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G2 Crowd users score Salesforce's Chatter as top social collaboration tool in customer satisfaction. Salesforce’s Chatter is the social collaboration tool with the highest customer satisfaction.

G2 Crowd users score Salesforce's Chatter as top social collaboration tool in customer satisfaction

That’s a key takeaway from G2 Crowd’s new Grid for Social Collaboration tools, the first Grid report for this category. It scored 14 business products based on G2 Crowd’s customary metrics of customer satisfaction and business presence, in this case based on over 325 reviews from business professionals. Four social collaboration tools ranked in the top category of Leaders — Salesforce’s Chatter, Microsoft’s Lync, VMware Socialcast, and Citrix’ Podio. To qualify, each had to score highly in customer satisfaction and have a “substantial market presence.”

“What we found is that, in general, many of the communications-related features (e.g., discussions, status updates) were rated higher than content management (e.g., document collaboration) or productivity features (e.g., task management),” G2 Crowd cofounder Tim Handorf told VentureBeat by email. How to Improve Employee Collaboration with the Cloud. What if your sales team could easily share its best ideas and techniques?

How to Improve Employee Collaboration with the Cloud

What if the most successful product and documents were available to every member? What if these documents could be customized on the fly to suit each prospect? What if customer information could be viewed by multiple departments? All of these “what-ifs” can be a reality with cloud-enabled sales tools. These capabilities help your team connect and create a usable record for the future. Here are four collaboration-related benefits of cloud-services: 1. You only pay for the number of seats you use. 2. Not only will your team be more effective, they won’t suffer brain overload from working across too many applications. 3. Your team can have access from anywhere, with any computer or mobile device. The Five-Step Maturity Model for Building a Collaborative Organization. In my book, The Collaborative Organization, I featured a maturity model that Chess Media Group created based on our client experience and research.

The Five-Step Maturity Model for Building a Collaborative Organization

The purpose of the maturity model is to help organizations where they are today, where they should go in the future and the value of doing so, and how to get there. Organizations typically fall into one of five types of categories when it comes to collaboration in the enterprise. GE’s Colab Brings Good Things to the Company. An internal social network at GE is mimicking all the good things that people get outside in their social lives with Facebook, says GE’s Ron Utterbeck: quick responses, connections with people they know — and coordination with people they didn’t even know were out there.

GE’s Colab Brings Good Things to the Company

Ron Utterbeck, the CIO for GE Corporate and the Advanced Manufacturing Software Technology Center in Michigan How can a company as large and spread out as GE get its employees to quickly connect with who they need, find internal expertise and share knowledge? How useless is email? Two new studies weigh in — Online Collaboration. Email overload is the bane of knowledge workers’ existence everywhere, as well as the impetus for numerous startups trying to perfect alternate collaboration platforms.

How useless is email? Two new studies weigh in — Online Collaboration

But exactly how much inbox junk do we waste our time processing? Two new studies on the quality of work emails are in, and the results are pretty grim. What are the headline takeaways from the research? The first study, from email security and archiving firm Mimecast, found that just one in four work emails is essential and just one in three holds immediate value. The second study combed through the inboxes of disgraced Enron and revealed what emails do contain if not critical business information. The Mimecast results were drawn from 500 interviews with IT professionals, 200 in the U.S., 200 in the U.K. and 100 from South Africa. For the second study, assistant professor Eric Gilbert of the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech examined hundreds of thousands of emails from Enron, hunting for gossipy missives. Turn Back the Clock: “Software Graveyard”

Let’s turn back the clock.

Turn Back the Clock: “Software Graveyard”

Three years ago, Eric Berridge, CEO and founder here at Bluewolf, wrote this piece following Marc Benoiff’s keynote at Dreamforce ‘09. Berridge spoke of the importance of Chatter and how it marked the beginning of a goodbye to SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft. Read on for an insightful look into a moment in time for business technology. "Software Graveyard" Tuesday's keynote at Dreamforce was deceptive. How uses Salesforce Chatter - - Salesforce.

7 Presentations That Will Help You Use Chatter Effectively. Social Collaboration: A Window for CIOs or a Black Hole? Cloud technologies and their flexibility have enabled quick and cheaper business innovation. Reported To Buy GoInstant. GoInstant made its debut at TechCrunch Disrupt last fall. Reported To Buy GoInstant

Today, the browser collaboration startup has reportedly been acquired by for $70 million, according to a story in the Wall Street Journal. [GoInstant has since confirmed the acquisition.] GoInstant allows people to surf the web with each other without having to download an extra plugin or software. GoInstant Co-Founder Jevon MacDonald calls it co-browsing. You can be on a desktop PC, laptop, tablet – really any web-browsing device, share a given URL and initiate a co-browsing session. With its launch at TechCrunch Disrupt, GoInstant announced it had raised a $1.7 million round of seed funding from Freestyle Capital, Baseline Ventures, Greylock Partners, Social Leverage, Chamath Palihapitya, Ed Sim and Yuri Milner. Emailing Is Bad For Your Health. Engochick: I find it hard to believe... APACloud: @engochick #chatter is a g... Chatter Online Collaboration Software.