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Republican Party: Is it becoming Fascist? Does The Tea Party suck, or what? 2nd Amendment: Would you support a repeal of it? Gun Control: Will Congress toughen access to guns, or not? Genesis II: Extraterrestrial Oceans Could Host Life. NASA’s battle cry behind the small armada of orbiters, landers and rovers dispatched to Mars is “follow the water!”

Genesis II: Extraterrestrial Oceans Could Host Life

Where there’s water, there could be life, which needs a solvent like water to assemble the complex macromolecules needed for living systems. Mars is covered with geological evidence that it was once a soggy planet. But no longer. One of the most exciting findings to date from the roving field geologist, the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity, was the detection of a dried up ancient stream where water once flowed billions of years ago. Hillary Clinton tells Syria's Assad to quit, leave country. World | Reuters | Updated: June 07, 2012 19:14 IST Istanbul: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Thursday urged Syria's President Bashar al-Assad to hand over power and leave his country, condemning a massacre near the town of Hama that was blamed on his supporters as unconscionable.

Hillary Clinton tells Syria's Assad to quit, leave country

Speaking in Istanbul, Ms Clinton said the United States was willing to work with all members of the UN Security Council, which includes Russia, on a conference on Syria's political future. But that conference would have to start with the premise that Mr Assad and his government give way to a democratic government, she told a news conference. "We are disgusted by what we are seeing," she said, referring to continuing violence in Syria. Should Ayman al-Zawahiri be captured dead or alive? 'Atrocities' could trigger military intervention in Syria, Joint Chiefs chairman warns. May 23, 2012: Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen.

'Atrocities' could trigger military intervention in Syria, Joint Chiefs chairman warns

Martin Dempsey testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington.AP The escalating "atrocities" in Syria could end up triggering a military intervention, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey told Fox News on Monday -- following the massacre that left more than 100 dead. The international community has scrambled to respond to the violence over the weekend, with the recognition that an international peace plan has failed to stem the fighting.

The U.N. Dempsey said Monday, as he has in the past, that military options are being crafted. Was Jesus gay? Probably. Preaching on Good Friday on the last words of Jesus as he was being executed makes great spiritual demands on the preacher.

Was Jesus gay? Probably

The Jesuits began this tradition. Many Anglican churches adopted it. Faced with this privilege in New Zealand's capital city, Wellington, my second home, I was painfully aware of the context, a church deeply divided worldwide over issues of gender and sexuality. Suffering was my theme. I felt I could not escape the suffering of gay and lesbian people at the hands of the church, over many centuries. Gingrich's Laughable Climate Change Denial. Perry may drop presidential bid after Iowa. Preserving Cabrini-Green's images In the sharp sun of an April afternoon, Nate Lanthrum walks through the remains of Cabrini-Green giving away what he has taken.

Perry may drop presidential bid after Iowa

He looks out of place, a white guy carrying a $1,500 Nikon D700 camera, but the residents are used to him by now and greet... Blackhawks thrilled to have Brent Seabrook back. Romney takes Iowa Republican vote by hair's breadth. Analysis: Obama among the winners in Iowa. 2008 Iowa Caucus Victory Speech: Promises Kept. President Obama's Weekly Address: Working Together in the New Year. West Wing Week 12/30/11 or "Best of the West (Wing Week)" Jasper Howell Braxton. December 28, 2011 Jasper Howell Braxton, 72, of 3410 Green Hill Road, Graham died suddenly at UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill on Tuesday, December 27, 2011 at 11:15 p.m.

A native of Alamance County, he was the husband of Linda Mullen Braxton, who survives and the son of Jasper Ira Braxton and Lottie Lee Foust Braxton, both deceased. He was a retired truck driver with ABF and formerly drove for Carolina Freight and Associated Transport. Howell was member of Mt. Olive Baptist Church. In addition to his wife of the home, survivors include two daughters, Beverly Roach Braxton and husband Joel of Snow Camp and Tracy Lynn Lawson; two sons, Michael Braxton and wife Kim and Thomas Alexander “Alex” Braxton, all of Graham; eight grandchildren, Nathan Roach, Kristen Roach, Lindsay Braxton Crutchfield and husband Jonathan, Veronica Dodson, Abegale Lawson, Malissa Braxton, Mason Braxton and Reannon Braxton; two great-grandchildren, Aubrey Crutchfield and Alston Stephens; two sisters, Lynette B. Go Daddy Officially Opposes SOPA. For those who believe GoDaddy didn't eat enough humble pie for backing the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), the company's taken further measures to backtrack on on its earlier support of SOPA.

GoDaddy's president issued an apology Thursday evening pledging to repair relationships with domain holders who bolted to competitors over the issue and to reiterate its oppostion to the proposed legislation. "We have observed a spike in domain name transfers, which are running above normal rates and which we attribute to Go Daddy's prior support for SOPA, which was reversed," GoDaddy CEO Warren Adelman said in a statement delivered to media outlets via email. "GoDaddy opposes SOPA because the legislation has not fulfilled its basic requirement to build a consensus among stake-holders in the technology and Internet communities," he added. Thursday, for example, was declared "MoveYourDomain Day" by GoDaddy competitor Namecheap.

Hillary Clinton. In the 2012 presidential election, the Republican candidate will likely face the long-rumored, Obama-Hillary super ticket, predicts longtime political guru and Bill Clinton administration veteran Robert Reich. “Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden swap places,” Reich wrote in Business Insider on Wednesday. “Biden becomes secretary of state — a position he’s apparently coveted for years. And Hillary Clinton, vice president. ” Jim Messina: Paths to 270 Electoral Votes. Jasper Howell Braxton Obituary: View Jasper Howell Braxton's Obituary by Anonymous - Warning to Major Corporations Supporting SOPA/PIPA.

Will you stay up at least until midnight on New Years EVE? Fighting for Veterans' Jobs: Keep the Pressure on Congress to Pass the President's Jobs Plan. US President Barack Obama joins Google+ US PRESIDENT Barack Obama has joined Google's social network Google+, stepping up his internet presence in preparation for the 2012 presidential election.

US President Barack Obama joins Google+

Obama's verified Google+ page was created yesterday evening and has already garnered over 4,500 +1s, the equivalent of Facebook Likes, in this short space of time, with the number steadily rising as more people become aware of the account. The opening message reads, "Welcome to the Obama 2012 Google+ page. We're still kicking the tires and figuring this out, so let us know what you'd like to see here and your ideas for how we can use this space to help you stay connected to the campaign. " Obama was elected in 2008 after an extensive political campaign that heavily involved the internet, particularly Youtube, which saw millions of hours of video watched by people across the world, saving the Obama campaign many millions of dollars on TV advertising costs while also taking advantage of the popularity of the video web site. President Obama's Weekly Address: Wishing the American people a happy Thanksgiving.

West Wing Week 11/24/11 or "Your Best You" Most liveable alien worlds ranked. 23 November 2011Last updated at 18:59 Saturn's moon Titan bears many similarities to the early Earth Scientists have outlined which moons and planets are most likely to harbour extra-terrestrial life.

Most liveable alien worlds ranked

Among the most habitable alien worlds were Saturn's moon Titan and the exoplanet Gliese 581g - thought to reside some 20.5 light-years away in the constellation Libra. President Obama on Tax Cuts for the Middle Class. 18. Jesus Christ did not Teach Hell. Hell believers argue that Jesus Christ Himself preached more about hell than any other person in the Bible.

18. Jesus Christ did not Teach Hell

In this chapter, we shall see how, where and why hell believers misunderstand and mistranslate Jesus’s words. However, before we do this, let us first highlight four scriptures spoken by Jesus Christ Himself, which categorically prove without any doubt that He did not believe in hell. President Obama Welcomes Guests to "In Performance at the White House: Country Music" President Obama Makes a Statement about the Supercommittee. President Obama Signs a Bill Offering Tax Credits to Business that Hire Veterans. President Obama Speaks to Australian High School Students. NYC Sues Roll-Your-Own Cigarette Shops Over Taxes. President Barack Obama Attends Tree Dedication Ceremony. President Obama Speaks to U.S. and Australian Service Members. Muammar Gaddafi's Son Captured.

Gaddafi's son captured by Zintan fighters. Syria Battle Footage - Syria Free Army defends Baba Amr from Assad Army - Homs - Nov 2011. President Obama's Weekly Address: Creating an Economy Built to Last. President Obama Speaks on Agreement Between Boeing and Lion Air. President Barack Obama Speaks on Burma. Ten reasons why Obama will be reelected in 2012. Watching Republican presidential debate on November 12 on US foreign policy, you might be forgiven if you thought it shed absolutely no light on US foreign policy.

Ten reasons why Obama will be reelected in 2012

After all, by definition ... and by God's good graces ... the views expressed represented those of people who will have precious little influence over America's international course. Only one of these people can be the Republican nominee. And, in part thanks to performances like what Americans saw on Saturday, even that individual is very likely not going to ever be president of the US. As a consequence the vapidity of Herman Cain is irrelevant. The pro-torture stance of the wing-nuts in the group is irrelevant. This means that the 30 minutes of the debate that CBS chose not to air will have a virtually identical impact to the 60 minutes of Obama-bashing, fear-mongering, and peacocking that actually were broadcast. 1. 2.

President Obama on the Relationship Between Australia and the United States. Police, owner differ over dog shooting incident. West Wing Week 11/17/11 - A Preview. President Obama's Great American Smokeout Message. President Barack Obama marks the 36th annual Great American Smokeout Obama by urging smokers to put down cigarettes for good.

President Obama's Great American Smokeout Message

More than 46 million Americans smoke, despite the fact tobacco use is the single largest cause of preventable disease and premature death in the United States. President Barack Obama Speaks about Startup America. Internet titans fight SOPA with full-page NY Times ad. SOPA (Stop Internet Piracy Act) is 'Internet censorship,' says Google & Twitter & Facebook. Jonathan Kitchen/Getty Images Companies such as Google, Twitter and Facebook fear two new bills in Congress - the Stop Internet Piracy Act (SOPA) in the House of Representatives and PROTECT IP Act in the Senate - will lead to Internet censorship. Opponents of a bill designed to protect the rights of film companies and music labels say it could be perverted to censor the Internet in the United States. Hearings in the House of Representatives on the Stop Internet Piracy Act (SOPA) began Wednesday, sparking a campaign by dozens of companies to keep the bill from becoming law.

"We support the bill's stated goals," says an open letter signed by nine Internet companies, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, AOL and eBay. "Unfortunately, the bills as drafted would expose law-abiding U.S. Is God an imaginary character, like Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny, etc? President Obama's News Conference with Prime Minister Gillard of Australia. Google argues against U.S. online piracy bill. RIP FREEDOM OF SPEECH. American Censorship Day November 16 - Join the fight to stop SOPA. Jupiter’s moon Europa: Lake theory boosts hopes for life. “Europa has the best chance of having life there today,” said Britney Schmidt, who studies the moon at the University of Texas at Austin and led the new study appearing in the journal Nature.

Such lakes could provide a habitat for life or act as channels for organic compounds on Europa’s surface to be drawn into the moon’s far deeper ocean, said Don Blankenship, a geophysicist and Europa specialist also at the University of Texas. In the 1990s, NASA’s Galileo probe found strong evidence of a deep, briny ocean covering the entire moon far beneath the icy surface. The discovery of the moon-girdling ocean immediately prompted speculation that such an environment could foster life. But to do so, scientists said, organic compounds from Europa’s surface would need to find their way through the ice. Subsurface lakes — and the process that creates them — would provide just such channels. To solve the mystery, Schmidt and Blankenship point to the way glacier-covered volcanoes behave in Iceland. Michelle Obama: Join Women for Obama. Porn and Violent Images Infest Facebook. TORTURE ME, BABY! President Obama Holds a Press Conference at the APEC Summit.

President Obama rebukes 2012 rivals - Carrie Budoff Brown and Jennifer Epstein. KAPOLEI, Hawaii — President Barack Obama dipped briefly into the Republican presidential nominating contest Sunday, calling out his rivals as “wrong” for defending waterboarding as an acceptable interrogation technique. In a press conference where the questions toggled between foreign policy, domestic politics and collegiate sports, Obama pushed back at the Republican hopefuls, including Rep. President Obama at the Trans-Pacific Partnership Meeting. Free Syrian Army battles regime. President Obama's Weekly Address: Honoring Our Veterans for Their Service and Sacrifice. President Barack Obama Honors Veterans at Arlington National Cemetery. Black Sabbath announce new album, 2012 world tour.

Facebook Timeline: The Next Step Is Coming Soon. West Wing Week: 11/11/11 or "Super Duper Space Wrench" 2012 Presidential Election: Volunteer for Barack Obama's Campaign. Peterman returns to Graham mayor's seat. The Beginning of the End of Adobe Flash Player. President Obama Signs Order to Cut Waste and Promote Efficiency. Firefox 8 cracks down on add-ons. President Obama Speaks on Getting Our Veterans Back to Work. Planetary Scientists Hope to Bring Back Mars Moondust: Scientific American Podcast. 1 Year From Election Day, Obama Eyes Second Term. AN OPEN LETTER TO JOHN BOEHNER AND MITCH MCCONNELL. President Obama's Press Conference on the G20 Summit. President Barack Obama Speaks About the US-France Alliance.

Daylight Saving Time 2011: Set Clocks Back This Weekend. Andy Rooney Passes Away. John Avlon: How Obama Can Win Reelection Through Reform of Congress. A Year out, Obama Campaign Makes Volunteer Push. Weekly Address: We Have to Increase the Pace. West Wing Week 11/04/11 or "Let's Get Moving" President Obama and President Sarkozy of France Speak on Bilateral Meeting.

U.S. Intelligence Calls China World’s Biggest Cyber Thief. (Adds inquiry to China foreign ministry in 11th paragraph.) President Obama slams GOP decision to vote on ‘In God We Trust’ motto instead of his job creation bill