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Top 6 Reasons Why Customer Returns a Product. Understanding your customer is the biggest goal in any business whether you’re in eCommerce or running a brick-and-mortar store.

Top 6 Reasons Why Customer Returns a Product

Every retailer tries to develop a long relationship with his customers through various Customer Engagement tricks, but still, he has to face customer returns. It gets annoying when the customer places a return order. You might have the customer return policy due to which you will have to issue a refund. We will see why a customer might return the product. Using this, you can easily improve this and decrease the return orders. What is return in Online Shopping In online shopping, a return is when the customer has bought an item and after a while, they place a return request saying that they no longer want the product and want a refund. What is the hassle to handle a customer return?

In most cases, you will have to accept the return and give a refund. alternatively, the best way to handle a return is by replacing the item instead of issuing a refund. 4. 5. 6. SSL- A must for an eCommerce Store. SSL has become a crucial thing for a website, blog, or eCommerce Business.

SSL- A must for an eCommerce Store

If you are not using it on your Online Store, you are missing out a lot. In this article, we are going to see all the things you need to understand about SSL. How do you know your website is secure or not? You can simply open your website, if it shows HTTPS in the front of your website then the SSL is enabled else you might want to add it. What is SSL? Benefits of having Multiple Payment Gateway on Your Online Store. It has become crucial have to have multiple payment gateway integrations on your eCommerce store.

Benefits of having Multiple Payment Gateway on Your Online Store

Gone are the days when you could simply use one payment gateway and it would do the work. We will see why you need multiple online payments and how it will be beneficial for you. Why we need Payment Gateway It’s important to have multiple gateways because of many reasons. You always want to make sure that the user gets all the facilities. How Social Networking Sites Influence e-Commerce. eCommerce is growing everywhere.

How Social Networking Sites Influence e-Commerce

In this digital era, social networking sites apply for a great role. If you are not using social media to promote your eCommerce store, you are missing out a lot. A social networking site is capable of bringing a huge amount of sales alone. Many popular networks continue to innovate with new features, particularly around eCommerce. How to use MoreCustomersApp Product Variant Module. Product variant means how many variations of an individual product are available.

How to use MoreCustomersApp Product Variant Module

Variants are mainly attributed to color, size, weight, etc. For example, if a product such as a t-shirt is available in five different sizes and four different colors, then there is a total of 20 variations of the same product. In an Online Shop customers view the product page and given the choice of different variations. He can buy multiple variations offered like Green Color T-Shirt of M size. eCommerce Sellers can club price variation too. MoreCustomersApp brings easy to integrate and operate Product Variation Module. Price: every product variant has its own public price. Retail in India saw Major change through these 7 Technologies. The retail market is changing with the digital era.

Retail in India saw Major change through these 7 Technologies

With IoT(internet of things) the line between Offline and Online is blurring. When we think of retail we think of websites. If you are planning to get the most out of retail in India, you will have to take the complete leverage of these 7 technologies that are booming in the market. 7 technology that enhanced Retail in India Retail eCommerce: This is a booming industry where all the people should take part.

Read the complete article here: SetUp RazorPay Payment Gateway for your MoreCustomersApp Online Store. As online business and activities boomed in recent years, online payments have become a significant part of the e-commerce industry.

SetUp RazorPay Payment Gateway for your MoreCustomersApp Online Store

We no longer use only credit or debit cards to make online payments. Now there are payment gateways that support multiple payment options like Net Banking, Digital Wallet, Cards, Payment Wallet, etc to have online transactions. Earlier we have posted a Blog on Why RazorPay important for our eCommerce Store. Knowing the importance Enable the Razorpay Payment gateway and allow your customers to make Online Payments on your MoreCustomersApp eCommerce Store. How Technology plays a major role in Customer Satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is the must-have thing if you are in the retail industry.

How Technology plays a major role in Customer Satisfaction

To make the online shopping experience better, retailers need to see customer satisfaction. One of the major things that play an important role here is technology. With the growing technology, it has become a lot easier to satisfy the customer’s need. The recommendation systems or user-generated reviews do half of the work. Why You Should Use RazorPay Gateway on Your eCommerce Site. Considering the year 2020, many parameters of Online Shopping have changed.

Why You Should Use RazorPay Gateway on Your eCommerce Site

Customers are now demanding Online Payments on the eCommerce website. Do you know, many people won’t buy your product if you don’t have their preferred payment gateway? There are many preferred payment gateways like PayPal, InstaMOJO, Stripe, RazorPay, M-Pesa, etc for Online Store owners. Let’s dive in a little deeper and see things from start.

SAAS Platforms/Customizable eCommerce Platforms or Custom Built Software - Make the Right choice. When you are building an eCommerce store, it’s necessary to know about the eCommerce platform.

SAAS Platforms/Customizable eCommerce Platforms or Custom Built Software - Make the Right choice

Today there are many options available and it confuses what to choose. In simpler words, you will have to decide whether you want to go with SaaS platforms, customizable software or you have to use custom design and code for building your website. Every business depending upon its size has a different requirements. eCommerce Subscription Model- Best for Small Businesses. The cost of creating an eCommerce website is sky-high and it also requires technical know-how. If you want to start your eCommerce store, the subscription-based model is the best one you can go with. An eCommerce subscription model is one that charges customers a small recurring fee to manage their Online Store—usually monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly.

What is a Subscription Model? A subscription is a place where you pay a small fee (monthly) to the service and in return, they will provide you a software to create the website. You don’t need to worry about the technical things, server, or anything else. How covid affected small businesses? Why Return Policy important for the eCommerce Store? When you are creating an eCommerce store, a return policy will play an important role. Without a return policy, customers won’t trust your website. Further, all eCommerce websites that sell online must have a return policy or an exchange policy, or a cancellation policy in case any customer decides to return or cancel the goods purchased. To refund literally means to pay a customer back who is not satisfied with the goods or services purchased online. What are the returns? Questions to Ask before building an Online Store or choose an eCommerce Platform. Are you planning to build your eCommerce store?

One of the most difficult things here is to select an eCommerce platform to build the store. We have made your work easier, here are 13 questions you can ask before you make your final decision. 1. What products/services you are selling? By what product, we don’t mean to know about the category. 2. Mobile Apps or Mobile Websites: Which is Right for You? Mobile Apps or Mobile Websites: Which is Right for You in 2021 and Beyond? Mobile apps and websites are two of the most important things that you need to focus on in the current year. According to statistics every day there is an increase in mobile usage. More and More people are using mobile for day to day activities, watching movies, shopping and surfing.

Do you know more than 70% of people use a smartphone and there are roughly 50% of people who uses and prefers tablet? Best Product Reviews PlugIn for MoreCustomersApp Online Store. Why Product Reviews are Important Customer Product Reviews and Rating for any Online Store Seller is very important. They are the direct brand ambassador of your products. After looking at Product Images and Description, visitors will look for the reviews. Ratings/Reviews from previous customers who bought those products make a great impact on sales. Digital Marketing Trends 2021. Digital marketing is one of the trending topics in 2021. People are seeing more and more trends incoming in the current year. Cash On Delivery a preferred Payment Method on Your Online Store in India. Digital Payments saw 50-60% of the increase in eCommerce. Before the pandemic, the people of India believed in Cash on Delivery rather than paying via digital mode.

Pin Code Serviceability Checker on MoreCustomersApp Online Store. Simple tips on Generating Traffic for your Online Store through Social Media. Today 90% of people use Social media like Facebook, Instagram as part of their daily routines. On average a person spends 2-3 hours on social media. The Mass transform of Economy from Restaurants to Retailers due to Covid-19. If we summarize 2020 then… The economy has made more than 22 million jobs vanished in no time.

Online Shop Returns are increasing after the holidays. Due to the pandemic, Online Selling saw a surge this year and hence a lot of returns in the new year. Retailers should see this as an opportunity to gain customer trust and one of the reasons to retain them. During this global pandemic, a lot of things have changed and even the returns. 6 Reasons to Have Responsive websites for eCommerce Store. Responsive websites mean a design that works perfectly well on all the devices whether it’s a mobile phone or tablet. How to Promote Shoppers to Download your Mobile App. When people visit your website, it might not be sure that they will buy from you. However, that’s not the case when they download your mobile app. How to Promote Shoppers to Download your Mobile App. Why eCommerce Store Should have Facebook Messenger Live Chat. Facebook messenger live chat has now become one of the most crucial things for an eCommerce store. Urgency and Scarcity Important Factors for Online Sales.

Bring your Online Store on Google Map. How SEO is Important for eCommerce Store. Product Bundling - An effective marketing for Online Stores. Facebook Messenger and Online Store. Gear up your eCommerce Store for Holidays 2020. How to get Hold Off your Existing Customer Base. Gear up your eCommerce Store for Holidays 2020. Awaiting your First Online Order? Get it in less than a Week. Why Product Photographs Important for eCommerce Sites. Tips to increase the conversion rate of your online store. eCommerce Business Ideas To Try Out In 21st Century. Importance of Website Banners in an eCommerce Business. Times have changed - Digitalization. eCommerce and Live Chat. How to Generate Free Traffic to Your Online Store. Important Tips and Tricks for More Instagram Followers on Your Online Store. Pinterest Marketing - Promote Your Online Store with Pinterest. Retain your eCommerce Customers through the Entire LifeCycle. Importance of “New Arrivals” Page for an eCommerce store to Keep Customers On Your Site.

Perfect eCommerce Product Page Tips and Tricks from MoreCustomersApp. How to Use Free Shipping for Online Store. What's the role of Tiktok in eCommerce Marketing. User-Generated Reviews Important For Online Store. Offers Are Always a Driving Force for All Online Shoppers. Learn Tips to create eCommerce Website. Are You in DIY Business: 10 Things to Make and Sell Online. Build Your Ecommerce Store along with a 9 to 5 Job.

How to choose Payment Gateway for Online Store. Do you want to expand your clothing business. Customer Engagements - For eCommerce Business. 5 Tips for barriers to success of your ecommerce site. HOW TO USE AFFILIATE MARKETING TO GROW YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS. HOW TO CREATE EFFECTIVE PRODUCT LAUNCH ON SOCIAL MEDIA. BUILD AN ONLINE COMMUNITY AND INCREASE YOUR BRAND AWARENESS. Why Digital Marketing is Must for an Ecommerce Store? HOW TO START AN ONLINE CLOTHING BUSINESS-EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW. WHY ECOMMERCE BUSINESS NEEDS RECOMMENDATION ENGINE. Impact Of Corona On Retail Store and What you can Do. Why We Need to Add Coupon Code in eCommerce Store.

Why We Should Add Pop-Up on Online Store ? Schedule Delivery in Your Online Store: MoreCustomersApp. Not A Rocket Science Now !!!!!! Do You... - MorecustomersApp. Here is how you can go online and benefits of online store. eCommerce Website builder Tool Know More about the tool #eCommercestore #website #eCommercesolution #onlinestore… Measure bahaviour of users with the help of google analytics.

Through #inventory management, you can able to track and manage the inventory. #eCommerce #website #Management. Hashtags. MoreCustomersApp sur Twitter : "Benefits of Hashtag !!!!! □Want to build Online □know more about eCommerce Store Builder #onlinestore #socialmediamarketing #Hashtag #MoreCustome. MoreCustomersApp eCommerce Website/Store Builder on LinkedIn: #onlinestore #socialmediamarketing #ecommercestore. Why social media marketing? -Target your audience -Convert audience to customer -Remarketing #socialmediamarketing #digitalmarketing #MoreCustomersApp know more.

Do you use hashtags to promote your business? Pin by MoreCustomersApp on MoreCustomersApp. MoreCustomersApp sur Twitter : "9 Essential Things to Keep in Mind When Designing a Logo □eCommerce #Website builder Tool □Know More about the tool #websitebuilder #ecommercestore #logo #morecustomersapp… Are You Destined for Success? eCommerce Website builder Tool Know More about the tool #smallbusiness #website #onlinestore #traffic…

Communication is at the heart of eCommerce and community. One of the most effective ways to increase socialmedia engagement is to feature your customers and turn them into the brand advertiser. Hey !!! Do you know why we should use push notification what's the #benefits? eCommerce #business challenges faced by your eCommerce Store, Here are the top 5 most common #challenges faced by #eCommerce businesses. #ecommercestore… MoreCustomersApp eCommerce Website/Store Builder on LinkedIn: "How easily you can Add and #Sell Product. Add #Products easily from Your Phone Hassle-free check-out #App #onlinestore #website #ecommercestore " Why you should add Product Variation in your eCommerce Store? by MoreCustomersApp.

Pin by MoreCustomersApp on MoreCustomersApp. All About Hashtags That's You Need To Know. MoreCustomersApp eCommerce Website/Store Builder on LinkedIn: "#hashtag " MoreCustomersApp eCommerce Website/Store Builder on LinkedIn: "Hey !! When You are Posting on Social Media? Are you posting randomly or Observing the best time of Social media? Posting on social media according to their best time can generate more post en. MoreCustomersApp on Instagram: “Customers on your eCommerce Store with marketing and without marketing Know more : Download :…” eCommerce Website builder Tool #onlinebuilderapp #websitebuilder #ecommercestore #onlineshopping #Share #onlinestore #ecomm… MoreCustomersApp eCommerce Website/Store Builder on LinkedIn: "Do you want to build an eCommerce store for your business? There are two ways how you can build an eCommerce Website. There are pro and cons of both way 1. Use an eCommerce Website Builder too.

MoreCustomersApp sur Twitter : "An effective post drives more engagement on your social media and these engagements will convert in sales. You Should ready also Build your eCommerce Website #socialmedia. MoreCustomersApp sur Twitter : "An effective Product #Description can increase your #sales. There are essential steps every #ecommerce business person should mention while writing a product description. You Should also read how-to-write-product-descriptio. MoreCustomersApp sur Twitter : "Download you tube video link #ecommercewebsitebuilder #ecommercesolution #websitestore #websitebuilder #google #search #onlinestore #ecommercewebsite… MorecustomersApp - How to build eCommerce Website for a Business.

Build eCommerce Solution for your business Know More #Ecommercesolution #business #onlinebusiness #webstore #website…