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Morplan is the number one supplier to the UK's retail and fashion industries. Next day delivery available & competitive prices on all retail supplies. Website :

Morplan Limited. Child Mannequin. Where to get Carrier Bags printed. Morplan Retail Shop. Various Type of Coat Hangers - Morplan. Online Disposable Gloves. Antibacterial Hand Washing. Recommendation for the washing of hands, and the use of hand sanitiser, are now widespread across the UK.

Antibacterial Hand Washing

This article is a quick guide on hand sanitisers and their usefulness – with much of the information taken from official sources. However, there is much more in-depth information available on official websites. One place we recommend is the HSE website for the UK Gov: Why is it effective? Hand sanitiser is certainly a useful method to help stop the spread of harmful germs and viruses, and its definitely worth encouraging customers to do so when entering your business. Should you or your staff be handling food, plants, soil/dirt, sports equipment, harmful chemicals like pesticides and heavy metals, or you work outdoors or in a garage – be sure to wash your hands with warm soapy water. How to use it? Taken from the CDC website: “The steps for hand sanitiser use are based on a simplified procedure recommended by CDC.

Special Offers at Morplan. Sneeze Guards & Protection Screens. As one of the UK’s leading retail suppliers for over 175 years we are doing our part in providing sneeze guards, hygiene barriers to allow businesses to reopen and keep their staff and customers safe.

Sneeze Guards & Protection Screens

Effective barrier Hygiene Guards and Sneeze Screens are designed to keep a shielded social distance between your staff and customers. They can provide protection at till points, between tables & desks, queue lines or entrances. Safe distanceSneeze Screens can be used to provide needed distance between customer, staff and even products – such are lining walkways, keeping customers a safe distance from till points, or shielding food produce.

Easy to clean Our hygiene guards and sneeze screens are made from a variety of plastic and acrylic, making them easy to wipe clean using standard cleaning methods – we sell a range of approved cleaning products here. Safe retail spaces Office and work spaces Our Hanging Space Dividers can be hung between office desks to provide an effect, wipe clean barrier. Clothes Steamers Online. Multipurpose Sneeze Guards. A Definitive Guide to Using Sneeze Guards at Work Places - Morplan Blog. As businesses have started to bounce back, protecting employees and customers tops the list of priorities for nearly every company, agency, institution and establishment worldwide.

A Definitive Guide to Using Sneeze Guards at Work Places - Morplan Blog

While the government directives to practice social distancing and wear face masks have become the norm, businesses are personally keen on going the extra mile to minimise the risk of contamination and human exposure to infection-causing germs. That’s where PPE (personal Protective Equipment) comes in. Morplan Retail Provides New Branding Service - Just Add Your Logo to Hangers, Suit Covers, Gown Covers and Bags. Morplan now have the widest range of customisable / branded retail products to enable retailers to offer their customers a full brand experience.

Morplan Retail Provides New Branding Service - Just Add Your Logo to Hangers, Suit Covers, Gown Covers and Bags

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 18 July 2016 Now fashion retailers as well as " bridal shops dress hire outlets and dry cleaners - can all brand their suit and gown carriers quickly, easily and professionally. With minimum orders taken for as few as 50 items even specialist boutiques can afford to increase their brand awareness, and because the service is offered by Morplan – who also sell the suit and gown carriers – prices are kept to a minimum. Morplan has been offering a personalised logo printing service for some years now – primarily focusing on paper carrier bags & plastic carrier bags, hangers, size markers, tickets and labels – but the move to offering branded suit and gown carriers offers more longevity of brand visibility since these items inevitably have a longer shelf life.

Share article on social media or email: Skin-Safe Hand Sanitisers. Personal Protective Equipment PPE - Morplan. Multipurpose Latext Disposable Gloves. Sneeze Guards - Morplan Ltd. 3-Ply Face Masks & Reusable Face Covers. Morplan Adds Panache Mannequins to Their Range. HARLOW, England, January 31, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Morplan is delighted to announce the addition of the Panache Display range of mannequins and display accessories to the portfolio of products it offers to UK retailing.

Morplan Adds Panache Mannequins to Their Range

Since the 'glam' days of the 1970s, Panache Display has been a lead player in the global fashion business - producing ever-changing looks to set its own trends in mannequin design and visual display - while establishing an enviable reputation for quality as well as creativity. (Logo: ) Sneeze Guards. Disposable Gloves - Nitrile, Latex or Vinyl, which would you choose? - Morplan Blog. With the continued development of safety regulations regarding COVID-19 and PPE, it’s becoming more common to see people wearing disposable gloves in certain situations.

Disposable Gloves - Nitrile, Latex or Vinyl, which would you choose? - Morplan Blog

However, when it comes to your business, staff and clients, there is all sorts of information to go by. As such, the services you provide or products you sell may have an impact of whether or not you and your staff need to wear nitrile, latex or vinyl gloves. Should I use them? As taken from the ECDC (European Centenaries for Disease Prevention and Control): However, if you work in a medical environment: Filla Gap Paper By Morplan. Buy Paper Bags. What Face Mask Or Face Coverings Should You Be Wearing. Skin-Safe Hand Sanitisers. Waste no more with Morplan’s food dispensers. Wooden Coat Hangers. Wooden Coat Hangers are a fantastic way to give your store that sophisticated edge.

Wooden Coat Hangers

They are perfect for all types of clothing, such as childrenswear, womenswear, menswear and sportswear.With such a vast selection of different wood finishes, you really are spoilt for choice. Including natural wood, white wood, black wood, dark wood, antique wood, American style and suit hangers.Alongside this, we have many different accessories available such as velvet tips, soft touch, shoulder grips and security cables, to ensure your hangers are as secure and useful as possible. We also sell children’s wooden coat hangers so the full range of clothing in your store can be on matching hangers. Alongside this, we sell clamp coat hangers and peg coat hangers (both available in children’s sizes) so even the most difficult of garments can be hung.

If that’s not enough, you can personalise your hangers to have your logo on them so that your customers always remember you. Face Shields. Antibacterial Hand Gel. Buy Paper Bags. Wire Hangers. Personal Protection Equipment -PPE. Clothes Rails. Purple Stripe Flat-Handle Carrier Bags. Purple Stripe Flat-Handle Carrier Bags. Paper Carrier Bags. Wooden Coat Hangers. Childrens Coat Hangers. Super Heavy Duty Clothing Rails. Shopping Trolleys - Red. A Hanger for Every Retail Need. Wire hangers have their own story to tell.

A Hanger for Every Retail Need

Those that are cheap and lightweight are many a time given to customers free of cost. Think of the last time you got any clothing item back from dry cleaning. Then there are the heavier ones that don't bend easily and can be extremely useful to a retail store owner whose shop isn't really a fancy showroom. Shop Equipment.