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Film & tv 3. Disine 3. Team work. Peer2peer 3. CRM. PR. E BOOK 2. Ebookee: Free Download eBooks Search Engine! Pyrotechgnics & special effects. Vj +projection. 26 Free (or Free-to-Try) Content Curation Tools. Content is still king, but it isn't always practical or cost effective for marketers to produce brand-new, meaty, thought-leadership level content pieces on a regular basis.

26 Free (or Free-to-Try) Content Curation Tools

That's where curating content can come in handy. Content curation offers a nearly limitless method of fueling your inbound marketing efforts. Unearthing and sharing the quality content of others allows you provide your audience fresh content on a regular basis to serve any interest, industry, or market. AlphaGalileo. 12 Ways to Be More Search Savvy. Google has made it possible for us to have instant information gratification.

12 Ways to Be More Search Savvy

Just start typing the first letters of your search word and the site intuits your question and offers you the smartest choice of answers. Seems simple enough. But as quick and facile as the process is, there are ways to be even more efficient, more search-savvy. And it’s our responsibility to teach kids how to find and research information, how to judge its veracity, and when it’s time to ask for a grownup’s help. I spoke to Daniel Russell, Google’s “search anthropologist” in charge of Search Quality and User Happiness (yes, really), who brought to light some important tips you may not have known. CONTROL F. Dogs. Новости, события, люди.

The top 50 apps for creative minds. There’s an ongoing argument in the technology world about whether tablets and smartphones are more focused on consumption than creativity.

The top 50 apps for creative minds

As time has gone on, though, the number of apps helping us do more than passively read, watch and listen has grown. Many also fall into a longer heritage of technology that democratises activities like film-making, photography and music-making. Video and photography apps now contain editing features based on those used in professional software, but made accessible enough for anyone to use in a couple of taps, and music-making apps are reducing the barrier to making listenable sounds.

In all cases, this isn’t about you suddenly becoming a professional just because an app is holding your hand – instead, it’s about opening up the experience of artistic creation to a wider audience. Creativity means different things to different people. Other apps, such as Vine, cater to different levels of skill. IoT.

MOBISTAR. יחידות לימוד מתוקשבות , מערך שיעור 2013. הרציונאל תלמידים רבים כבר חיים במציאות של עולם דיגיטלי ותכנים דיגיטליים, והגבלת והלמידה לסביבת לימוד מסורתית המבוססת על ספרי לימוד עשויה לצמצם את ההתעניינות והסקרנות הטבעית שלהם .

יחידות לימוד מתוקשבות , מערך שיעור 2013

ולכן , החל להתפתח מושג הIU , המוכר כיום כ- INTEGRATED UNIT , מדובר על תפיסה דינאמית יותר להכנת חומרי הלמידה לצורך אתגור התלמידים. Zoomby. DailyTech. HIGH TIMES 2014 Vape Pen Buyer’s Guide. Since our first pen-sized vaporizer review was published last fall, it’s been one of the most viewed and referenced features on our website.

HIGH TIMES 2014 Vape Pen Buyer’s Guide

It seems a lot of you out there want to buy vapor pens, and you look to us to tell you which ones to get. Well, we take that responsibility seriously, and with the flood of new pens on the market, we figured it was high time for round two. Our expert staff reviewed and rated 32 different devices based on their durability, versatility, hit/pull, stealth, style and ease of fill. We broke the products into categories by size: standard (most first-generation vapor pens), short (same width/style as standard but with shorter batteries/ tanks), minis (a flatter, smaller style typical of second- generation pens), cigars (fatter/longer than standard pens) and slims (slimmer than standard pens -- comparable to a cigarette). Most of the products reviewed are for wax or shatter-style concentrates only, but a few canaccommodate flowers or even oil. 2. 3. WhatsApp. The glider: an Appropriate Hacker Emblem. The Linux folks have their penguin and the BSDers their daemon.

The glider: an Appropriate Hacker Emblem

Perl's got a camel, FSF fans have their gnu and OSI's got an open-source logo. What we haven't had, historically, is an emblem that represents the entire hacker community of which all these groups are parts. This is a proposal that we adopt one — the glider pattern from the Game of Life. About half the hackers this idea was alpha-tested on instantaneously said "Wow! Cool! " I first proposed this emblem in October 2003. When you put the glider emblem on your web page, or wear it on clothing, or display it in some other way, you are visibly associating yourself with the hacker culture. Yes, as of a mere four days after this proposal was floated, there are mugs and T-shirts. If you think is about breaking into other peoples' computers, those of us the emblem was invented for do not want you displaying it. I used to have a prohibition against commercial use here. Discover over 70,000+ databases and specially search engines. Thinking Map Templates - Smart Notebook.

Ninite - Install or Update Multiple Apps at Once. Bookmarks. Aplicaciones Android en Google Play. Twitter Tools. Get more from the apps you love - IFTTT. Socioboard - Generate More leads on Social Media. Interesting Search Engines. Facial Recognition Search Engine. Find People On Google+ - Google+ Directory. Полезные курсы и книги. 100 Useful Tips and Tools to Research the Deep Web.

By Alisa Miller Experts say that typical search engines like Yahoo!

100 Useful Tips and Tools to Research the Deep Web

And Google only pick up about 1% of the information available on the Internet. The rest of that information is considered to be hidden in the deep web, also referred to as the invisible web. So how can you find all the rest of this information? This list offers 100 tips and tools to help you get the most out of your Internet searches. Meta-Search Engines Meta-search engines use the resources of many different search engines to gather the most results possible.

SurfWax. Semantic Search Tools and Databases Semantic search tools depend on replicating the way the human brain thinks and categorizes information to ensure more relevant searches. Hakia. General Search Engines and Databases. The Ultimate List of Content Curation Tools and Platforms. Search. Web2.0 Tools for Teachers and Students. Mass Communication. Interesting Search Engines. Top of the Web. Follow Springo on : Find top sites My top sites Top Sites News Music Video Sports Online Games Shopping Maps Photos Movies Select your setting:

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