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Motion Edits is a Video Post-Production Company, providing video editing services for wedding films, corporate videos, event videos, product videos, and YouTube Videos.

Top 10 Reasons to Outsource Video Editing. While the idea of shooting videos is lovely, the difficulty of video editing is very real.

Top 10 Reasons to Outsource Video Editing

Sorting, trimming, seamlessly stitching together, and embellishing video clips may sound easy but is quite a task and a time-consuming one at that. But competition means that time is at a premium, and a skillfully produced video is the key to viral quality. 85% of US denizens are consuming video content monthly on their devices and they are spending as much as 105 minutes per week watching it. The preference for video content is over 50% across all age-groups. Clearly, all businesses need to get perfect videos out there to grab the customer’s attention. Why Startups Should Use Animated Explainer Videos. Start-ups have many challenges.

Why Startups Should Use Animated Explainer Videos

Among them, visibility is a key concern in a market saturated with exposure. Putting a start-up’s product or service in front of its target audience is the gateway for consumer awareness, lead generation, and sales. How to do that? 5 Most Compelling Reasons to Work with a Professional Video Editor. Nearly anyone can edit videos these days.

5 Most Compelling Reasons to Work with a Professional Video Editor

The market is filled with free video editing software that comes with a ton of cool features, frames, color settings, transitions, etc. But, one thing is for sure: Those videos will never be the same as professionally edited videos. Things to Know About Corporate Video Editing Services Before Choosing to Outsource. The world has gone digital, and businesses have followed.

Things to Know About Corporate Video Editing Services Before Choosing to Outsource

When 88% of marketers claim that video marketing brings in positive ROI and 92% are vouching for it as the most important strategy, you know video is a clincher. The 2021 forecast says that an average person would consume 100 minutes of video per day. The demand for quality video content is only going to rise. As video creators, whether you are a cinematographer or videographer, or director, you are looking to streamline your creative process to allow greater content to be distributed faster.

But just uploading a video won’t do the trick. Cuts through the solid competitioncatches the attention of the target audienceand, compels them to stay So, how do you check all the boxes? Documentary Editing Services For Full Length Wedding Films, Biography. YouTube Channel Video Editing. Outsource Wedding Video Editing Service. Music Video Editing Services. Corporate Video Editing Services. Audio Editing Company US. Video Editing Project Work Portfolio. Each video editing project is unique.

Video Editing Project Work Portfolio

We do more than just cutting and setting the footage. Our focus is to ensure an emotional connect to each viewer. AR VR Mixed Reality Services - MR Immersive Technology Company - Motion Edits. Augmented Vs Virtual Reality If you have bumped upon the game Pokemon Go or used the Snapchat lenses, then unknowingly you have experienced Augmented Reality.

AR VR Mixed Reality Services - MR Immersive Technology Company - Motion Edits

This technology can be implemented using smartphone or tablet cameras. It projects data overlays and holograms in a live environment changing the way one communicates with users. On the other hand, VR headsets completely replace the live scenario with a digital world. Users are completely shut from their current setup and moved to an environment of your imagination. While VR gives you a completely immersive vision, AR limits the surface to your device or wearable technology in front of your eyes. Our team of Unity software engineers, animators, artists, and 3D Modelers are here to offer you a merge of Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions which is the Mixed Reality Spectrum. “Blend of Physical and Virtual World to create a Hybrid Environment”

VR Animation Company - Virtual Reality Services Company - Motion Edits

Augmented Reality Production Company - Motion Edits. 3D Rendering & Modeling Services. Customized 3D Models Transform your ideas and sketches into 3D Models, fastmoving up your product design process with Motion Edits Company.

3D Rendering & Modeling Services

Going in depth to the last finishing details is what our expert modelers and artists accomplish for. Decrease your idea to conceptualization stage period, by letting us work remotely for you. Challenge our specialists with the most complex ideations and get amazed with hands-on virtual models. We serve your as your modeling partner, providing high quality and cost-effective 3D Rendering & Modeling Services.

Explore concepts and get them manifested into real life simulations to take your production planning to the next level. TV Commercial Animation Services. “Creative promo videos to meet your end goal of conversions and sale” Motion Edits is a team of best promo video 3d animators that create high quality marketing animations for your events, products, services, courses, business, and company promotions.

TV Commercial Animation Services

We help you create unique and creative commercial ads and adverts to attract prospective customer attention. Our professional animators and artists make seamless objects and characters focusing on minute details right from textures, to shadows to integrate into the commercial video. Educational Video Editing Company. “Increase Engagement with 3D animated e-learning videos” Are you an Educator, and in search of a training video?

Educational Video Editing Company

Motion Edits is one of the top video post-production company to help you build a knowledge base. The change is here and video has become the most powerful tool to learn. Use the power of caption and animations for training and delivering knowledge sessions. Whether you are focusing on a short-animated concept video or an at length informative animation, we are here at your disposal. Animated Promotional & Marketing Video Production. Factors to be considered before hiring a Video Editing Company. Content creation is a very peculiar kind of service that needs additional attention to details when it comes to deliveries of the shoot or projects you did.

Factors to be considered before hiring a Video Editing Company

You have painstakingly developed your business around the kind of artistic content you deliver, and that is how every successful cinematographer sets himself or herself apart from the competition. There are a couple of aspects that help you achieve the artistic look that you are going for in your films: The way you Shoot The way you Edit All of the artistic creativity comes only from the summation of how you shoot and how you edit your footage. Although, in the ideal world, both are complemented by each other. Video editing plays a very important role in putting your films together for an audience. 2D 3D Motion Graphics Company. “Apply impactful motion graphics to spice up your video” Motion Edits is a team of expert motion graphic editors offering basic to advance animations.

Each assignment is unique and we give special attention to your vision. Convey your idea to us using a sample reference or expressing your mind. You may also leave it on us to animate your footage creatively with the right effects. We are extremely responsive to your directions and change requests. Motion Graphics Explainer Videos. Explainer Video Animation Why Outsource Explainer Video Animation Service to our Company? Motion Edits is one of the best animated explainer video company offering the following advantages: Professional Explainer Video with Fast Turnaround: We strive to deliver the best animated marketing video service with quick delivery time. Our explainer video animators are committed to delivering performance based engaging videos with the objective of increasing conversions.

Corporate Video Editing Services. Documentary Editing Services For Full Length Wedding Films, Biography. Music Video Editing Services. Outsource Wedding Video Editing Service. Video Color Correction Services. Video Animation Services. Video Post-Production Company. “Videos Editing Specialists Team for Each Business” Weddings I Corporates I Education I Documentary I YouTube I Music I Social Media I Commercials. Video Animation Services. Event Promotional Video Editing Services - Motion Edits. Event videos are one of the powerful digital content strategies to create a buzz in the market. They are useful to showcase and promote music festivals, comedy shows, competitions, product launch, convention, and corporate annual events. A well put together video summary can aid in the publicity of future events and increase footfalls.

This increase in attendance means more ticket and seat sales, bigger sponsors, increased revenues and excitement among the audience. Motion Edits is a video post production company with a team of video editing and motion graphics specialists. We edit event videos across platforms including social media, websites, for both commercial and personal events.

How Outsourcing Wedding Video Editing can be the best studio decision for you? Event Promotional Video Editing Services - Motion Edits. Wedding full film editing min. Professional YouTube Video Editing. “YouTube editors that match up your style, budget, and timeline to gain subscribers” Are you looking towards Professional Vlogs and YouTube video editing services? We understand the frustration of finding a YouTube Video editor who is honest, fair priced, and is willing to work with deadlines. At Motion Edits, we offer a simple video editing process that cuts down the time and hassle which in turn can help you focus on publishing quality content. Communicate with your audience through fun, engaging and dynamic videos edited by Motion Edits. Video Editing Archives - Motion Edits. Remote video editors Archives - Motion Edits.

FAQ: How do I Get Started with Video Editing Project? at Motion Edits. Audio Editing Company India. Video Editing News and Blog Updates From Motion Edits For Professional Video Editors. Video Editing Project Work Portfolio. Edit Videos For Social Media Facebook, Instagram. Photo Slideshow Video Services. Holiday Video Editing Services For Vacation, Travel, Home. YouTube Video Editing Intros, Outros, Motivational, Lifestyle.

Product Video Editing For eCommerce, Amazon, YouTube Reviews. Music Video Editor For DJ, Hip Hop, Nightclub Promo. Fitness, Sports, Fashion, Real Estate, Food. Editing A Documentary For Sports, Wildlife, Biography, Interview, Festivals. Wedding Speech and Wedding Toast Video Editing. “Your Approach, Our Editors” Speeches Reel is the documentary style edit of all the speeches from the Toast. Generally the reel starts with welcoming the Bride and Groom and then it immediately moves to play the speeches from the Father of the Bride, Maid and/or Matron of Honour, Best Man, Father of the Groom, any Uncle or Aunt and or any prayers. It’s the simplistic No-Frills & Fancy edit to bring all the speeches of the day in one single video.

The audio and video are synced, best camera angle are used, if multi cams are there, awkward silences, shaky footages, blanks (like when mic is passed from one speaker to other) etc. are removed, color is corrected to give an output of what the closest people to the Bride and Groom want to talk about them. It is important when it comes to wedding movies that the excitement of the day really shines through, but more important than that, is that “It feels personal to the bride and groom”. Video Post-Production Services. We have a sister concern company named Album Design Store, which focuses on Photo Post Production and Album Printing. Album Design Store specialises in Printing High End Wedding Albums, with Hand Made Presentation Boxes as well as a complete service solution of Custom Designing Album Layouts, Photo Retouching, Photo Editing, Color Corrections and Photo Restorations. Outsource Video Editing Services India. Wedding Video Editing Company India.