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JSK's Fashion Illustrations - Susu Girls. Category: 1 - 19th Century Paper Dolls. My Fashion Database - The largest online fashion database. J'adore Fashion. Rezultatele căutării de imagini Google pentru. Home. 1600–1650 in fashion. The artist Rubens with his first wife c. 1610.

1600–1650 in fashion

Her long, rounded stomacher and jacket-like bodice are characteristic Dutch fashions The silhouette, which was essentially close to the body with tight sleeves and a low, pointed waist to around 1615, gradually softened and broadened. Sleeves became very full, and in the 1620s and 1630s were often paned or slashed to show the voluminous sleeves of the shirt or chemise beneath. 17th Century Fashion, 1600-1627. FASHION. Understated Yet Rarity-Packed: Bath Fashion Museum - Irenebrination: Notes on Art, Fashion and Style. Fashion exhibitions have turned in the last two years or so into the proverbial goose that lays golden eggs for many museums all over the world.

Understated Yet Rarity-Packed: Bath Fashion Museum - Irenebrination: Notes on Art, Fashion and Style

Yet, while there are very important museums such as New York's Met focusing on major retrospectives and events, there are also smaller and less known institutions that are actually worth visiting because they do have some true gems in their collections. One of them is the Fashion Museum in Bath, located in the grand Assembly Rooms. The latter, designed by John Wood The Younger and opened in 1771, were mainly used by the fashionable Georgian society for dancing, card playing and dining.

THE CENTAUR. 당신은 클릭하는 순간 이미 패셔니 스타!!-레드오핀. Runway - Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2012 - Alexander McQueen - Collections. Extremely Attractive-The Latest Street Fashion Online Store. Everything Fabulous. Design & Illustrations. Fashion news, advice and pictures. The Online Home of Fashion: News, Runway Shows, Trends, Fashion Models, Designers, Shopping, Beauty & More.

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