to learn that capturing spectacular images of The Milky Way is easy, once you know a few essential tips. Planning when and where to do Milky Way photography is just as important as the techniques and equipment you’ll be using.

If you want to get truly majestic shots of The Milky Way you’ve really got to consider your location and timing. I’ll tackle that first, before we move on to the shooting technique. 1 – Where and when to see the galactic core The full galactic core is only visible during certain months, at certain locations. Northern Hemisphere You have no chance of seeing the galactic core in winter. Southern Hemisphere Lens choice. How To Shoot Truly Contagious Milky Way Pictures | PhotoPills. Apprendre la photo - Comment prendre en photo la voie lactée.

Les beaux jours arrivent et avec eux le ciel dégagé pendant la nuit. Il sera donc plus facile de rester à contempler un spectacle que beaucoup ne voient même pas, la voie lactée. Je vous propose de voir ensemble comment réussir à la prendre en photo. Retrouvez la vidéo en fin d'article Apprendre la photo - Prendre en photo la voie lactée Avant propos La voie lactée est un élément monstrueusement grand qui fait 100.000 années lumière de diamètre et qui contient environ d'étoiles en son sein. Du fait de l'axe de rotation de la terre et la position de la voie lactée, cette dernière passe deux fois par jour dans notre ciel. Malgré que la voie lactée contienne des milliards d'étoile, elle n'est pas si lumineuse dans le ciel que ce que vous voyez sur les photos en général.

Du coup il va falloir pouvoir capter un maximum de lumière pour pouvoir avoir une photo comme celle-ci : Les conditions pour réussir les photos de la voix lactée Le trépied La télécommande L'appareil photo Conclusion. Photographier les étoiles. Photographier la Voie Lactée. Learn Photography | Dave Morrow Photography. Dave Morrow Photography. Dave Morrow Photography.