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Shorten urls, share files and track visits - Owly. International Trade links - Resources for Import-Export Business information resources. Deep Web Intelligence. We are finding many different industries are able to capitalize on Data-as-a-Service (DaaS).

Deep Web Intelligence

In this post we’ll uncover how a mining company is using BrightPlanet’s Data-as-a-Service model to monitor the Ebola health outbreak to keep their expatriates informed and out of harm’s way with the use of one dataset. You’ll see what type of data is harvested and how it is enriched to make it usable. Continue reading At BrightPlanet, we receive a number of questions about how BrightPlanet’s technology differs from our biggest competitors.

People will commonly see companies like Kapow and Connotate and assume that our technologies are in direct competition. In this post, we hope to give you an understanding of how extraction companies and BrightPlanet’s harvesting technology don’t compete, as one may think, and explore the advantages of each individual technology. Continue reading Earlier this week, Forbes released an article titled “Insider Trading on the Dark Web”. Continue reading. 50 Best Websites 2014. 10 Minute Mail In case its name didn't give it away, 10 Minute Mail sets you up with a self-destructing email address that expires in -- you guessed it -- 10 minutes.

50 Best Websites 2014

Your temporary inbox works just like regular email, allowing you to forward and respond to messages, and you can add extra time if 10 minutes isn't quite long enough. Once you're done, light a match and walk away. 10 Minute Mail is already one of the best task managers for smartphones, and the website is especially useful when you need a big-picture view of your plans. Search Files from Internet, Educational & Library Resources and more with Word Search Generator - Make Your Own with abctools. This form can be used to create printable word search puzzles.

Word Search Generator - Make Your Own with abctools

Puzzles may be generated in standard rectangular sizes, or in a number of other available pre-formatted shapes. Puzzles may be printed in a variety of fonts, font sizes, colors and border options. Each puzzle is generated with the list of hidden words below the puzzle on the first page, and the puzzle solution on the last page. Note that only a few word lists are available here. StumbleUpon. Delicious. Foursquare. Pinterest. Socl. Diigo. LiveJournal: Discover global communities of friends who share your unique passions and interests. RSS Feed Search Engine. List of social bookmarking websites.

Diigo - Better reading and research with annotation, highlighter, sticky notes, archiving, bookmarking & more. Tumblr. Deep_Web. Social Media. COLLABORATIFS. Social Bookmarking. Ressources Trello. Soople. Business Management. Over-Graph, Social Media Management. Visualization And Organization Tools. Les Outils Social Media. Search Engine Land: Must Read News About Search Marketing & Search Engines. Search Engine Journal - Marketing News, Interviews and How-to Guides. Search Marketing (SEM), Paid Search Advertising (PPC) & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SearchReSearch. 100 Google Search Tricks. In today’s schools, most research is completed online, and Google is a great resource for combing the web.

100 Google Search Tricks

But at the same time, it’s not always easy to find exactly what you want, given that there are usually millions of results — with varying degrees of accuracy. These tricks can help you find the best results, while saving time and making your life easier. General These simple tricks will help you get what you want, faster. Reference These tricks make it easy to use Google as a reference tool. Travel & Geography Whether you’re hitting the road, skies, or the movies around the block, these Google tricks can help you out. Shopping. 100 Search Engines For Academic Research. Back in 2010, we shared with you 100 awesome search engines and research resources in our post: 100 Time-Saving Search Engines for Serious Scholars.

100 Search Engines For Academic Research

It’s been an incredible resource, but now, it’s time for an update. Some services have moved on, others have been created, and we’ve found some new discoveries, too. Many of our original 100 are still going strong, but we’ve updated where necessary and added some of our new favorites, too. Check out our new, up-to-date collection to discover the very best search engine for finding the academic results you’re looking for.

General. Freepik. Google. 4 Important Google Docs' Features for Student Researchers. October 14, 2014 Google Drive is absolutely one of the best cloud tools out there.

4 Important Google Docs' Features for Student Researchers

Its potential for education is evidently huge and that is why I have been writing a lot on it. 10 Good Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms Add-ons for Teachers. This afternoon I was asked if I could put together a list of my favorite Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms Add-ons.

10 Good Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms Add-ons for Teachers

In the past I had put together lists of Sheets scripts, but most of those lists are outdated as Add-ons have mostly replaced scripts. Similar Sites. Alexa - Web Information. One Stop Resource For Google Docs. If you’re a Google Docs user, curious about Google Docs, work with Google Docs with students, and especially if you’re looking for help understanding all of the features of Google Docs, then you’ve got to bookmark MaryFran’s Google Docs Tutorials.

One Stop Resource For Google Docs

Created as a Google Site (of course), this is a huge collection of resources, tutorials, videos, … all devoted to helping the visitor understand the ins and outs of working with Google Docs. That’s really the best description I can think of to describe this site. Navigation and use is as simple and powerful as Google Docs itself. Just select a topic of interest from the left side navigation menu and read on. Social Media Sites. Edu Activities. CGstuff. متنوع مواقع وفيديو. Websites - Part 2. Sources of Information. Data Viz. Utilities&Tools. Research. History Websites. Web2 tools. Google+, Google Plus. Tools. Social Media. DOCUMENTARIES. Web 2.0 Tools. The 101 Most Useful Websites on the Internet. Twitter. Utilitaires. Interesting Search Engines.

Google Tips, Tricks & Hacks. Google searches for competition. Northlandz - Google Search. Google Searches. Search. Free People Search Engine. Find the Best Websites Rated by Topics. SEARCH. 160 Free Stock Photos with a Business Theme Ready for Use Anywhere. Google Hangouts & Google Plus. Guide. how to produce your independent film and actually make money. Going to the American Film Market This Year? Here Are 5 Useful Tips.

Every year thousands of sales agents and distributors meet at the American Film Market in Santa Monica to make movie deals.

Going to the American Film Market This Year? Here Are 5 Useful Tips

But as the sands of distribution rapidly shift, many filmmakers are getting the short end of the stick with out-dated distribution deals. How can you avoid the typical pitfalls of deal-making at one of the biggest film markets in the world? Jason Brubaker of Filmmaking Stuff has written a guide with useful information for hopefuls, first-time, and veteran filmmakers alike. Not familiar with AFM? Allow this corny video to get you privy: The majority of modern distribution deals DO NOT pay much money. Traditional distribution is murky territory for most filmmakers these days because, well, most filmmakers these days haven't been doing it very long. What Social Media Really Means To The Film Industry. Photo by Adam Freeman Valentine’s Day 2005 was a momentous day in the history of cinema – a date overlooked by the moguls of Hollywood and the learned film scholars.

What Social Media Really Means To The Film Industry

It was the day that the three co-founders of registered the URL at a website called The launch of this social media website itself took a further six to eight months, and with it, YouTube has helped change the face of movie distribution. Search engines. Google DIY Custom Search Engine. 80+ Best Free Hacking Tutorials. Learning to become hacker is not as easy as learning to become a software developer. I realized this when I started looking for learning resources for simple hacking people do. Even to start doing the simplest hack on own, a hacker requires to have in depth knowledge of multiple topics. Some people recommend minimum knowledge of few programming languages like C, Python, HTML with Unix operating system concepts and networking knowledge is required to start learning hacking techniques. Though knowing a lot of things is required, it is not really enough for you to be a competent and successful hacker.

You must have a passion and positive attitude towards problem solving. Craig Research Labs. Click to Cure Cancer Click on the "I Fight Cancer" button below to make a donation to fund cancer research. You may click once per day only. (Click Here) This click is free for you -- the donated funds are generated by the banner ads you will view on the following page. You must take the time to allow the page which displays the ads to load completely or your click will not be counted, and please have the courtesy to actually look at the ads and if you like what you see please click through and shop with the advertisers. All ad revenues generated by the "Click to Cure Cancer" program will be donated by the advertisers to fund cancer research.

Web 2.0 Tools. Interesting Search Engines. Files SEARCH ENGINES 1. DeepDyve. Search-Cube. ASK Database - The Worlds First Search Engine for Surveys. Why use just one search engine? Research Process. YoName - People Search. Search for people across social networks, blogs and more. Criminal Searches - FREE criminal searches on anyone. Tech Tools. DataViz. The 100 Best Web 2.0 Classroom Tools Chosen By You.

The Wordle of this list! (Click image to enlarge) One of the most popular posts on Edudemic in 2010 was The 35 Best Web 2.0 Classroom Tools Chosen By You and I felt it might be time for an update to that list for 2011. In order to put together a list of the best Web 2.0 classroom tools, I polled my Twitter followers, Facebook fans (are they still called fans? Likes?) And ran a contest to try and get as many submissions as possible. There were more than 900 submissions but many were duplicates. Access your bookmarks anywhere. Social Media Sites.

Web 2.0

SOCIAL MEDIA. Deep web. Узнать IP адрес. Горячее / - Все. БУГАГА.