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Free eLearning Trial. Interested in providing your students with access to hundreds of industry standard training videos, interactive challenges, virtual environments and more?

Free eLearning Trial

Take the Futura Group eCoach for a test drive to see how easy it is to provide your students with a flexible and engaging eLearning environment that they can use from their PC, iPad or tablet. Take a Video Tour: Use online resources exclusively, or in tandem with our printed workbooks to cater to different learning styles. 100% iPad Compatible HTML5 is the best way to deliver cross-platform content that can be used in almost any way. Why choose the eCoach? Who uses eCoach? Here are just a few of the organisations using eCoach in their training and education delivery… Andragogy. Andragogy consists of teaching strategies focused on adults.


It is often interpreted as the process of engaging adult learners with the structure of learning experience. Definitions[edit] Two primary understandings of ‘andragogy’ currently exist: The science of understanding (= theory) and supporting (= practice) lifelong and life-wide education of adults.In the tradition of Malcolm Knowles, a specific theoretical and practical approach, based on a humanistic conception of self-directed and autonomous learners and teachers as facilitators of learning.

Interpreted broadly throughout the academic literature, the term also invites such definitions as ‘adult education practice,’ ‘desirable values,’ ‘specific teaching methods,’ ‘reflections,’ and ‘academic discipline,' with many authors claiming it to be better than traditional adult education. The term has been used by some to allow discussion of contrast between self-directed and 'taught' education.[1] History[edit] Academic discipline[edit] M. David Merril(2)

1/29/2010 By: M.

M. David Merril(2)

David Merrill is an instructional effectiveness consultant and professor emeritus at Utah State University. He has been a major contributor to the field of instructional technology, especially around first principles of instruction, as outlined in five steps of engagement. Instruction occurs when the learner: engages in solving real-world problems, uses existing knowledge as the basis for new learning, receives a demonstration of new knowledge, applies new knowledge and integrates that knowledge. Merrill currently teaches online courses at Brigham Young University Hawaii and University of Hawaii. T&L contributing editor Matt Bolch spoke with Mr.

MB: So what's the difference between information and instruction?? MB: Do modern teaching methods recognize this difference?? MB:What shortcomings do you see in today's k-12 environment as it relates to learning? Duolingo Is a Crowdsourced Translation Service that Teaches French. Learning a new language is tedious and demands a lot of practice.

Duolingo Is a Crowdsourced Translation Service that Teaches French

Luis von Ahn doesn’t want all that effort to be wasted. In fact, it might be a gold mine. Von Ahn, a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon University, is the co-creator of Duolingo, a free language-­learning site that turns students into an online workforce. His software uses their answers to simple exercises in a translation service that he expects to charge money for. It’s clever stuff: an education that pays for itself. Duolingo, which launched in June, has raised $18.3 million in venture funding (see “Startup Has Language Learners Translating the Web”).

The company is going up against popular language software such as Rosetta Stone (itself a less costly alternative to in-person lessons). “Most language-learning software providers have no incentive for you to learn,” he says. That’s why the company’s 20 employees in Pittsburgh spend most of their time getting the software to teach better. Build Your E-Learning Business Model - Associations Now Magazine.

Build Your E-Learning Business Model Associations Now, March 2011 , Feature By:Jon Aleckson The Chief Marketing Officer Council is an impressive association that has carved out a unique niche despite formidable competition for members' time and attention.

Build Your E-Learning Business Model - Associations Now Magazine

Its successful learning programs include live meetings, e-learning, and published material, all focused on topics surfaced by members as highly important. The CMO Council is not trying to serve all marketers. Instead, it has a narrower target market—top marketing officers with 15 years of experience. Success stories like the CMO Council tend to start with leaders making disciplined, strategic decisions. E-learning is one area where associations could use an extra dose of that discipline and strategy. What is missing, in many cases, is a clear business model for e-learning efforts. In this article, we'll examine several e-learning initiatives from a business perspective.

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