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Proyectos Ajenos

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Proyecto Fin de Carrera Arquitectura » Escuela de Arquitectura. Te presentamos una selección de los proyectos realizados por los alumnos de esta Facultad. Una selección de los trabajos presentados más originales a lo largo de los últimos años. Trabajos en los que se pueden observar dos aspectos, ambos equivalentes en relevancia. Uno, la solvencia profesional adquirida por los ya titulados que los suscriben.

El segundo, la diversidad en cuanto a posiciones y líneas de trabajo, que son muestra de la libertad con que se plantea nuestra enseñanza. Esta delicada alquímia entre solvencia profesional y desarrollo personal es la que cuidamos y perfeccionamos día a día en nuestra Escuela de Arquitectura pero también en el conjunto de la Universidad Europea de Madrid. Gonzalo del Val Marijuan. Proyecto Fin de Carrera de Ander Cia. Supongo que cada uno tiene una manera de afrontar un proyecto en la escuela, más si se trata de un fin de carrera.

Proyecto Fin de Carrera de Ander Cia

Algunos buscarán referencias directas, otros comenzarán dibujando directamente sobre el papel o incluso en el ordenador lo que tienen en la cabeza, incluso supongo que hay quien tiene muy claro desde el principio lo que quiere hacer y como quiere hacerlo y solo necesita representarlo para luego ir puliéndolo. Yo suelo empezar leyendo. The Presidents Medals: Winners. Find current projects. Horhizon. Horhizon Unit E at Oxford Brookes University. Colectivo Cuartoymitad. Manu-facturas. PRAT_JOLU. The Cloud Collective.

Free Association Design FAD

TRIANGULATION BLOG. The architect Borja Abellán presents the Antartic Observatory, this project was his Dissertation of Architecture at the University of Alicante.


The project consists in a observatory to control the icebergs in Antarctica,the main ideas are the aerodynamics form, to resist the push hard the wind, for his great speeds. The form of the observatory can allow snow provide thermal insulation and water supply, leaving half-buried. And finally, the facade is translucent, because the continent during half a year is day and which would save energy. The structure responds to these requests, because it is a rigid structure , and the envolpe distributing loads, like a shell, so that the differentials seats are minimal. The main structure is of laminated-wood, and the shell is of stainless steel. The envelope is made with Corian, translucent, and the interior envelope is with Corian too. The waterproof layer is with fiberglass with polyester resin, so you get the translucent facade or envelope.

El BulliFoundation. Como ya lo sabes ayer se presentó en MadridFusión los planes de Ferrán Adriá para el mejor restaurante del mundo. El Bulli deja de servir comidas para convertirse en El Bulli Fundación. El arquitecto elegido para la transformación del precioso entorno en Roses, al norte de Cataluña es Enric Ruiz-Geli Todo el proceso del proyecto se ha acelerado, ya que se presentaría en Junio de este año, pero dado que la cita de Madrid Fusión estaba a tiro de piedra se quizo aprovechar el foro elBullifoundation©Cloud 9 1. nos encontramos en el PARQUE NATURAL DEL CAP DE CREUS. 2. queremos proteger, conservar y AUMENTAR la BIODIVERSIDAD.

Weak Monuments: un álbum de Flickr. #followarch: zira02. Léopold Lambert. Léopold Lambert is an architecture student in Pratt Institute Graduate School of Architecture and also editor of the fantastic blog boiteaoutils.

Léopold Lambert

We have published before onother student project by Léopold called Kili No Nara and this time we have Lost in the Line, a project presented as a comic book that analyzes the relationship of the lines that we all are used to draw on paper with other ways of using metaphorically the reference to drawed lines as means of control and power. As requested by Léopold, we’re going to use the integral version of the article he sent, as this is a project that can be interpreted in many ways, he would like to explain his position: “Architecture is the discipline that attributes physicality to the lines trace on paper.

In this regard, the architect wields the power to separate milieus by the mean of those lines, thereby applying a tremendous violence upon the bodies that become prisoners within. Borderline. Utopia London. "Have no fear that our energetic London children will let themselves be railroaded into a conveyor-belt, computerized uniformity".

Utopia London

Ashley Bramall, Leader, Inner London Education Authority, October 1970 Photo: Pimlico School before demolition. © Utopia London/Tom Cordell Pimlico School was opened in 1969 as London's flagship comprehensive school. John Bancroft's futuristic design reflected the ambitions of the 1960s - to use the latest technology to create a egalitarian and open society. Images that bring ideas to life and frame the climate change debate in a way that everyone can understand. Port of London Authority (The Rise and Fall of the Icon) “When the earth was last four degrees warmer, there was no ice at either pole.”

Port of London Authority (The Rise and Fall of the Icon)

Mark Lynas, Six Degrees Both the intergovernmental panel of climate change and the Met Office Hadley Centre predict a possible temperature rise of four degrees in the next millennium. A four degree world will result in the re-organisation of the planet. Humanity must begin to ask how such environmental change, rather than being seen as a threat, is in fact a generator to reconfigure our cities and create new altered urban models. Architectural Association School of Architecture Projects Review 2010. Design Research LAB MArch StartStop(3) New Architecture, New Century: The AA School 2010.

Architectural Association School of Architecture Projects Review 2010

Colours In Cultures. What colour is happiness in China?

Colours In Cultures

Or good luck in Africa? Or anger in Eastern Europe? Are any colour meanings universal across cultures and continents? A visualisation of the meanings of different colours in different cultures by David McCandless and EXTRA A short photo story about how a version of this image ended up as the 91st and final cover design of our book, Information is Beautiful. If you like this image, you can order an amazing full-colour print of it. ** Nigel Peake - Thesis Project ** Laboratorio de Técnicas y Paisajes Contemporáneos. Traductor. SISA – Social Impact Sustainable Architecture. 2009 AA Prize for Unbuilt Entrants. Abril 2009. Forms of Energy.

abril 2009

Rietveld Landscape - Projects. Zuloark. eco boulevard . ensanche vallecas. concurso emv. pH07 paisajes Habitados. Pfc exhibicionista. LEON 11. III Congreso internacional de arquitectura CONSTRUTEC COAM. Dip-6_040927. AA Visiting School en Chile – Parte 2.