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CHARACTER DESIGN REFERENCES. ‪Timelapse Digital Painting -003-‬‏ ‪Digital Painting Process: Creature Design - Peter Stapleton‬‏ ‪Digital Painting Tutorial - Cartoon Render‬‏ ‪How to draw rocks? (FR with ENGLISH SUBS)‬‏ ‪Making of a Character in Photoshop (Line in Paint Tool Sai)‬‏ Urbanmotherblog בלוג אימהות אורבנית. כאמא לארבעה ילדים, אני מוצאת את עצמי לא פעם מחפשת מתנות מקוריות לילדי ולחבריהם, לימי הולדת וחגים.

urbanmotherblog בלוג אימהות אורבנית

עבור הילדים אין כמו מתנה שמותאמת במיוחד עבורם וייחודית להם. כשקיבלתי את החבילה מניקניים (nickname) ופתחתי אותה הופתעתי, כי לא ציפיתי לרמת השקעה כזו גבוה. כל פריט בחבילה היה ארוז בשקית נפרדת וחתום במדבקה, על מנת להגן עליו והספר היה מונח בתוך קופסת מתנה צבעונית. ניכר כי בניקניים חושבים על הפרטים הקטנים. אז מה היה בחבילה בניקניים חשבו על כל אחד מהילדים והקדישו לו מתנה אישית ומיוחדת לו. נעם בן 9.5, קיבל מחברת ספירלה. תמר 7.5, קיבלה חוברת ללימוד ציור דמויות מהאגדות. אמיר 5, קיבל חוברת צביעה אישית לפסח + חבילת צבעים. טליה 2.5, קיבלה ספר שנקרא הטיול של טליה בגן החיות. בסך הכל מאוד התרשמתי מאיכות המוצרים של ניקניים. אם אתם מחפשים מתנה לחג ובכלל, שתהיה יחודית, אישית ולא יקרה, אני מאוד ממליצה על ניקנייםאפשר למצוא באתר מבחר של מתנות, חוברות צביעה ולמידה, מארזים לבית ספר, מדבקות, ספרים, פאזלים, קופסאות אוכל, שלטים לדלת עוד.

Yarn Egg Surprise Tutorial. I love how these yarn eggs turned out for Easter.

Yarn Egg Surprise Tutorial

I wished I had finished them earlier and made more to decorate around the house. But I think I’ll try to make more, just not in egg shape. The yarn eggs were so simple to make and the surprise inside made it a great gift idea. Just cut the egg open to get the surprise inside. If you make something inspired by Simply Modern Mom, please upload pictures of it to our Flickr group to show it off to everyone. Papier-mache easter eggs. For Easter I made papier-mache polka dotted eggs.

papier-mache easter eggs

I created them using small water balloons and tissue paper then I filled them with candy and toys and sealed them shut. The egg can hold a surprising amount of candy and the tissue paper seems delicate making for a delightfully heavy and yet fragile object, much like real egg. Also like a real egg you have to break the shell to get at what’s inside. Drown Your Eyeballs in Rayman: Origins' Gorgeous Concept Art. Makes me sad that Ubisoft released this at the worst possible time in November right next to much bigger releases and better known franchises.

Drown Your Eyeballs in Rayman: Origins' Gorgeous Concept Art

It would've done better sometime in the next year, but I'm glad it exists. The game really is stunning, and I almost bought it again for the PC. Grandminimus: High-res tree pieces from Rayman... Reasons why RAYMAN Legends needs its own art book. Being late to the game (as usual), I just recently decided to pick up an Xbox 360.

Reasons why RAYMAN Legends needs its own art book

I downloaded some games, TV show apps, and finally purchased and finished my first game: Southpark – The Stick of Truth. After binging on some RPG I needed a new fix, a platformer. But this time I wanted to play something that something my kids could also enjoy. Enter Rayman:Legends. Besides the fun game play, it has beautifully illustrated characters and backgrounds. The Last Night by Tim & Adrien Soret. מוצרים של ניקניים- מתנות אישיות ומקוריות לילדים. ניקניים - מתנות אישיות לילדים. Find the Best Price on Second Hand Books. Hilarious Moments Compliation‬‏ 1294771370.jpg (550×835) Deadpool Test Footage. KADWORK. Rayman Legends - 2D VFX - Ubisoft. New Arrival G Like Iron Men Spiderman Summer Sports Casual Breathable Quick Dry jersey T shirt S~4XL-in T-Shirts from Apparel.

2014 New Arrival G-Like Summer Sports Casual Breathable Quick Dry jersey T shirt Condition:New with tags Size:S,M,L,XL,XXL,XXXL,4XL.

New Arrival G Like Iron Men Spiderman Summer Sports Casual Breathable Quick Dry jersey T shirt S~4XL-in T-Shirts from Apparel

‪Culinero‬‏ 80 Prefect Free Photoshop Web Buttons PSD - SharkWebstyle. Home » Art » Photoshop Inspiration » 80 Prefect Free Photoshop Web Buttons PSD on 19 July 2011 / 11 comments If you’re a web designer, aside from having the best website host, the appearance of your site is just as important.

80 Prefect Free Photoshop Web Buttons PSD - SharkWebstyle

Things like fonts, colors, buttons and images is one of the reasons you just can’t have enough buttons to experiment with in your designs. Buttons add a ton of personality to your site, so much so that they can often define much of the impression of the aesthetic quality of the page. Pins from on Pinterest. ILLINK. Amnesia by hyperdude111 on deviantART. Light psd by meo by cooliographistyle on deviantART. Price Table and Award Set PSD by NishithV on deviantART. Free cartoon fonts. Premium Web Templates, Email Templates, Responsive Templates, Mobile Templates, Free Templates. Online Portfolios on Behance.

‪Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Official Trailer (2014) Megan Fox HD‬‏ Cartoons character on Pinterest. Model sheets of characters from Animated Films. Flash FX Animation: #2 - Smoke. Play with the timing, line test your animation with a quick Movie export (SWFs never play in real-time so don't bother unless it's a very small and simple clip).

Flash FX Animation: #2 - Smoke

Once you've cleanned all your animation, you can position, size up, rotate, and convert to a self-contained symbol if you wish. Use the Edit Multiple Frames button (located just below the timeline) to select multiple frames of artwork at once for quick and easy edits in scale, angle, color and line weight of all your artwork. Now you can paint your animation, take that paint bucket, choose your color and start click-filling frame by frame. Then Edit Multiple Frames button, and choose the Eraser tool on the Erase Lines setting, zoom out of your stage all the way, expand the Edit Multiple Frames range finder on your timeline to cover all your line art and click and drag to erase all the lines on all your frames at once, leaving just the paint. Flash Fx - Animation Pack. Let me talk about this huge and complete motion graphics package.

Flash Fx - Animation Pack

It contain over 100 quick animations, that will give a perfect look and more dynamic to your motion design pieces. You can use it separately or compose it each others, use full screen or scaled down, keep this look or change colors easely with your favorite software…So it’s up to you make your own graphics composition with them. All animations are rendered in a QuickTime PNG with an alpha channel with a full hd resolution (30fps). A usefull preview gallery is provided, please take a look at the full package content in this gallery : Postmortem: Humble Hearts' Dust: An Elysian Tail. Postmortem: Humble Hearts' Dust: An Elysian Tail By Dean Dodrill,Alex Kain In this candid and detailed postmortem, developer Dean Dodrill tells the tale of the challenging and largely solo development of Summer of Arcade hit Dust: An Elysian Tail, a title that took him over three years to create.

Postmortem: Humble Hearts' Dust: An Elysian Tail

I had always loved video games, and thought making my own would be cool. Animation on Pinterest. Pins from on Pinterest. Animation on Pinterest. 物件表現 on Pinterest. Pin by Ms Miez on inspiration. Expressions on Pinterest. CG Woman on Pinterest. Refs on Pinterest. Animation on Pinterest. Water Splash by AlexRedfish on deviantART. 2D Character Rigging tutorial using Adobe Flash.

Example Animation from the 2D Character Rigging Tutorial. Free Tutorial on Inverse Kinematics in Flash CS4 or CS5. Rayman Legends - Opening cinematic. Rayman Legends - 2D Character Animation. SickFrog. SickFrog. ערי הזהב הנסתרות. Videos. Videos. Useful Flash Cartoon Tutorials. As well as giving more capabilities to cartoon animators, Adobe Flash gives more chance to learn cartoon and learn animation for Flash users. Adobe Flash lets you create cartoon animation with the same tool you used to use in creating websites, games, interfaces…etc.

Cartoon animation in Flash has alot of tips and tricks as well as different techniques to create different cartoon styles and animation. However, below are different free cartoon tutorials to tell you how to create cartoon through small but cool tutorials. You can also receive these tutorials complete at your email by subscribing to our Free Resources News here . This tutorial startes from the beginning by showing how to draw cartoon in Flash and convert it into a Flash illustration that is ready to be animated. Moving this animation, this free cartoon tutorial course starts to teach you how to animate cartoon in Flash using Flash animation basics such as Motion Tweening, Shape Tweening…etc. ‪Tangled Alternative Opening 2‬‏ Beast pencil transformation (Beauty and the Beast) Preston Blair - Advanced Animation by Black Rider.

Let's Animate: February 2013. As I am figuring out how to animate, what software to use etc..I might as well share my learning experiences. For this week I am animating a ball who figures himself to be quite the superman. ~אזעקה~~~ ‪Minions banana‬‏ טבעונות חלב וסידן. כבר פתרנו את סוגיית הברזל והחלבון לצמחונים וטבעונים. [101 Dalmatians // Concept Art] on Pinterest. 09 Dog,Wolf /References on Pinterest. Character on Pinterest. The great mouse detective.

Characters on Pinterest. Female Character Reference on Pinterest. Mouth Shapes & Expressions on Pinterest. Inspiring illustrations. ILLINK. White Buffalo Slot Machine Art. Last year at Cadillac Jack Games I had the pleasure of being the Lead Artist on Legend of the White Buffalo, which broke all of the company's previous performance records. I've grown a lot since then, but I'm still proud of the work. Here's a sample, and more to come. Here's the rough concept art for the main screen, reels, and symbols. All done in photoshop. This art is © and TM Cadillac Jack Games 2013 Here is the final art that appears in the game. There is a lot more art to from this game coming up later this week. Pins from on Pinterest. Most appreciated projects on Behance. Games on Behance. London Photography Red Phone Box by EyePoetryPhotography. Enchanted Forest II by JJcanvas on deviantART.

The tower among the iceland by Pervandr on deviantART. Kinderdijk, Netherlands-SOLD by tilenti on deviantART. September Flame by fear-sAs on deviantART. Fast sketch by fear-sAs on deviantART. ‪Gobelins 2013 - Sawa‬‏ Reflections - soundtrack, Composed - ady cohen, Saxophones - Nitsan Ein Habar. ‪Simon's Cat‬‏ Captain Croc! by Alfonso Rosso. Character Exploration. I have been recently in Costa Rica and I saw these monsters live and in the nature! It was very refreshing and really inspiring.

So, I thought It would be nice to add him with my character... The sword was not working so I changed it for the gun, also the crocodile was too small... Musketeer by Alexander Santos. Are you an illustrator trying to hone in on your style? Or are you a beginner who wants to know the ins and outs of cartooning your character? On paper or on screen, this class is for you! I am an illustrator specializing in character development and design. I have been developing my stylized, cartooned characters for years, and I am going to share with you my best illustration tips and processes for developing your own!

What You'll Learn. ORIEL BERKOVITS. ‪How To Draw Better In 2 Minutes‬‏ Character Design Animals on Pinterest. Denis Zilber Art Blog. Danussa's Portfolio on Shutterstock. The Art of Dan Sprogis. Loish blog. ‪Cherry Pinup 081 : CHRISTMAS SPECIAL‬‏ ‪HOW TO DRAW CHERRY - 8 HOUR MEGA PIN-UP COURSE‬‏